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What Strains are High in THCV?

You might be hearing a lot of times but different strains are existing in today’s world that has THC and THCV chemicals. These plants are both good for the people who want to keep active in the daytime setting, but before choosing to use these plants, we should know first these important chemicals and what they can do with our body.

Knowing THC and THCV

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is one of the compounds found in resin produced by glands of the Cannabis Plants. This chemical serves as a protection for Marijuana plants, especially the variations growing in the colder regions and the climate change swiftly from a couple of months to another.

THC serves as a reactive chemical with our Endocannabinoid System and triggers to release pain-relieving hormones throughout our body. As soon as the smoke you made from THC-rich weeds enters your Respiratory System, the chemical is easily absorbed in your lungs and mixes with your blood.

From your blood, the chemical triggers your nervous system and gives signals to your Endocannabinoid System for the secretion of hormones, needed for the completion of the chemical reaction.

And from this point, the glorious high and devastating side effects kick in. This is how Marijuana’s THC can change you. Unlike the CBD, THC primarily encourages its users to be active, sociable and creative, making it suitable for the people working for long hours in a daytime setting.

On the other hand, THCV or tetrahydrocannabivarin is a cousin of THC that has minor unique properties that differ with the THC. For instance, THCV has a higher boiling temperature than THC. Its structural composition is propyl or 3-sided carbon group, compared with pentyl or 5-sided carbon group of THCs. THCV inhibits food intake while THC may urge you to eat more during its side effects.

THCV is made up of geranyl pyrophosphate combined with divarinolic acid, while the more-known THC is made up of geranyl pyrophosphate combined with olivetolic acid. However, the way that THCV mixes with the user’s bloodstream is the same as that of THC.

The Strains High in THCV

1.) Durban Poison

As the name indicates, Durban Poison came from the African City of Durban in South Africa. The strain is a product of pure African landrace, and rose to popularity during the earlier years of Cannabis cultivation in Africa, dating back as old as the 14th century. With its 1% THCV content, everybody who wishes to use this strain will be assured of the promised direct effect right after they puffed its first smoke.

Durban Poison is known to treat nausea, depression, stress, fatigue, headaches, and localized body pains. With this, it intends to make its users happy, uplifted, energetic, and creative. Due to its high THCV and THC volume, this strain works at its best during mornings and last up to the late afternoon.

Despite its high THC volume, Durban Poison is surprisingly to taste sweet, with the other flavors of earthy and pine. True to its name, Durban Poison is a great pride to the African Cannabis community since the 14th century- one of Africa’s greatest gift to us mankind.

2.) GSC (Girl Scout Cookies)

Americans cannot boast themselves as well-experienced students if they have failed to join school camps, such as the girl and boy scouts camping.

Girl Scout Cookies or GSC as some may know has been the darling of the crowd for most of the medical Cannabis users in the USA and those who simply want to use it for recreation in both coasts of the US.

This hybrid strain is known to taste like earthy, sweet and sometimes, flowery and helps people with difficulties of sleeping at night. True to its name, this strain reminds the people, especially the women, of their camp years ago that helped them develop the values of who they are right now.

  1. Doug’s Varin

This rare Sativa plant is known to have a high THCV content, powerful enough to neutralize Parkinson’s Disease, panic attacks, and other sicknesses related to abnormal involuntary muscle movements.

Doug’s Varin is also known to promote bone growth, aside from cutting your appetite quality and inhibits you to eat more, unlike the other strains which encourage you to grow bigger by eating beyond what is required.

This strain helps in treating inflammations, body pains, nausea, depression, and stress. At the same time, it encourages you to be energetic, focused, uplifted, and euphoric. Its flavors range from woody, earthy to lemon.

Unlike any other strain, Doug’s Varin is greatly known to be one of the strains to have an effective non-convulsive property which helps people suffering from Parkinson’s Disease and related conditions to feel comfort and relaxation while decreasing their attacks in the future times.

  1. Jack the Ripper

Named after an infamous British criminal, Jack the Ripper is a cross-breed of Jack’s Cleaner and Space Queen. This Sativa-Dominant strain has a high THCV content and has almost no CBD contents at all.

It is known to deal with Stress, Depression, Pain, and Fatigue, while making its users feel happy, energetic, euphoric, and uplifted. The flavors range from pine, then lemon to citrus.

Meanwhile, there are records that Jack the Ripper exceeds its average THC Content up to more than 20%. Some say that it reached up to 35% when taken good care and kept its concentration.

Even though it was named after a controversial icon, Jack the Ripper effectively rips off the stresses and other tensions being carried by those who will use it in a given amount of time.

  1. Ace of Spades

This Indica-dominant strain surprisingly has the highest THCV content that was ever recorded. A cross-breed of Jack the Ripper and Black Cherry Soda, Ace of Spades have reported a 2.5% THCV volume, far from the average of less than a percent.

Despite its milestone achievement, it received no awards nor recognition from different Cannabis Award-giving bodies.

This strain is known to grow fast and requires a spacious set-up due to its bushy nature. It can treat body pains, insomnia, depression, stress, and fatigue. As it treats these conditions, Ace of Spades leaves its users happy, relaxed, and sleepy.

Despite its useful properties, be prepared with its strong flavors ranging from earthy to woody and pine. It lives by its name due to its function like an ace that can defeat different sicknesses that can harm us every day.

  1. Cherry Pie

A delightful strain with its remarkable taste, Cherry Pie is one of the strains that is known to have a high THCV volume.

It is a cross-breed of Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison. Its distinct orange hairs produce the sweet smell and fruity taste when being smoked. The strain is also known to cure depression, stress, body pains, insomnia, and the lack of appetite. With these properties, the strain can make its users happy, uplifted, relaxed, and giggly. This strain is good to be used during night time before you take your complete and deep sleep.

The trademark flavors of this strain range from earthy to berry and sweet. And when you missed eating snacks and dessert, try smoking a cherry pie instead and let your mind relax for the meantime.

  1. Willie Nelson

Named after the famous American Country singer and active Marijuana Advocate, Willie Nelson rose to popularity due to its THCV content which is not seen in the other typical Marijuana Strains. The plant has been produced from two Sativa landraces- Vietnamese Black and Highland Nepalese.

The plant is known to help people fighting stress, nausea, depression, and localized body pains. It leaves its users on the state of being happy, uplifted, and energetic, making it appropriate to be used in the morning before doing works.

The plant has been awarded last 2005 due to the innovative methods applied to produce this wonderful greenery. This strain has distinctive flavors ranging from earthy, peppery and spicy to herbal.

  1. Pineapple Purps

One of the most remarkable strains to have this magical THCV volume, Pineapple Purps is a cross-breed of unknown Sativa races and has a THC: THCV ratio of 3:1. It can effectively block Parkinson’s tremors, panic attacks, and suppress the appetite of its users.

It can also treat inflammations, eye pressures, depression, fatigue, and headaches. Pineapple Purps also leave its users to be uplifted, happy, focused, and relaxed.

Its flavor ranges from earthy to pineapple and sweet. Fortunately, this strain is included in the short and limited list of the strains with THCV volumes.


Just like the strains with THC volumes, these strains that have high THCV volumes must be used with care at all times to avoid any physiological damages that they may inflict to our body. They are also existing to serve as non-convulsive cannabinoid which suppresses the seizures to those with epilepsy and other seizure-related disorders.

Prepare to get slammed and couch-locked with these strains that will change your perspective in using Marijuana strains every day!

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