Grandaddy Purple Marijuana Seeds

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More About Granddaddy Purple (fem)

An Excursion in the Purple Lowland

Grandaddy Purple feminized is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is popular because of its remarkable effects on the mind and body. It is not only a favorite of cannabis smokers, but cultivators also adore this plant because of its resiliency and large buds.

This feminized plant can practically prosper anywhere because of its Indica-trait, which is tough and compelling. However, it is relevant to note that even though it does not require a lot of maintenance, cultivators have to acquire minimal knowledge and skills when supervising this plant. Knowing that it produces dense buds, the grower should institute any kind of support that will help the plant not to bend.

Other than that, Grandaddy Purple only requires the basics. Growing indoors, the plant is relatively easy to cultivate. With appropriate light supervision and temperature maintained at 21 to 26 degrees Celsius, Grandaddy Purple is likely to prosper.

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