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What are Feminized Cannabis Seeds? Guide for Growing Marijuana

Male and Female Cannabis

We all know of the benefits and advantages that female cannabis plants bring. It is a widely famous practice for cannabis cultivation to prefer female weed plants over males! Because these are the marijuana plants that will generally sprout potent and consumable buds, feminized seeds are the literal cream of the crop in cannabis gardens. However, with the use of regular seeds, there really is no telling how many females you will end up with.

But the technology and development of feminized seeds throws all your worries away! While regular seeds weed the only go-to seeds you could get your hands on before, that isn’t the case today! Feminized seeds are, by far, the most famous choice for cannabis cultivators out there. But what makes them so appealing? What exactly do they do?

Learning the Basics: Male and Female Cannabis 

As a grower, determining the sexes and genders of your marijuana plants is extremely important. Cannabis seeds, in their most natural forms, will usually have a 50%-50% chance of developing either male or female genetics. These, however will only display some distinguishing qualities once they reach the pre-flowering stage


From germination all the way up to the vegetative stage, cannabis plants will generally look the same regardless of their sex. However, they will begin to develop pre-flowers, which are the main indicators of the genders of your plants. This is also the earliest stage in which you can actually tell them apart!

Now, it is important to segregate them as early as possible in order to avoid any contamination in your gardens. Male plants will typically start sprouting little bulb-shaped balls in between the nodes of the stems. These  balls, which are known as pollen sacs, contain numerous pollen grains that marijuana plants use for breeding. 

Females, on the other hand, will produce more teardrop-shaped structures with hairlike strands at the top. These are known as pistils and act as the female reproductive organ. Like the pollen sacs, these are located in between the nodes of the plants. 


In addition to their appearances, the two genders of cannabis plants will differ primarily in their uses and functions! Male cannabis plants, through their reproductive organs, generally pollinate and spread their pollen grains all throughout the garden. As such, they are considered as the breeding and seed-producing type of cannabis plant.

Females, on the other hand, lean more towards the production of seedless buds and flowers called sinsemilla. These seedless buds are what consumers will typically smoke and use. Due to the high THC levels, these buds are for producing the high feelings that are typical when consuming cannabis. As such, these are what typical growers and retail sellers normally come up with. 

But what about males?

Well, while they will also contain THC, this comes nowhere near the levels found in females. As such, male cannabis buds aren’t usually use for consumption. Yes, they could get you high but you will need to use a lot more of its buds! Additionally, these aren’t seedless flowers so males are leaning more towards breeding and reproduction. 


Now, the main concern still stands: Why should male and female cannabis plants be segregated from one another? Once the male cannabis plants reach a certain maturity age, they will start pollinating and releasing the grains in their pollen sacs! While this sounds like a pretty natural cultivation process, the pollinating of female plants contaminates the gardens! 

Once females get exposure to even the smallest amounts of pollen grains, they will subsequently lose their abilities to produce seedless flowers! This is instead replaced with the production of seeds. As you could see, females will be rendered useless for consumption if this happens as they lose their ability to generate high THC!

What are Marijuana Feminized Seeds?

With feminized seeds, the issue of sprouting male plants is out of the picture. These seeds, as you can tell by their name, are designed to produce and guarantee only female cannabis plants! Feminized seeds guarantee a 100% chance of coming up with only sinsemilla-producing crops. As such, no male plants will come sprouting out of them! This, of course, is possible considering that the females undergo the proper process of development. 

Feminized Seeds = High THC

Because you can generally keep away from males, the use of feminized seeds has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. Personal growers as well as commercial cultivators who focus on marijuana bud selling are the main markets for such type of weed seed. You will be sure to get high THC buds each and every time!

Where Can I Get Feminized Seeds?

Because of their popularity, you can buy cannabis feminized seeds in practically any marijuana store out there today. Their high demand in the weed markets ensures that all seed developers and breeders come up with feminized versions of classic and hybrid strains. While regular seeds still appeal to a fairly decent market out there, it is no secret that feminized seeds have taken over the cultivation scene of marijuana.

Top-Notch Weed Seeds 

Various weed shops and marijuana seed banks offer their own twists and takes on feminized seeds. Some of the best feminized seeds in the world are available at SunWest Genetics! Our reputation across the world is built mainly on our promise to deliver top-notch weed seeds and products to our customers. As our genetic pool is filled with some of the most premium feminized seeds in Canada, we attract growers from all around the world to avail of our services!

Advantages of Using Feminized Seeds

Because of the many advantages that come with using feminized seeds, it is easy to see why growers prefer it over any other type. Feminized seeds are definitely a top-notch brand of weed seeds and it is quite evident from the features that they offer.

Listed here are some of the benefits that marijuana feminized seeds bring. 

