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What is Cannabis Phytochrome

what is cannabis phytochrome

What is phytochrome?

Phytochromes are kind of photoreceptors or pigments that can be found in plants including Cannabis plants. It can be specifically found in the leaves in which it plays a very significant role. The main job of phytochrome is to detect lights in red and blue color. Upon hitting the light on the leaf’s surface, two sensors will work together; the one will detect blue light while the other will detect the red light. The one that can detect the red light is the phytochrome system.
Phytochrome has an essential part in the plants. It controls several aspects of the development of the plant. It takes to control the regulation of photoblasty or seed’s germination and other forms of plants development.

Two types of phytochrome


When referring Pr in the phytochrome system, it is a light absorption at its peak of about 666nm. The moment when Pr will absorb the red light, it will be converted to Pfr. In this case, the Pfr will represent the absorption of lights which ranges from 705-740 nm.


Pfr represents far red. Its job is to determine the light or the wavelength which ranges from 705-740 nm but they are not in the form of Pr. The conversion of Pfr to Pr is the same with the conversion of Pr to Pfr.

Manipulating phytochrome

As growers, you have all the privilege to make the most in your weed growing. Manipulating phytochrome will produce a great result; however, you should understand first its concept and how to do it correctly do avoid discrepancies in your cultivation.

According to the research conducted by the experts, inducing the flowering stage is controllable and manipulable. This basically means that growers could able to control the growth of their Cannabis plants where they can make their pot small and prevent it to be too tall. According to the research, those plants which are exposed to far-red lights will be more focused on the development and growth of their roots.

Manipulation will involve the elimination of the plant’s needs and as a result, it will then stretch to its highest points. The plants will be more focused on developing stems, flowers and having an overall development.

Brief advice

With all the advantages in manipulating the phytochrome of your Cannabis plants, it is still essential that you will understand how phytochrome work or else you will end up harming your weeds. There are times that the phytochrome can send incorrect biological signals at the wrong time. If this kind of error will happen, it will cause stress and trauma to your Cannabis and chances of hermaphroditism are high.

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