Vape Pen


A vape pen is another word for a vaporizer pen. This device is a smaller-sized version of a vaporizer. Typically, vape pens make use of pre-filled cartridges, which are available in different sizes, as well as offering different types of cannabis for the user to choose from, including hybrids, indicas, and sativas. Apart from being fairly discreet and easily portable, some variations of vape pens also allow the user to fill the chamber with his/her own favorite cannabis flower or concentrate. Similarly to their close relatives – e-cigarettes – vape pens have gained quite some popularity, because of the lack of the distinct smell of weed when used, the discreetness and convenience of use, and nonetheless, because of being considered a healthier alternative. Vape pens make a wonderful option when one is to attend a sporting event or a show, among others.

Sample 1

“What a sleek vape pen you’ve got! It fits perfectly in my pocket, and is certainly so much more convenient to use when traveling.”

Sample 2

“Do you mind if I take another hit of Sam’s vape pen before the second set begins?”