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Easiest Cannabis Strains to Grow

easyiest cannabis strains

Cannabis plants are not equal in many different aspects. Each one has its own characteristics and potency as well as resistance to possible threats. This is why every neophyte in the arena of cannabis growing should know what strains which are easy to cultivate. These strains are the following:

1) Blue Dream
This strain gained fame among marijuana users and this is also suitable for new growers. Blue Dream is commonly used to relieved pains and ache as well as to alternate bad moods. This hybrid strain has high resistance to molds and root rot which make sit suitable for newbies.

2) Green Crack
Another widely known strain from California is the Green Crack. It has an energetic effect and a scent of sweet citrus. This strain will flower quickly which is beneficial if you are new in this field.

3) GG4 (f.k.a Gorilla Glue # 4)
GG4 is a flavorful strain which has a euphoric effect. This strain has the ability to give you a high yield without worrying too much about the nutrients it needed. Another good thing about GG4 is the fact that it will still grow in limited space or grow room.

4) Dutch Treat
This strain which is originally formulated in Amsterdam is now famous worldwide. Dutch Treat is an indica-dominant marijuana plant which can give you a mind activating effect after every use. This is suitable to grow indoor and could able to give you a high and quality yield.

5) Cinex
This Sativa-dominant cannabis plants will give you a euphoric effect which will lead you to become creative and productive. What makes this strain suitable for new growers is the fact that it is a sturdy strain plus it has also high mold and mildew resistance.

With feminized cannabis strains you are much less likely to get hermaphrodite cannabis plants as long as they don’t get stressed out too much. This is where strains like northern lights come in.

6) Northern Lights

This indica dominant strain is fairly easy to grow for a beginner and the strain by Sunwest Genetics is both auto flower and feminized which makes it even easier to grow. Northern Lights is a great strain to relax with and flowers in 8-9 weeks.

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