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Your Insights about Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

your insights about autoflowering cannabis seeds

The advantages, unique characteristics, and other autoflowering cannabis seeds info for curious and enthusiastic cannabis home growers

Once taught as the inferior type of cannabis, autoflowers are now being considered by more and more home growers. Those who think of them so lowly are the people who lack autoflowering cannabis seeds info and still think that autos have not developed since their first entrance in the cannabis world. There’s a reason why autoflowers are gaining popularity in this community: innovation. Autoflowers are continuously evolving, so people should watch out for the future of this cannabis type.

The Basics of Autoflowering Cannabis

Autoflowering cannabis was created by combining various strains with Cannabis ruderalis. The ruderalis is traced to have started in Central Europe and Russia. This sub-species was named after the Latin word, rūdera (rūdus in plural), which means rubble, lump, or rough piece of bronze. This was first used by the botanist D. E. Janischewsky in 1924.

The Cannabis ruderalis has the characteristic of being able to transition to the flowering stage from the vegetative stage without depending on light cycles. This is why the ruderalis must be in-bred with Sativa, indica, or a combination of both, to create an autoflower. The autoflower’s fast-growing capabilities can lead to multiple harvests even in one season.

Advantages of Autoflowering Cannabis

You can harvest sooner.

Autoflowers, in general, have considerably shorter life spans in comparison to photoperiods. For regular or photoperiod strains, the seed takes about 4 months or 16 weeks to reach maturity.

Meanwhile, autoflowering strains are ready for harvest every 8 to 10 weeks, in some strains you only need to wait 35 days before harvest. This means you will not have to wait so long to enjoy your special buds. You will appreciate this skill even more if you are going to think about cultivating Sativa strains. Photoperiod sativas can take 5 months to grow, but if you will find an autoflowering version, you will be able to harvest sooner. Whether you grow indoor or outdoor, you will see significant differences.

You can yield more harvest per season.

As part of autoflowers being able to harvest faster, you can also yield more. Under traditional cannabis strains, you can have one harvest per season. But if you use autoflowering strains, you will able to get multiple harvests, which in most climates would mean at least two times. You can take advantage of this when you live in a city with shorter summers and generally colder climates.

You will reap perpetual harvests.

Autoflowering strains cannot generally be taken as mother plants because they cannot always produce clones. In cases when they can make clones, the yields are usually much lesser than the original autoflowers. But, you can still create generally endless harvests. There will be no need for checking light schedules, mother plants, veg rooms, and flower rooms. You can have plants of all growing stages in one growing area. To make your cultivating perpetual, begin with some seeds and, once they flower, plant more seeds to the room. After you harvest the first ones, plant the next set of seeds and so on. By doing this, you can harvest four to six times in one year.

There will be less hassle for easier growing.

Because of their shared genetics from their ruderalis ancestors, autoflowers are generally much easier to grow. You need not worry about light schedules, and more so, the autoflowers are very resilient and can withstand colder climates naturally. You will experience almost no troubles or challenges in your growing journey. This is also why autoflowers are best for beginner growers who want to test out their skills and master their craft before trying out more difficult strains.

Autoflowers are more manageable in terms of size.

Most autoflowers stand 60 to 100 cm in height, so they are generally lower compared to other marijuana subspecies. If you only have limited growing space, you can choose autos. Their compact sizes make them a good fit for growing on cupboards, balconies, and garden beds.

Autos are very suitable for stealthy growing.

Like we mentioned in the last advantage, the smaller sizes of autoflowers make them a good fit for a well-hidden and stealthy plantation. For outdoor growers, you would not want extra attention from the police, curious neighbors, or thieves. With autoflowers, you can grow them amid other plants, even if you choose to grow them on your balcony or your terrace.

There is no need to worry about the light schedule.

This might be the biggest advantage and the most attractive quality to the cannabis community. Making the plant boom independently of the light cycle is what gave them their namesake in the first place. Growers do not have to meticulously take note of light schedules whether 12/12, 18 or 24 hours. Autoflowers will flower no matter what the light schedules are, and that’s what makes them great.

You will have no problems with light leaks or city lights.

One major thing that growers need to consider if we take about photoperiod strains is the light leaks during the dark cycle. When light leaks, the overall growth can be stunted or harvests will be diminished. For example, there can be a light seeps through your growing tent or city lights that will confuse your outdoor cannabis plants. Autoflowers can endure all types of light leaks. If you encounter difficulties with light in the dark cycle of flowering, opt for autoflowering breeds to evade the concern altogether.

Autoflowers can better resist fluctuating weather and illnesses.

One admirable trait of autoflowers is their resiliency. They are known for being able to withstand colder weather conditions and have a stronger resistance against all forms of plant illnesses. If you are threatened by mildew, pests, mold, fungi or pathogens, go for autos to save yourself from worry and stress. They can also survive underfeeding or overfeeding better than any other type of cannabis.

Now that you have learned key autoflower cannabis seeds info, it is time to gain firsthand experience in cannabis plants. Enjoy your growing journey and keep practicing to master the art of cannabis cultivation.

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