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Marijuana Strains Profile: Northern Lights

Northern Lights

There are only a handful of marijuana strains that can be considered as legendary in every sense of the word. To achieve an iconic and classic status in an industry as vast as the cannabis scene, a strain must be able to gain the respect of many stoners and growers out there. One such example of a beloved marijuana strain is the Northern Lights. If you have been a part of the cannabis scene for some time now, then you will have undoubtedly heard of this monster!

But if you are new to all things marijuana, then you are definitely in for a treat. In this article, we are going to check out what exactly makes Northern Lights so renowned in this world. Additionally, we will discuss the different properties that it has to offer. 

Where Does the Northern Lights Strain Come From?

This marijuana strain is an indica-dominant hybrid. Its genetics consist of 90% to 95% indica and 5% to 10% sativa. It makes use of  two very potent and established parent strains: the Afghani Indica and Thai Sativa. Northern Lights has a very rich and appealing history that has allowed it to reach where it is today. 

There are many different versions of the story in which this strain first came to be. While others say it came from Spain, other stories state that it was bred by small-time seed developers in Seattle. 

However, the widely accepted place of origin for this strain can be traced to Holland during the 1980s. It is home to some of the most legendary strains ever developed and propagated. It is a strain capable of producing a very dreamy and mesmerizing high, which is similar to the Aurora Borealis phenomenon which people name it after.

Throughout the years, Northern Lights was able to rack up awards and honors due to its classic highs and iconic flavors. Right as it was introduce to the markets, it started hoarding the High Times Cannabis Cups year after year. This led it to being recognize as one of the oldest Indica legends in the weed scene. 

Even today, many growers still use Northern Lights as a staple in their cannabis gardens. It is an especially famous strain in California and Colorado, where people have a knack for fast and strong-hitting indicas. 

While Northern Lights packs a great all-around high, many people utilize its different phenotypes for medical use. It is a very famous and versatile strain that is  readily available in most dispensaries.

Northern Lights Appearance and Growing Info:

What does Northern Lights look like?

An almost pure indica genetic makeup ensures that Northern Lights packs all its amazing and extraordinary properties into some small plants. The Northern Lights seeds sprout pretty short and bushy structures that reach up to 3 to 4 feet at most. This strain displays dense and thick patches of leaves. The branches are closely knit together, just like how indicas naturally are. 

It also has some very dark green leaves that grow broad and wide. Some regular topping will definitely benefit from this strain as it helps keep a well ordered garden in place. As for the buds, they appear trichome-filled with some brown and orange pistils growing all around. A rich coating of resin gives Northern Lights a nice glow that leaves growers in awe of its beauty

Growing Northern Lights in slightly cooler conditions brings out some streaks of purple and even blue in its leaves and pistils.

Cultivation and Growing Northern Lights:

Northern Lights is a very sturdy and mold-resistant strain that can prosper in practically any setup that you have. The ease and  simplicity of growing this strain makes it the perfect gateway choice for those who are new to marijuana cultivation. Pests and other insects will have a hard time penetrating the thick roots and stems that Northern Lights develops.

Additionally, the small stature of the plant helps you maximize your growing area for more seeds to plant in. Whether you opt for a soil or hydroponics-based setup, chunky buds definitely await you come harvest time!

While it brings a strong tolerance to the cold, growing outdoors is great if you live in areas with tropical climates. Having a growing area that emulates the warm and sunny Mediterranean weather helps Northern Lights grow more naturally. This is why it is especially famous in California where it can thrive under the long hours of sunlight during the day. 

Northern Lights is also a pretty fast flowering plant. It takes roughly an approximate of just 7 to 9 weeks in order to fully mature and be ready for harvest. If  you are growing outdoors, your plants will be ready during the mid season of October. Indoor setups can yield around 18 ounces per square meter while outdoor growing provides 22 to 25 ounces per plant. 

Northern Lights Aroma and Flavors:


Northern Lights provides a very classic and appealing scent in its buds. It carries nice piney and earthy profiles that most legendary strains have. In some other phenotypes of the strain, growers and smokers might detect some very light smells of sweetness and candy. 

Overall, Northern Lights brings a very pungent and dank aroma that you can smell from all across the room. As soon as you start breaking up your buds, your nose will meet a sharp sting of herbal and woody notes that go straight up to your nostrils. No strong smells of acidity will cause any unpleasant feelings. 


Many people consider this strain to demand an acquired taste. But as you start to familiarize with the diesel and skunkiness in this classic strain’s flavor, you will find yourself wanting more and more each time! Within the first few tokes, you are given a woody and earthy flavor that soon turns into a deep, full-body smoke. 

Soon after, a slightly sweet and citrusy taste fills your mouth. It is great for beginners as it produces no overwhelming tastes. While the flavors of earthiness and sweetness may be contrasting, it surely does provide for a nice, complex set of profiles.  

Northern Lights Common Effects and Medical Uses:

Today, Northern Lights is still considered as one of the best indica strains out there with a THC level of 16% to 18%. The notable way that it causes its euphoric effects will leave users captivated. When you start taking hits of Northern Lights, things start off in your head. You will feel a soothing and therapeutic buzz embrace your mind. With your temples releasing all the pressure build up in your head, you will find a relaxing sensation that will lull you to sleep!

As for its physical effects, the high gives you a full-bodied effect that sweeps over your whole person. It has the tendency to numb your body and keep you locked into one position for long hours! As such, this couchlock sensation may stop you from doing anything that you have planned out for the day. This makes Northern Lights the perfect nighttime strain for your off-days or weekends. 

Despite the indica dominance of this strain, it is still capable of producing some mellow uplifting feelings that are often associated with sativas. These feelings are more euphoric than energizing which gives Northern Lights a complete package in terms of its effects.

Medical Value:

As we have stated above, Northern Lights and all its different phenotypes have all been extensively used as medical strains due to the health benefits. The powerful and robust body high that you get from this strain does great in treating physical conditions. It includes muscle inflammations, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and arthritis. The effects that are felt in the head help get rid of any migraines and headaches that you might be experiencing. 

Smoking higher doses of this iconic strain can bring about a number of medical benefits without being too overpowering for patients. For one, it can help stimulate a person’s appetite and alleviate any developing symptoms of anorexia. People with sleeping disorders such as insomnia will find great relief in the sleep-inducing effects of Northern Lights. 

Also, with the cerebral effects you can get from Northern Lights, feelings and symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD, and ADHD can be treated.

Negative side effects:

Northern Lights is a very subtle and smooth-hitting strain. As such, the only cases wherein you are at risk of paranoia due to heavy doses is when you have a low tolerance of THC. Other than that, the only negative side effects that Northern Lights brings is the sensations of dry eyes and cottonmouth

One can avoid this by properly preparing the body for the smoking session. Make sure to stay hydrated all throughout to make sure that your body maintains the ideal amount of liquid.  

As you can see, Northern Lights is a great all-around banger that has no shortage of value in both the recreational and medical sectors of the cannabis industry! Anyone who is a fan of marijuana should definitely have Northern Lights as a part of their regular rotations. It is one of the cannabis strains that will definitely appeal to any grower and smoker out there!

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