Grand Daddy Purple AutoFlower

Grand Daddy Purple AutoFlower

Granddaddy Purple is a common strain with a THC content of around 13% and delicious candy-like flavors. It’s the offspring of Big Bud and Purple Urkle, creating a very potent hybrid. Grand Daddy Purple, the offspring of these two, is a spitting picture of its parents’ best traits: Purple Urkle’s deep and dark purple shade and Big Bud’s dense, thick buds. The dark purple buds contrast beautifully with the neon orange hairs and glazed white trichomes covering the bud, making this a very photogenic strain.

It will quickly take effect and help you feel comfortable and wonderful. This strain smells like grapes, berries, and candy, and it tastes like grapes, berries, and sweet, making it a nice blast for the senses.

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Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant
Genetics Parents: Big Bud x Purple Urkle
Flowering Period: 9-10 weeks
Climate: Temperate, Continental, Mediterranean
Yield: 400g/m² indoor / 40-180g per plant outdoor
Flavors: Candy, Berry, Grape, Fruity, Sweet
THC Level: 13%
CBD Level: 0.01%
Height: 50-100 cm
Harvest Period: End of October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower?

It would be an understatement to say that Granddaddy Purple’s buds are beautiful. GDP has become one of the most well-known purple-hued cannabis strains in the United States, admired for its vivid hues and exotic candy-like fragrance. The flavor is just what you’d imagine from a marijuana strain with such a pleasant aroma; your taste buds can immediately detect tangs of grapes, berries, as well as other lovely delights.

Granddaddy Purple’s effects on the mind and body are potentially daunting, but not in a negative way. At first, your body starts to relax completely; you may begin to fall into your chair or bed, and you may get the feeling that you can feel the burden of yourself – if that makes perfect sense. This sensation would rapidly transform into a joyful vibration, leaving the mind in a state of cerebral ecstasy and euphoria. You should expect to experience some of the usual “stoner” characteristics with Granddaddy Purple, such as munchies and couch-lock, which is great if you’re using it to increase appetite or aid with sleep problems.

What are the Medical Benefits of Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower? 

Granddaddy Purple was developed for medicinal patients in California, leading you to assume that this cannabis strain is filled with therapeutic properties – an entirely correct assumption. GDP is used to treat a range of medical problems and illnesses, both physical and emotional. Physically, Granddaddy Purps is possibly best known for numbing pain, especially in those suffering from chronic pain, which can be highly debilitating. Besides, this cannabis plant can help with loss of appetite, anxiety, stress, depression, and fatigue. When coping with a physical condition like pain, insomnia, or a lack of appetite, a higher-than-normal dose of this cannabis may be needed to reap the maximum therapeutic benefits.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower 

The majority of consumers report having a dry mouth and eyes, but this is a typical side effect of any marijuana strain. Since the sedative effects can prevent you from getting out of your armchair and walking to the kitchen, keep a glass of water and a bottle of hydrating eye drops nearby. Apart from those slight drawbacks, Granddaddy Purple hasn’t been related to fear or anxiety. However, the THC concentration is very high, ranging from 16 to 24 percent. THC users who are sensitive to the drug can feel dizziness. Begin with a low dose, but if nausea remains, consider moving to a CBD-rich strain.

How to Grow Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower Seed?

Granddaddy Purple’s Indica heritage makes it a durable and long-lasting strain. It is disease resistant and thrives in dry, open environments. The plant isn’t overly tall and has a lot of thick side branches. Since they must support the weight of the enormous buds, those branches are weighty. GDP’s buds are massive compared to other strains, which is one reason growers of all levels covet it. They’re even encrusted with THC-laced snowy trichomes. The relative humidity is the most critical factor to remember when increasing this strain. It is vulnerable to excessive moisture, despite its lack of fussiness. The stomata on their leaves will close in a damp area, preventing fluid absorption. This ensures that your nutrient-rich watering solution will not be sufficiently absorbed, preventing the plant from reaching its full potential.

When grown indoors, flowering typically takes 9-10 weeks, and growers should expect to harvest in early October when grown outdoors. If grown outdoors, the plant’s large buds can begin to weigh it down. When grown indoors, the plant must be short and stocky enough to withstand the weight, but if the buds start to wear down the plant’s frame about the 60-day mark, you will need to have some support. Indoor yields can reach 400 grams per square meter, and outdoor products can get 40-180 grams per plant. Throughout the growing cycle, keep temperatures in the 70s and humidity between 50 and 55 percent for best results.

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