Critical Widow Feminized

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Critical Widow Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with very high THC content. This strain has sativa-dominant qualities and a glorious citrusy scent. THC levels are at 24% and yields as high as 500 grams per plant outdoors and up to 400 grams per square meter indoors. You’ll get buds with citrus, sweet and earthy flavors.

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More About Critical Widow (fem)

A Giggly Good Time

Critical Widow is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain and is available in feminized seeds for better cultivation. When grown in optimal conditions such as a sunny outdoor environment, it can result in yield as much as 400 grams per plant. This Sativa hybrid is known to have a citrus earthy-sweet flavor that creates a bubble of creativity for its user. It fuels the mind with mental energies to keep up with the demands of work. Users are bound to feel euphoric and giggly. This is also a great strain to smoke during social gatherings where you need to interact with people.

Critical Widow might be a good Sativa strain that has revitalizing effects. It is also potent medical marijuana for its healing qualities. People who are stressed out and tired will find smoking this strain to be rejuvenating. The euphoric high helps release the mind from the grasp of anxiety and depression. If you are looking for a strain that will heal you from the daily stressors in life, then this hybrid should be your optimum choice.

3 reviews for Critical Widow Feminized

  1. Soughemair

    Every time I smoke it, I feel like the king of the world, super sour and very strong, makes for an excellent buy when you are looking for a unique strain that helps with stress and depression and even helps me stay super focused and creative. It was easy to grow. The flora was not bushy, and its leaves were thin. Plus, it was naturally resistant to common molds and mildew so ideally, it’s low maintenance.

  2. Denison, R.

    Critical Widow nugs are dense and resinous, with high bag appeal. I’m not sure if I got an off phenotype, but this batch from harvest smells strongly of pickles, tasting much the same, though that is my only real complaint. While smooth, it still lets you know you’re getting something. I find myself relaxed yet energetic, mildly social, and quietly contemplative with this strain as my L4-L5 disc pain eases itself into the hot tub of Critical Widow. Smokes great and has a pungent odor, buds are a bit stringy but it’s genetic.

  3. Lori Kiser

    Critical Widow was a very fast-flowering strain, and with the right training, she could generate large products. She was very easy to grow in SCROG cuz she’s very resistant to molds and pests. This strain is also very vigorous and has a citrusy scent and taste. I’m always fond of this strain because it’s very relaxing and could take away all my worries.

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