Trim is produced once a marijuana plant has been harvested and then “trimmed” to collect the most valuable parts where the majority of the active compounds like THC and CBD are contained. More specifically, trim refers to the leaves that have been snipped off from the harvest cannabis buds during the process of trimming. Trim is an essential part of harvesting marijuana since when the plants are mature enough, they must be harvested in a timely manner to keep the product potent and fresh. By focusing mostly on the remaining buds, a grower is to trim the plant of its leaves, either at a specific time shortly after harvest, or throughout the growth cycle if needed. Trim is not useless. This leftover product can be used in the making of various extracts, such as edibles, tinctures, and hash, among others. Thus, both trimmers and growers can increase sales by utilizing trim in the best way, ultimately providing a larger product offering to the users.

Sample 1

“Did you seriously throw all of this awesome trim to the trash?! You could have used it to make some fantastic shatter instead.”

Sample 2

“In a pinch, you can also smoke trim. Isn’t as potent as smoking flower, but may work well as a last resort.”