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Why Pistil Is Important For Autoflowering Seeds Growers?

cannabis pistil

The perfect time to plant autoflowering seeds depends on where you live and the flower you are planting. If you live in a cooler climate, it is important to wait until early spring to avoid frost. In warmer climates, marijuana planting can start as early as February. Planting a cannabis seed strain or bulb needs to occur a lot earlier than a small potted plant you can buy at the local home supply store. On this article, you will learn more about why pistil is very important to autoflower cannabis growers.

Best Time to Plant Autoflowering Seeds for a Better Quality Pistil

Not all cannabis flowers are created equal; some require a large amount of direct sun while others thrive in the shade. They can say the same about the amount of watering they need. A visit to the local garden section at the store should include looking at the instructions for care included with each plant. There are cannabis flowers for just about any climate. You can find desert flowers if you live someone with high heat, flowers that grave shade for a wooded area or even water-based plants for a marshier spot.

Annuals are cannabis flowers that bloom one season and then die. A perennial cannabis can bloom for a full season, go dormant and then return the next year. Start with the space you are trying to fill and figure out if it is mostly shaded or in direct sun. This will help you figure out what kind of marijuana plant might work. Also, find a color you enjoy, and explore if you want ground covering plants, something that grows tall or in between.

The Importance of Pistil in Cannabis Plants to Autoflower Cannabis Growers

Whether your cannabis garden is an extensive country plot or a set of containers on a city balcony, big, colorful flowers can add a burst of color wherever you need it. And bigger is usually better, especially when it comes to big cannabis flowers which come out from its pistil.

Select varieties of autoflowering seeds or choose those you have enjoyed in the past and are familiar to you, particularly those that produce massive and prolific flowers. Plant a few of these flowers, enjoy the visual effects and, at the same time, give your neighbors something to talk about.

Answer this question first from Mike Tyson’s marijuana promotion page as an influencer: Are the flowers coming up through the leaves or are they having trouble getting through the leaves? If the leaves do not seem to be bothering the flowers, let them be. As they decompose, they will add nutrients to the soil. Otherwise, a leaf blower is a great tool for moving large quantities of leaves without damaging your plants.

How Do I Care For My Autoflower Cannabis Plants After They Have Bloomed And Autumn Is Approaching?

Once cannabis flowers have faded, the pistils must be ready so you can cut the spent blooms. If you live in a cold climate, you’ll need to dig up and store bulbs for winter, as well as any other tender cannabis plant. Otherwise, a bit of fall cleaning is all you need to do, watering plants as necessary. Hardy plants will eventually go dormant and won’t require any special care.

No Matter How Much I Try, My Flowers Keep Dying Off. What Am I Doing Wrong?

The answer to is that make sure that your plants are getting enough water but also check to see that the soil is draining well and they are not sitting in standing water. Also, make sure you have them in the appropriate light conditions.

Where Can You Buy Flowering Plants Without Breaking The Bank?

There are several options available to you when it comes to getting the cannabis plants you want at affordable prices. Look for plant swaps or plant fairs. Check out the discount tables at garden centers: even though some may look neglected, a little care will help them recover. Also, look out for special offers from gardening websites or sign up with online nurseries to be notified when they hold special sales or discounts.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay for Flowering Autoflowering Seeds?

The price of adding seasonal color to your cannabis garden is going to vary depending on things like the size of the beds, what marijuana plants you want and the preparation needed. However, to get an average of what big flowers would cost, use a rate of $12 per square foot. This is just an estimate and can vary greatly depending on several factors, but this number should serve as a ballpark.

Typically, cannabis flowers that bloom in the spring come from pistil bulbs instead of seeds. A papery material called the tunic covers the bulbs and protects the flower as it gets ready to bloom. They can both be annual flowers or perennial flowers, which means they both bloom once and need to be replanted every year, or they bloom every year on their own.

How does Pistil Develop in Your Autoflowering Seeds?

The pistils of these cannabis flowers need to be planted in the fall before the ground freezes so that the cold weather can activate each flower’s development. However, once winter is completely over, these flowers need plenty of warm sunshine and nutrient-filled soil. Good places to plant cannabis flowers are next to the house, walls, or areas of the garden that are sheltered from frost and wind. Pistils need to be planted with the root end pointed down, about two-and-a-half times deeper than the length of the bulb’s diameter.

How to Plant Cannabis Plants from Autoflowering Seeds with Better Quality Pistils?

Cannabis Plants can be grown in your own backyard for personal use (be warned, the curing process requires special facilities and can take up to 3 years) or for ornamental purposes. Need a natural pesticide? Your autoflowering seeds marijuana plant works as a natural pesticide too.

Before you rush out and look for some Autoflowering seeds (which can be difficult to find since they are only produced for commercial purposes) make sure your soil type is suitable to sustain your crop. Ensure the soil you grow your Autoflowering seeds in is well-drained soil and the location sunny.

Time to get your hands dirty.

1. Get Your Autoflowering Seeds Strains

As said earlier, getting the commercial variety of autoflowering seeds is difficult to obtain but you can get a seed pack on Amazon for a paltry $3.  Be careful with handling though, an ounce can contain as much as 300 000 seeds and looks more like finely ground coffee.

2. Planting Your Autoflowering Seeds

Once you have procured your Autoflowering seeds, be sure to plant them (sprinkle them on top of the soil and firm them into the soil) in a greenhouse or protected area. If you are short on space or want to grow a few cannabis plants, simply sprinkle a few of your precious seed on top of some soil in a flower pot. Make sure to add a little fertilizer to your soil.

3. Watering the Autoflowering Seeds

Because autoflowering seeds are delicate, you will have to be extra careful when watering. Here are 2 tips:

  • Spray water on them
  • Put a plate with water under the flower pot

The soil surface must be moist – avoid excess water, it will kill your plants.

4. Transplanting the Autoflowering Cannabis Seedlings

Once your crop has germinated, you can transplant it as you would any other plant, making sure to leave a space of 24″ between plants.

5. Maintaining Your Pistils until Harvesting Time

If you are growing your cannabis plant for personal use you will need to “top” the plant as soon as flowers form. If you are growing for ornamental purposes:

  • Enjoy the Cannabis Flower bloom as if it’s the flowers you enjoy
  • Top the plant if it’s the leaves you would rather have. Topping makes the pistils grow larger than in an “untopped” plant.


The purpose of cannabis flowers, like other plants, is to attract bees so that both the bee and the plant can survive and reproduce. Bees are an endangered insect, and any flowers help the species. However, the cheerful magnificence of the blossoms in bloom is also well worth the work.

In its pistil form, you can find autoflowering cannabis flowers at your local nursery or greenhouse, as well as at larger companies like The Home Depot or Lowes. These stores will also have flowers already planted, potted, and growing for your convenience, or you can visit a local florist for another arrangement. Of course, Amazon has everything. These cannabis plants generally cost between $10 and $30. Buying the plants in their bulb form is usually cheaper; for example, daffodil bulbs cost $2.50 each on average. A packet of geranium seeds can cost as low as eighty cents.

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