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Should I Trim Cannabis Plants Wet or Dry

At last, the day where many growers are anticipating has come! It’s time to harvest your buds and use it for your any intended purposes. But, do not get too much excited because you still have some things to do. Before drying your buds, you need to trim it first.

Top reasons why you need to trim your buds

  • Improved its appearance

Trimming your buds will improve its appearance. It is part in your Cannabis production to trim your buds most especially if you are growing weeds for commercial purposes. In magazines, dispensaries and in online pictures, Cannabis buds are manicured or trimmed to make it more appealing and to look like a good weed. On the other hand, if you will not trim your buds, it will not be totally inviting to the people.

  • Prevent harshness

Leaves are quite harsh to lungs and throat. To smoke smoothly, give some time to trim extra leaves in the buds.

  • Concentration of THC

Many growers wanted to trim their buds but didn’t want to waste any THC content. It is an important point that you will be aware that you will get less THC gram for gram than buds. With this reasons, growers trim their weed buds to separately extract the bud’s concentration.

Two types of trimming

In trimming the buds, there are two ways to successfully do it. First, is trimming your buds before drying or commonly called as wet trim since the leaves are still wet during your trimming process. Second, is dry trim since your buds are already dried before you trim.

Pros of wet trim

  • It is much easy
  • The end product ( buds) has better appeal

Pros of dry trim

  • If the leaves are still wet, it will slow down the drying process of your buds.

Which would be better, wet trim or dry trim?

Most growers use wet trim because if you will trim your buds when these are still wet will make the buds having a “tidier” look. However, that doesn’t mean that dry trim is not good at all. In the question whether which is better and good with wet and dry trim, the answer is basically “no one is better” because they are all effective and efficient to use. There is no right and wrong in these two methods, in fact all of these are found to be good to use and apply. At the end, the choice will lie in your hand depending on your personal taste and preference.

 How to properly trim your buds?

Trimming may be simple to hear, but it still means a lot of you can do proper trimming to have a perfect Cannabis production. Before trimming, you need to provide the following first:

  • Scissors (preferably sharp)
  • Pruning shears that is big in size
  • A disposable rubber gloves
  • Tray/ tray’s

After you provided all the things you needed for pruning, the final step will follow. You are about to start your trimming process and you need to follow the following steps:

1)    Prepare and set up your trimming area or room

2)    Clean and wash your hands and put the gloves right after

3)    With the use of your sharp scissors, start to cut the branches of your harvested weeds

4)    Try to remove large or big fans of leaves with the use of your fingers

5)    Trim off the sugar leaves

6) Dispose properly the remaining plants

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