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10 Best Weed for Sex – Become a Bed Conqueror

While having a partner can be a fulfillment, spicing things up can even be a greater achievement. Though there are a lot of marijuana strains out there in the market that can give you great high and alluring effects, there are just a few that can help you in having your sex experience with your partner worthwhile. 

In this article, we will be talking about the best weed for sex that not only can give you great satisfaction but can also brighten up your relationship in the most daring way as possible. 

Sex and Marijuana

Did you know that sex is an important factor in optimal human health and hence one’s life? Yes, it is. According to the American Sexual Health Association, sex is a very viable factor in achieving good health. It is helpful in every way, especially to one’s reproductive system. It is also considered as vital in gaining royal pleasure. 

Why? Sex can give humans a lot of benefits. This includes physical improvement, psychological enhancement, emotional encouragement, and even social comfort. Having sex alone is quite boring. But being a conqueror in bed? It is stupendous. 

That is why various marijuana experts and specialists have considered discussing cannabis benefits. It has been discovered that not only it gets someone high, but some strains can also provide such a great sex fascination. Moreover, its health benefits are marvelous. So why not discuss the 10 best weeds to not ruin your excitement? 

What is the best weed for sex? 

1. Grandaddy Purple 

One that leans towards its indica heritage, Granddaddy Purple, is a cannabis strain that includes 75 percent of indica and 25 percent of sativa characteristics. This marijuana variant allures many cannabis users due to its great effects when it comes to its high that is followed by sex fascination. Its influences and impact on the human brain are well-balanced, giving its users such focus and great dominance in bed. 

As it leans towards its indica side, its all-around result does not make you lazy but very active. When it comes to its cannabinoid composition, Granddaddy Purple includes up to 23 percent of THC. Its potency is enough to make your partner deeply satisfied. After a few hits, your body can immediately feel a soft buzzing sensation that can be perfectly taken during the night. 

2. Jack Herer

Another best weed for sex is Jack Herer. This cannabis strain leans towards its sativa heritage, which has been recorded to include up to 55 percent of sativa and 45 percent of indica traits and features. Perfectly developed and created by its breeder Sensi Seeds, this marijuana variant is persuading with its great terpene profile, given its luscious taste and aromatic fragrance. 

One that is blended with alluring orange, lime, and pungency; its flavor can immediately make your sex drive highly pushed. Meanwhile, it can energize ones’ body with a smooth and relaxing feeling that is not couch-locking. Moreover, its mind stimulation can perfectly lead you to be a bed conqueror even after a few hits. 

3. Sour Diesel

Welcome to the best sex fueler, Sour Diesel. This marijuana strain leans towards its sativa heritage, given its 80 percent of sativa and 20 percent of indica characteristics. Based on the recent test results, Sour Diesel has been recorded to have up to 25 percent of THC. But not only that, its THC is highly regarded but also the rest of its cannabinoid composition that can really get you high in marvelous sexual motivation. 

For those cannabis hungry that is looking for a diesel-like smell with a flavorful, pungent aftertaste, this one is best for you. Not only that, it can drive your head crazy about sex, but it can also make your mind active in just several hits. Sour Diesel can be perfectly used during the night or while on a romantic night out date. 

4. Blueberry Yum Yum

One that can make you say YUM!, Blueberry Yum Yum is a cannabis strain that is extravagantly structured with highly regarded effects and fantasizing aroma and even flavor. This marijuana variant leans towards its sativa heritage, including 60 percent of sativa and 40 percent of indica traits and characteristics. 

Not only that, it can highly satisfy its users due to its flavorful romance-driven effects, but it also became popular due to its appealing features that can drive your mind and body with a great high. As per its recent laboratory test results, its THC level went up to 25 percent, which is relatively potent and strong. 

Given its exceptional terpene profile, it tastes like pine, skunk, and berry. Its influencing psychoactivity is very remarkable, making everyone who takes it aroused in a very euphoric and relaxing way as possible without making you lazy. 

