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LEC Vs Induction Grow Lights for Weed

What to Choose Grow Lights for Weed LEC or Induction ?

Indeed, everything that we have now in this world is all changing. From getting an access to the most advanced innovation up to how we apply this innovation in making our lives easier.

But the continuous growth of our technology doesn’t stop there because the fruits of our technology are also invading the world of cannabis. And many growers are truly appreciating this most especially the use of grow lights for weed in growing a high-quality cannabis for indoors.

However, due to its sudden emergence, tons of businesses were now creating their own grow lights to attract the thousands of cannabis growers. So how would you know if you are actually using the right grow lights? What are the differences between the LEC Grow Lights and Induction Grow Lights? Which of these are advisable to use for growing a cannabis?

It’s really confusing, right? But since we don’t want you to get the wrong grow lights, we will help you to arrive at the right decision by simply distinguishing the difference between LEC and Induction. So let’s now get the ball rolling!

What is LEC Grow Lights?

LEC or Light Emitting Ceramic may appear a little bit confusing. Many were asking if it is the same with LED, but the truth is, they don’t have any connections at all!

LEC grow lights are usually called as CMH or Ceramic Metal Halide because both of them operates the same function. But the thin line between these two grow lights is that the LEC is using a ceramic metal halide technology while the CMH is utilizing a ceramic arc tube.

According to experts and some good researchers, LEC is actually more advantageous than the use of LED grow lights because of its powerful and rewarding potentials in growing a cannabis plant. Let us discuss some of its benefits one by one:

  1. LEC grow lights are similar to the sun. Yes, you have read it right and clear. This grow lights can produce UV-B rays the same with what the sun is producing as well. That means your plants will receive a full spectrum of light and when that happens, you can expect that the smell of your buds including its trichome will be highly increased.
  2. Unlike the other grow lights which produce yellow and purple light when placed over the cannabis plants, the LEC grow lights will provide an even natural lighting to your plants which will result to a perfect vibrancy! In other words, your cannabis will grow with a balanced and natural color which cannot be automatically given if you will use the other grow lights.

Another good thing about this natural spectrum of light is that you can immediately see the condition of your cannabis plant. Insects and other pests can easily be seen, plus, you can make an early prevention when you used this grow light.

  1. LEC grow lights are very convenient to use. You don’t need to buy a replacement bulb more frequently because it can be used for a longer period of time. Additionally, its brightness can be maintained regardless of its life period.

LEC is highly recommendable to be used as your grow light for your indoor cannabis plant. However, due to its potentials, expect that its price is a bit higher when compared to other grow lights. So if you are willing to go for it no matter how pricey is this, then it is for sure that you will never regret having this grow light.

What is Induction Grow Lights?

They are available in different names and calls but despite this, they still perform the same technology but with a little bit of their own twists and kicks. But whatever is your choice when it comes to this grow light, it will still boil down to one meaning.

Induction lights are also known as the electrodeless lights because obviously, they don’t use filaments or electrodes to power up the light, but instead, they use induction as a good alternative which in return will give you tried and tested benefits such as the following:

  1. Induction grow lights are more energy-efficient when compared to the other grow light technology. They produce lower energy consumption but they can give a much cooler and brighter lighting effects to your cannabis plants.
  2. They are built to last longer. As a matter of fact, they can last for about 100,000 hours according to some research. So just imagine how much money you will save if you will opt for this grow light.
  3. Using the induction grow lights will give you peace of mind since you can get an assurance that your plants will not be toasted from too much heat since this grow lights are known for giving off nearly no intense heat.

Although they are very reasonable to use due to its energy efficiency, lifespan, convenience, and low maintenance, many expert growers are not opting for this grow light because its growth potentials are not yet fully grown.

What’s Your Final Verdict?

Since both differences were now presented, it is now your choice what grow light you should choose for your cannabis plants. But just a piece of advice my dear, ensure that you will make an intelligent decision when it comes to this matter because if not, your money, effort, and your plants will be compromised big time. So pick the best one to get a better quality of cannabis plants.

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