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10 High CBD Strains of Cannabis

high cbd strains

Cannabidiol, or simply refer as CBD, is the cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. Cannabidiol has not developed any intoxicating effects of the high that comes from Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC but still has more advantages when it comes to wellness effects. CBD is the main topic of different cannabis advocates and other critics of the cannabis plant, particularly high CBD strains. High CBD cannabis does not have any side effects makes it very tolerated by most patients. There is also research that proves that CBD has a lot of benefits to offer for patients such as:

  • Alleviating insomnia
  • Easing common pain and headaches
  • lessen inflammation
  • calming anxiety
  • treating epilepsy and seizures

Moreover, other CBD and terpenes offer great high CBD strains that act together to help obtain the effects for a more intense result. 

High CBD Strains

The following are the top 10 high CBD strains of cannabis.

1. Harle-Tsu 

This cannabis strain is considered the essence of having high CBD with a low THC amount. This strain is not always available in the cannabis store. Its namesake comes from the combination of two strains Harlequin and Sour Tsunami. Compare to Sour Tsunami that smells like a diesel, Harle-Tsu offers a wood-like flavor. Harle-Tsu offers a 20:1 ratio that has not any intoxicating effects. This cannabis strain has rich in terpenes content, making it ideal for treating different ailments such as inflammation, nausea, insomnia, and other common conditions.

2. Pennywise 

It’s a part of high CBD strains that is the result of crossing the Harlequin and Jack the Ripper strain. It is a mostly Indica hybrid that is perfect for aiding PTSD and depression. Pennywise gets its namesake from a killer clown, but this strain is all about making you happy. Pennywise offers a sweet flavor with pepper aftertaste. By having perfect balance 1:1 ratio of the CBD to THC makes it provide calming and balancing effects that we usually have seen with mostly Indica hybrid.

3. Harlequin 

Similar to Pennywise, this cannabis strain also gets its namesake from a clown. Harlequin is mostly Sativa strain that is suitable to alleviate pain, improves someone’s mood, and makes cannabis user boosts its energy to become more effective at work. This strain has a 5:2 ratio that makes it provides high that accompanied by energetic. The happier effect makes you more sociable.

4. Trident

This cannabis strain contains a greatly high CBD amount. Though it is not commonly seen on many lists, this strain is very popular as medicinal cannabis strain. Aside from having a high amount of CBD, the THC level of Trident can reach up to 6 percent. Having such content makes the cerebral effects occur, and when it comes to the medicinal cannabis world, this strain proves that you cannot stop having focus and alertness even curing your ailments.

5. Sour Tsunami 

This cannabis strain is the result of crossing the Sour Diesel strain into NYC Diesel. Cannabis users may expect to taste its sweet flavor with the distinctive smell of diesel. Sour Tsunami has a perfect 1:1 CBD to THC ratio. This cannabis strain is not an ideal strain to try for those beginners to consume cannabis as it has quite a high effect even you expect calming balance effects that come from the CBD amount.

6. Ringo’s Gift 

This strain is consists of a perfect 1:1 ratio. The Ringo’s Gift high CBD version is ideal to used by cancer patients and other pain conditions to use as pain relief. If you are looking for a cannabis strain that cares all about CBD, then try to consider this one. Ringo’s Gift gets its name from cannabis activists, and it is the result of crossing the Harle-Tsu and ACDC, which is both excellent with high CBD amount.

7. Charlotte’s Web 

Even you are a beginner or well-experienced cannabis user, you definitely heard about this cannabis strain. This strain had become popular after a famous doctor endorsed it in daytime television when Florida approved to legalize only Charlotte’s Web strain. In all high CBD cannabis strains, Charlotte’s Web is one of the most well-known names. This cannabis strain is ideal for curing epilepsy, and having a THC amount makes it lessen seizures, enhance your mood, focus, and can increase your appetite. It is not just the effect that makes it known but also its unique flavor of chocolate mint, lemon, orange blossom, and olive oil flavor.

8. Cannatonic 

This strain has a perfect 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC amount and plays a role as one of the best strains for stress and anxiety. Those cannabis users that need to boost their energy may consider this one. Though it enhances someone’s mood, this strain has a dose of calmness that is ideal to consume during nighttime use. Cannatonic has euphoric effects that it gets from the THC amount and high CBD amount to avoid more possibly high, so beginners may still enjoy its effect.

9. Remedy 

This strain is originally acquired from Cannabis Indica that is ideal for patients who troubled sleep as it quickly improved sleep, gives relaxation effects, and lessens muscle tensions. You can consume this strain if you have insomnia and you are looking for calming effects that will not overwhelm your body. 

Remedy offers a citrusy and earthy taste that usually loves by most cannabis users. This strain is the result of crossing the Cannatonic strain into Afghan Skunk. Compare to Cannatonic. This strain has a higher CBD to THC ratio amount.

10. ACDC 

Having 15:1 to 28:1 CBD to THC ratio makes ACDC strain belongs to a list of high CBD oil that tested by cannabis users. This strain offers good effects when it comes to patients that have pediatric epilepsy. Having mostly Sativa content makes it provide energy and focus, and it is very useful for common pains such as stress, depression, inflammation, and even Parkinson’s disease. 

ACDC strain has a unique sweet and citrus flavor, and by having a low THC amount, expect that this strain has no side effects to give. ACDC comes from a rock star name and sometimes become misleading that it is no high offer.


Now you know the top high CBD cannabis strains. Growing high CBD strains is beneficial if you use cannabis for therapeutic benefits. They provide pain and stress relief to help improve patients’ quality of life.

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