5. Strawberry Cough

Look no further if you are trying to find a strain that can make you a bed conqueror, as Strawberry Cough can save your day. This cannabis variant leans towards its sativa heritage with 85 percent of sativa and 15 percent of indica properties. Strawberry Cough has become very famous after bagging the Best Flower award in the 2013 Cannabis Cup. As per its recent test, this marijuana strain stunned its users with its up to 23 percent of THC. 

Meanwhile, not only is it a potent strain due to its recorded cannabinoid composition, but it also possesses great terpene combination. As its name suggests, you can expect that its aroma and taste is like strawberry with notes of pungency that is just overwhelming.  With its sativa dominance, it is given that it can enhance one’s mind with great focus and mental clarity. You wouldn’t ask anything else as it can give you divine sex experience in a more focused and aroused way as possible.

6. Purple Princess

Struggling a lot with your relationship being a lame bed denominator? Fear no more as Purple Princess can help you ladder up to your successful sex experience. This cannabis strain is an indica dominant strain that is composed of 60 percent indica and 40 percent of sativa characteristics. 

Though one thing that is very notable on this cannabis variant is its physical image, its exceptional high effects will not let you down not only that its influence is enticing, but also its terpene composition. If you are more into fruity flavors such as grape, Purple Princess can satisfy your palate. 

Moreover, after a few hits, you can immediately feel your body in a buzzing sensation that can arouse you and make your dominance in bed unbeatable and untameable. 

7. Atomic Northern Lights

Like an atomic bomb that can soon explode with perfectly crafted effects and sex drive, Atomic Northern Lights is such a wonderful strain that leans towards its indica heredity. It is composed of 60 percent of indica and 40 percent of sativa properties. This marijuana variant can give you an undeniable magnificent power in bed, followed by its psychedelic influence. After its recent laboratory test, its THC level resulted in up to 24 percent. 

If there is something unique about it aside from its sex drive influence is its terpene profile. Its flavor and aroma are woody, musky, and earthy. As soon as the effect goes throughout the entire body, an immediate tingling sensation is felt from the head down to the toes with a very relaxing feeling that won’t in any way make you lazy. 

8. Do-si-Dos

An indica hybrid with long-lasting effects, Do-Si-Dos is a cannabis strain with greatly infused impressions. Not only that, it can make you high, but it can also make your sex drive enormously uncontrollable. After its recent laboratory test, this marijuana variant resulted in having up to 30 percent of THC, which is remarkably too high. 

Though its flavor and aroma seem off as it’s acid-like and skunky, its mental stimulation is sensational. One that is very psychoactive, you will get at ease in satisfying your partner in a fiery sex experience you have ever had. The buzzing sensation you can feel in your whole body can help in great coordination, perfect for night time use. 

9. Wedding Cake

One that leans towards its indica heritage, Wedding Cake, is composed of 60 percent of indica and 40 percent of sativa characteristics. This strain is typically called Birthday Cake or Pink Cookies. Its name suggests a great and delectable dessert that is not only a food but also a motivator for your libido. 

A very creamy, sour, and tangy strain, pretty sure that your palate will love it. Talking about its cannabinoid composition, this marijuana strain includes up to 25 percent of THC that is relatively enough to hold your head up and stimulate your mood on a romantic night date. 

10. Jillybean

Sophisticatedly developed and created by its breeder TGA Subcool Seeds, Jillybean is not the usual bean that can remove your hunger but makes you hungry at sex. This marijuana variant is an indica leaning variety that is very cerebral and stimulating. 

Not only that, it can enhance your mood, but it can also offer you a very energizing feeling that can help your bed conqueror desire even possible. It can also make you very happy and delighted. Meanwhile, the focus it can provide is overwhelming with its orange-like flavor that can surely lure your senses.


While sex is an important factor in your health, it can also help your relationship be spiced up amazingly. The above list of strains is selected based on their cannabinoid composition, level of effects, and arousing influence. Hoping the list of best weed for sex has helped you choose in order for you to achieve your desire to be a master and a conqueror in bed. 

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