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Marijuana Dab Pen: What is it?


There are so many different ways on how to use cannabis nowadays. While edibles and THC pills are a thing, smoking is definitely still the most known way of using marijuana. But even so, smoking marijuana also comes in all kinds of forms! Perhaps the most common one is smoking joints. With just a few pieces of rolling paper, filters, and luscious buds, you are all set to light it up. Of course, we also have the blunts, bongs, pipes, vaping pens, and even one-time use devices like apples and bottles! Now have you had the chance using a dab pen?

One of the newest and most creative ways of smoking cannabis is by dabbing. Now, what exactly is dabbing? How do people do it? If you are an avid fan of marijuana, then you have definitely heard of this smoking method before. However, not everyone has actually tried dabbing before. This makes it a somewhat foreign way of smoking as compared to the traditional rolling paper methods.


In most ways, dabbing is quite similar to using a bong. You have a dab rig, which looks like a mini bong that also has a set of pipes with water to push the smoke up using pressing and combustion. The main difference of dabbing is that it basically makes use of cannabis concentrates and extracts instead of the traditional buds. 

These extracts usually use butane or carbon dioxide to bring the compounds together, therefore resulting in a sticky and somewhat oil-like substance. Furthermore, dabbing also makes great use of hashish, another solid form of cannabis extracts that melts upon combustion.

By using a torch lighter, pick up the marijuana extract and place it into the bowl or nail. This will subsequently start combusting the extract and producing smoke that will then travel all the way to the mouthpiece opening, similar to that in a bong. Dabbing is a fun way of trying new things when smoking weed. 


Many people would often debate dabbing against using electronic vaporizers. Vaping is undoubtedly the more famous method of smoking. However, they are the same in the sense that they both use cannabis oils and extracts to produce smoke! There are many benefits and drawbacks in using vapes just as there are for dab rigs. Of course, the choice will all boil down to personal preference and convenience of the smoker.

Vaping is generally chosen by a lot of people because it is easy to keep and carry around. While it will still require a lot of maintenance with its different parts, vaping is better for those who frequently travel and are on-the-go. On the other hand, dabbing has sort of been famous as a rather “high-maintenance” type of setup. It is, however, a lot smaller than a regular sized bong. 


Now that we have talked about dabbing and vaping, it is time to introduce the cannabis dab pen. What would you get if you take all the best qualities of a dab rig and a vaporizer and put them into one piece of equipment? Well, you get the cannabis dab pen! While it will look just like a normal vape pen would, there are a couple of tweaks in its mechanism that are taken from a traditional dab rig setup! 

Here, we take a look at how a marijuana dab pen works and why many people might enjoy using it as opposed to different and more traditional ways of smoking weed!


As stated above, dab pens will generally look like normal vaporizers. However, vapes will often rely on pure combustion in order to vaporize the cannabis extracts. With marijuana dab pens, there is a water filtration system that helps produce the vapor. Additionally, this certain feature helps the dab pen produce a smoother, tastier, and an overall better smoking experience! 

Marijuana dab pens are generally increasing in terms of popularity and demand. This is due largely to the fact that it basically fixes all of the drawbacks that dab rigs will have against vapes and congests it into one very simple and efficient weed smoking mechanism. 

Body and construction:

The body of a marijuana dab pen is built around the same blueprint inside a normal vaporizer. They come in all different shapes and sizes. Marijuana dab pens essentially come in a basic, pen-sized device with a battery built in. However, there are also a number of different types that are much more advanced and bulkier. These marijuana dab pens allow you to have much more control over the wattage and temperature that the marijuana extracts burn in. 

On top of the body, you will find a marijuana dab pen head (or heating chamber) in which users can place the oils and juices that they wish to consume. Today, technology has allowed e-cigarettes to forego the use of coils which are fairly hard to maintain. Instead, the more advanced versions of dab pens make use of a ceramic or steel oven inside the atomizer which produces better heat balance and distribution. This will significantly reduce the taste of burning oils when using dab pens. 


There are a lot of things that people will thoroughly enjoy when using marijuana dab pens in the place of the regular marijuana smoking tools and paraphernalia. Here are some of its most useful advantages:

  • The main difference of marijuana dab pens with normal vape pens is that there is usually a water filtration system built in, much like the ones found in classic dab rigs. This gives a better performance in the production of vapor. Users of dab pens will now have much smoother tastes all the while still having the same effects and highs.  
  • Because it will essentially come in a very portable device, it will be as though you are carrying a dab rig right in your pockets! Marijuana dab pens are designed to be a sort of hybrid for vape users and dabbing users alike. It is easily carried anywhere you go.
  • Just like classic marijuana strains, dab pens will make use of numerous types and flavors of cannabis oil. This means that users will have a lot of options when choosing oils and juices to use. 
  • Marijuana dab pens are designed to give users complete control over the heat and temperature that their extracts burn in! This allows them to have stronger hits if they want and avoid any burnt tastes when doing so. 
  • Unlike pre-filled pods, dab pens allow a user to put the exact amount of concentrates that they want to smoke. It is also fairly easy to do with just a medicine dropper.


  • A lot of people would consider the regular maintenance of the marijuana dab pen to be a downside. This may be true to some as it can get quite tiresome to frequently clean your atomizers.
  • When using cannabis oils and extracts, it may come off as strange to many. This might cause it to be hard to convince people to try it out!
  • Lastly, it is essentially a lot harder to hide. Despite it being a portable version of a dab rig, it is a lot less unnoticeable than other smoking methods. 


If you are familiar with how to operate a vaporizer, then using a dab pen will be no problem at all! It essentially works just how a vape would. First, you will have to open up the top of the device/heating chamber and get the oil in there! This is probably the most difficult part of the whole process as cannabis concentrates tend to be very sticky and gluey. It will usually resemble the appearance of honey. Using a dabber or a dab tool is the perfect thing to use as it is designed to actually hold the extracts. 

Once the extract is in, all you have to do now is close it and set the temperature which you are most comfortable smoking in! Most dab pens usually come with a firing pin that you press in order to inhale the vapor and get frosty. 

Now that you have a general idea of how marijuana dab pens work, it is up to you to decide whether or not it is the smoking method for you! There are lots of people that enjoy what marijuana dab pens bring to the table. If you are looking for a new and unique way to light up some weed extracts, the simple use of a dab pen will sure do you some wonders!

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