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Understanding the different seed definition of the variant and types that are available to us today is important! There are all kinds of marijuana seeds to make use of today. More than enough to meet whatever needs and wants we have! From regular seeds, CBD strains, to even fast versions of different hybrids. There really is no shortage of what you can get from cannabis nowadays. It is basically all a matter of understanding how they grow and which seeds will best suit your gardens.

Today, we are going to be talking about the seed definition of feminized marijuana seeds. As the most demanded type of cannabis in the world today, there is no doubt that these feminized seeds appeal to a lot of growers out there! So, what exactly makes these females so damn attractive? Let’s find out!  

Seed Definition: What are Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

The seed definition of feminized marijuana isn’t exactly hard to grasp. As the name suggests, feminized marijuana seeds are those which are bred and developed to produce purely female plants. You see, regular seeds have a 50-50 chance of turning out male or female. This isn’t something that the majority of growers want. 

Male plants have the tendency of contaminating your gardens through pollination which, in turn, stops the females from producing sinsemilla. Because male plants only produce low-THC, seed-developing flowers, these are mainly used for breeding and not for smoking and consumption

How Are Feminized Seeds Developed?

With seed definition for feminized seeds, you won’t have to worry about your weed seeds developing into unwanted, bothersome male plants. With feminized seeds, you are sure to end up with a guaranteed all-female garden! Also, the process of turning plants into females is generally an organic and all-natural process that does not disturb any of the plant’s properties! A very minimal amount of human interference will produce little to no effects on the way your future babies will turn out.

However, their abilities to successfully be female will always depend on the quality of work put into the whole process! There are two ways to turn your weed into feminized versions. The first method of doing so is by inducing a stress technique to alter the way your plants behave. This is typically done by disrupting the lighting cycles during the flowering stages of a female plant! To end up with females, you gotta start with a mother plant!

The other method which is typically used by commercial growers is to provide a female plant with a colloidal silver solution. This solution, which is made up of silver particles and water only, has the effect of hindering the development of a specific plant hormone known as ethylene.

Once this happens, the female plant will begin to produce male sacs! It’s pretty weird once you actually see it. But wait, there’s more! Within these pollen sacs are grains that contain purely female genetics. Once this pollinates in your garden, you will end up with seeds that are sure to turn out female. Hence, we call them feminized seeds

Importance of Female Plants

All this talk about feminized seeds yet we still haven’t explained why female plants are so important in the first place. In the most general sense, female plants are the ones that produce weed buds good for consumption. If you have ever gotten high off of weed before, then there’s a female plant out there that you need to be thanking! You see, female plants produce sinsemilla which are seedless marijuana flowers that contain high doses of THC.

Male plants, as we have said above, produce seed-filled flowers with little to no THC. This makes them unfit for consumption and more useful for breeding. If you are a casual grower of a supplier of marijuana for some retail store out there, then you might be more inclined to having female plants! These are what we smokers all look for and are practically the product that a lot of people wish to get their hands on to get frosty and trippy.

Advantages of Using Feminized Seeds:

It is pretty easy to see yourself using feminized seeds after knowing that they will come up with purely female plants in your gardens. However, aside from that unique feature it highly boasts about, feminized seeds can bring a whole lot more to your weed crops!

Both beginners and long-time growers have already found ways to improve their cannabis gardens through the use of feminized seeds. Let’s take a look at all the other advantages that you can get from using these little bad girls:

  • Using regular seeds will keep you worried about observing your weed plants in the earliest possible time in order to separate the males and females anymore! This is something that will usually take some time to get use to. But through the use of feminized seeds, you can simply transition your cannabis plants from the vegetative stages up until they flower! This makes it a much more convenient way of doing things that requires a lot less maintenance
  • Developing feminized seeds is still a very organic process. I will not interrupt the properties and qualities that your cannabis plants carry. As such, you will generally end up with the same amount of THC and flavors as regular seeds! It does have a slight degree of human interference but nothing too serious to take into consideration. 
  • One very underappreciated feature of using feminized seeds is the ability to actually make use of your whole growing space! Because male plants can only be distinguished from the pack during the pre-flower stage, discarding them will leave a gaping hole in your growing areas which could have otherwise been used for females instead. With feminized seeds, there will be no more discarding plants! 
  •  Clones are cuttings we get from mother plants. As such, they will carry over every single detail from their parents! If you plan on using clones for cultivation, we recommend obtaining your cuttings from female plants. This ensures that you will still avoid the risks of developing males in your cannabis gardens!

Top 3 Best Feminized Seeds in SunWest Genetics Today

There are hundreds and hundreds of different hybrid strains that already come in feminized versions. From pure indicas/sativas to high CBD variants, feminized seeds have practically taken over the weed marijuana markets! 

These, in our opinion, are the most premium and best seeds that you can easily get your hands on via SunWest Genetics! The high quality that these seeds come in are sure to satisfy any grower’s needs!

  1. Blue Dream Feminized Marijuana SeedsAny grower or weed user out there has surely heard of the famed Blue Dream strain before. As it now comes in feminized seeds, this all-time classic has found a way to get even better! The Blue Dream Feminized seeds are a cross between some original Haze and the ever-famous Blueberry strain. It carries a THC level of 17% to 24%! Blue Dream induces a cerebral high that leaves you in an extremely tranquil and dreamy state (see what I did there?). As the high begins to wrap its arms around your whole person, you will quickly see why everyone loves this. It is a powerful strain that fills your whole mouth with sweet bursts of berries and oak!
  2. Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Marijuana SeedsAnother highly demanded strain that the majority of avid weed users will recognize is the Girl Scout Cookies. This one here originated from breeding some fine Durban Poison with a dank set of OG Kush. With a very distinct blend of flavors, Girl Scout Cookies gives minty and sweet tastes that will appease even the most choosy smokers! Girl Scout Cookies has a THC level that reaches up to 25% to 28%. The high is more geared towards providing a couch-locking body high. After a joint, you will not be able to resist taking a seat on your couch and enjoying the calming body buzz that will overwhelm you for long, long hours!
  3. Agent Orange Feminized Marijuana StrainThe sativa-dominant strain that we chose to include on our list is none other than the Agent Orange. As one of SunWest Genetics’ most selling products, Agent Orange sure knows how to hit you right in the sweet spot. The THC level of 20% is more than enough to ensure you a good time! It has a rich fruity flavor that screams “lemon and citrus” as you puff away on this tropical wonder. As for the high, you will immediately feel uplifted and happy. The vibrant sensations of cerebral awareness keep you up on your feet. In addition, all the while making you giggle and laugh uncontrollably!

Feminized seeds, without a doubt, changed the entire cannabis cultivation landscape with its amazing features. Now, you won’t have to endure using regular seeds!

There are many other feminized weed strains out there available to your choosing! We hope that this broadens your knowledge about what these sought after marijuana seeds are. Their reputation far exceeds the seed definition given to them!

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