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Yellowing Cannabis Plants in Flowering Stage

yellowing cannabis plant

Fortunately, there is nothing wrong with your cannabis plants if they will experience yellowing of leaves during this stage. Yellowing cannabis plants will sometimes happen at this stage because this is the time when they are close to reaching the final point of their life cycle. It is a similar situation with nitrogen deficiency; however, since your cannabis plants are now in the flowering stage, it’s beneficial and helpful.

The Flowering Stage

During the flowering stage, giving your cannabis less amount of nitrogen is the right thing to do. It is a time in which your weeds are producing buds and too much amount of nitrogen during this stage will give negative effects to your buds.

In this stage of bud production, the set and application of nutrients are quite different. Since your weeds are starting to produce buds the best nutrients to give are those blooming feeds to let it produce tastier and bigger buds. In flowering stage, you must stop applying nitrogen and continue to give your weeds different nutrients.

Nutrients Needed for the Flowering Stage

Major nutrients like potassium and phosphorous are still important at this stage while micro-nutrients like sulfur and magnesium are also good in the flowering stage. Phosphorous will help your cannabis plants produce big flowers; this is why in flowering stage you must feed your weeds with large yet not too much amount of Phosphorous. On the other potassium is another element your weeds need during this stage. it will help your weeds stimulate the deprivation of light as you change the lighting schedule.

Do not worry if the leaves of your cannabis plants are turning yellow during this stage. This is a normal scenario since your cannabis plants will not need anymore nitrogen.

To prevent this from happening at other stages, take a look at the best places to grow cannabis. This will help you understand why cannabis grows well in certain places.

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