  • As we have said, the main highlight of feminized seeds is the development of a purely female garden. This provides for a more overall convenient and easy cultivation process! Growers will no longer have the trouble of observing the pre-flowers of their plants. Additionally, the hassle of separating males and discarding them will be history. This makes it much more viable for beginners to start their gardens.  
  • Because you will end up with THC-filled resinous buds, feminized seeds provide for a more high quality garden. This is especially true for growers whose main purpose is to develop consumable buds. 
  • Instead of discarding plants, feminized seeds allow you to keep all your plants intact. This helps you maximize the growing area and makes sure that you are utilizing each square foot of ground.

And Some More…

  • Feminized marijuana seeds have little to no effect on the potency of the strain. In fact, the buds from feminized seeds turn out just as potent or even more than those of regular marijuana seeds! This is why almost every kind of strain out there has a feminized version.
  • Like the elimination of male plants, feminized seeds almost guarantees a growing experience free from hermaphrodites! As a result, you won’t have to worry about the conversion of your plants which can also contaminate your crops!
  • The use of feminized marijuana seeds also allows you to come up with amazing clones. Clones from feminized seeds are generally the best mother plants. This is because clones will naturally carry all the qualities contained in their mothers, feminized clones bring all these benefits as well! 

Best Feminized Seeds Today

Now that we have talked about the way feminized seeds impact the cultivation process of growers, it is time to list down some of the best feminized seeds out there today! 

Here are our picks for the Top 5 Best Feminized Seeds at SunWest Genetics:

  • Lavender Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  • Parent Strains: Big Skunk Korean x Super Skunk x Afghani Hawaiian
  • Indica-Sativa Ratio: 60% Indica, 40% Sativa 
  • THC Content: 16%
  • Flowering Period: 7 to 9 Weeks

The Lavender hybrid strain is among our bestsellers and a perfect everyday strain. It produces some very fragrant and aromatic scents that go well with the fruity and classic flavors that you cannot get from other strains. The deep tranquility coupled with an uplifted mood makes for a well-balanced high. In addition to getting your spirits up, you can also enjoy the nighttime chilling out! 

  • Strawberry Cough Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  • Parent Strains: Original Haze x Strawberry Fields
  • Indica-Sativa Ratio: 20% Indica, 80% Sativa 
  • THC Content: 21.50%
  • Flowering Period: 7 to 9 Weeks

Time and time again, Strawberry Cough has managed to eke its way into the hands of many growers out there. This promising strain provides a rich burst of berries and sweetness with each inhale, finishing things off with a smooth smoke. The effects of Strawberry Cough typically lean more towards giving a heightened sense of focus and alertness. With a strong sativa influence, this can really get you up and about for your days ahead. 

  • Agent Orange Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  • Parent Strains: Jack Cleaner x Orange Skunk x Space Queen
  • Indica-Sativa Ratio: 25% Indica, 75% Sativa 
  • THC Content: 20%
  • Flowering Period: 9 to 11 Weeks

While this typically isn’t a strain for the faint of heart, Agent Orange is capable of delivering some beast bombs in your mouth! The surprisingly concentrated tastes of citrus and orange is both pleasant and addicting at the same time. After just a few puffs of this bad boy, your mind will instantly be  full of creative thoughts and euphoric buzzes. Everything around you will suddenly seem really interesting!

  • Cherry Pie Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  • Parent Strains: Durban Poison x Granddaddy Purple
  • Indica-Sativa Ratio: 70% Indica, 30% Sativa 
  • THC Content: 25%
  • Flowering Period: 8 to 10 Weeks

Cherry Pie is the perfect representation of the ideal potency-to-flavor ratio. As it coats your mouth with a mix of earthiness and cherry flavors, you will see why its tastes are the main highlight. Of course, you will also get that typical strong indica stone that levels your body into a relaxing state. The dreamy and tantalizing effects of Cherry Pie will truly leave you wanting more. 

  • Critical Mass Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  • Parent Strains: Original Skunk x Afghani
  • Indica-Sativa Ratio: 80% Indica, 20% Sativa 
  • THC Content: 23%
  • Flowering Period: 8 to 9 Weeks

In contrast to the sweet and fruity profiles that we have, Critical Mass offers a much more classic and pungent experience to users. Known for its strong aroma and diesel-like flavors, Critical Mass gives a great gassy and hashy taste. It is a very mind-crashing strain that will leave you numb and positioned in one place. As the strong body buzz overwhelms your whole person, you will find it hard to get up after a joint of this monster!

Best Seeds to Grow

Feminized marijuana seeds are the talk of the town and it is pretty clear why. With numerous benefits in store for us growers out there, it is the most practical choice or weed growing today. Not only does using feminized seeds make for a more convenient cultivation experience, it also makes you maximize your garden space! 

If you happen to start growing your own weed plants, go for some feminized seeds! With numerous pros and very minimal cons, feminized seeds are definitely a breakthrough in the marijuana industry.

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