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Main Road To Heaven

CBD ACDC brings to our mind the popular Australian rock band, while in terms of medicinal cannabis, the name ACDC is one of the heavy-hitting painkillers. CBD ACDC consists of an average number of 18% CBD level, and it has only 1% THC content. As its ratio shows, it allows it to develop a great medicine effect with a slight or even no cerebral high. It has a rich earthy flavor, having every hit goes with a fine note of a citrus fragrance and pine. It is also considered to provide a health-giving effect that can reduce anxiety, fatigue, chronic pains, and even stress.

It is also known that ACDC or CBD products can have a great dent on everyone’s purse, especially if it is required for regular usage. To reduce any financial effect for therapeutic needs, it is essential to just grow the plant and harvest it anytime you need it.

This CBD ACDC seeds can flourish to cultivate indoors, but if you provide its environmental needs such as lightning scheme, the right temperature, humidity, expect to have a fruitful outcome. Additionally, this plant can thrive in any existing or preferred setups that you used as long as you give proper feeding to it.

Growing it indoors requires a maintaining temperature of 20 to 26°C and a semi-humid ambiance. After the flowering period of 10 weeks, expect a great stash up to 650 grams of medicinal buds each square meter. While if you are blessed with a warm temperature like in the Mediterranean climate, growing it outdoors can give you as much as 500 grams of buds in every plant. Also, make sure to do regular trimming; in the Northern Hemisphere, they harvest it during the mid-month of October.

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