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Wind Barrier Ideas for Growing in Dry Breezy Areas Outdoors

Air is needed for cannabis cultivation but too much of it is causes destruction and malnutrition to cannabis plants. Like to some plants, cannabis rarely stands for long when exposed to windy areas. However, it can’t be any help that you tend to experience such times in a year especially if you are living in a wind-prone place. That is why most cannabis growers tend to plant cannabis indoors to prevent such thing from happening. Likewise, there are still risks on growing indoors and you need a large amount of money as compared if you are growing cannabis outdoors. That is why in order to address strong winds, marijuana growers innovate some ways in order to prevent the winds from attacking your plants. The winds can’t be controlled though but you could find ways to keep airflow optimum into your cannabis plants. If you want to find out more, check out this article and take a grasp on how do you deal with the windy weather.

How do strong winds affect cannabis growth?

Similarly to every plant, cannabis thrives for air. They respired through carbon dioxide in the air and releases oxygen to the surroundings. This cycle is important to maintain the plant’s health and to improve the quality of its buds. However, an excess of air is damaging to every cannabis plant. The following are just some of the effects within a cannabis plant if you’d never protect it against strong winds;

  1. Elevates Water Requirement

An occurrence of gusting and heavy winds on cannabis plants could cause dehydration among plants. It means that the plant will need more water to support its growth. This is not normal within a plant so regulation of air in this environment is extremely needed. But then, a supplementary water demand means an increase also of energy and water consumption.

  1. Removes out Trichomes

Trichomes are located on the outer covering of your marijuana. Exposure to strong winds could cause elimination and a significant decrease in its amount in the cannabis plant. If this happens, you will smoke out a less potent marijuana because trichomes are important on THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids processing.

  1. Malnutrition of Cannabis

Because of the windy environment, some cannabis plants could get stress out and could get sick because of the weather condition. Some leaves will get wither and the roots and stems will start to get weaken and fall upon. With this, your cannabis plant will most likely not bud the most.

  1. Upheaval risks of Plant Pests Infestation

Because of wind erosion, increase chances of seeds from different grasses and small plants will get through over your cannabis. Likely, this plants will, later on, compete for nutrition and water that is extremely necessary for cannabis growth. That is why prevention on this from happening should be established upon.

  1. Reduction of Pollination

Experiencing strong winds could more likely decreases out the probability for pollination. Pollination is needed for the flowering of cannabis and is acted upon pollinating agents like insects. Likewise, if pollination rarely occurs, the cannabis plant will get sterile and later, will not produce buds and flowers.

  1. Injuries and Abrasions

Because of heavy winds especially on dry areas, strong winds are accompanied by sands and other particles that could affect plant’s stature. There’s a lot of possibilities that the leaves and stems within your cannabis will have lesions and tears for which could affect the quality and the overall health of your cannabis.

  1. Susceptibility to Fire

Dry and windy places are highly vulnerable to fire risks. Fires could ruin out your entire cannabis garden. That is why it is important to protect your plant against windy and dry conditions to prevent it from getting caught in fires.

Wind Barrier Ideas for your Cannabis Plants

If you have problems with strong winds attacking your cannabis, then you need to get a wind barrier in order to prevent it from happening. Here are some of the things that you could use or create to protect your cannabis from strong and heavy winds. The following includes;

  1. Plant tall trees around the cannabis garden

If you have a large space and area, you could grow trees around the cannabis serving as a shield against strong winds that could pose risks upon your cannabis garden. Nonetheless, these trees could help your cannabis stay hidden against thieves or people who will discriminate you.

  1. Build Fences and Sticks around your Plant

You could construct fences to each of your plant or around the garden to keep strong winds from getting into your cannabis plants. Also, these fences could prevent external factors like animals, pests, and even rain or snow on striking your cannabis plant.

  1. Moving plants closer to walls

If your plants are planted in pots or containers, then you could put your cannabis plants near the walls to decrease the effects of wind damages. Likewise, walls could regulate the flow of wind into the cannabis plants.

  1. Use Shade Cloth

You could put shade and transparent cloths around the cannabis garden. There are available shade cloths to be purchase upon for which depends on the degree of incident light and the severity of wind movement. Likewise, if the wind is low then you could use the 30% shade cloth and if it’s strong and severe, you could utilize as much as 90% shade cloth.

  1. Wrap the plant with Plastic Cover or Canvas

You could cover your cannabis with a transparent film or canvas. Just be careful on wrapping it out and not throw upon the trichomes or any subsequent part of the cannabis plant to avoid damage.

We cannot escape to heavy winds. At some point in our lives, there are instances that we experience such phenomenon. The important is we are always prepared and ready when it’s bound to happen. You cannot risk the health of your cannabis plants. You have invested and sacrifice time and effort for this. That is why employing wind barriers could be helpful to cater on the strong winds.

Be always inform when strong winds will occur. Take on research and read on weather reports and news to know the degree of wind movement that will occur in your place. However, if the wind is just normal then pull out the wind barriers if possible. This could help to prolong the lifespan and enhance its durability.


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