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Why Grow Autoflowering Feminized Seeds Instead Of Regular Seeds?

why grow autoflowering feminized seeds instead Of regular seeds 1

Autoflowering Feminized Seeds Vs. Regular Seeds

What makes autoflowering feminized seeds offer that works over and beyond regular cannabis seeds? Getting a glance at things in a few features more, autoflowering seeds have the strength to create farming significantly more natural. In particular, you could say that most of the tough job has been completed before you even purchase your seeds!

Autofeminized and regular cannabis have bizarre characteristics and features that many producers still prefer to develop it. 

The term for developing marijuana outdoors is progressing, and precise outlining is necessary to make it a breakthrough. Based on, a survey shows that there are approximately 8,500 Cannabis goods traded immediately in the Canadian economic exchange last March 2019.

Regular seeds, or Photoperiod as what they are labeled, are susceptible to light fluctuations and will begin developing merely when the light/dark period is shifted to 12/12, but auto-flowering plants will bloom naturally following any light round, and that means you can have one light calendar during their cycle.

What are Regular Seeds?

In its original case, the marijuana plant is docile, meaning there are male and female parts that propagate among each other to produce distinct varieties. Although in modern ages the balance of users who prefer this variety of seed has dropped considerably, regular marijuana seeds remain to be the favored choice for several old-school producers, who want to value the essence of the plant in all features and, by those who want to create their particular seeds.

They are not advanced in any way by generative manufacturing to deliver anything about the germination method work separately than it would in reality. When you prefer standard strains, you require to expect the moment where your cannabis will exhibit their gender. Generally, regular strains will provide you a 50% male and 50% female.

Some expert producers endorse this variety of seeds to beginners for two reasons: First, rookie blunders that approximately everyone performs as a portion of the training method shouldn’t be prepared with valuable seed varieties. Second, it supplies the first-time producer a better understanding of the complete season of germination and the manner of attention that the plant wants.


  • They can be duplicated from an original flower, and because of that producers, don’t require to purchase fresh seeds every course they need to develop a distinct plant.
  • Regular plants react well to frosting and other High-stress practice ways because you can have them in their vegetative maturity staging for as long as you want and merely when your plants have completely healed then you can shift the light period and begin the flowering stage.
  • You can produce way more generous products than with autoflowers 
  • Regular cannabis strains are cultivated to their entire capacity and have extremely steady heredity with more necessary THC contents.


The obstacle with regular seeds is that you do not hold any authority over the genitals of the plants, indicating that after a period and a half of attending for them regular seeds are only somewhat more prone to generate a female plant over a male plant, thus decreasing by half the possible harvest of the product.

Male plants are useless and require to be dropped if what you are seeming for is a yield of consumable bulbs. And this indicates that 40% of your plants will have to be scrapped after periods of germination.

What are Autoflowering Seeds?

The most familiar with novice producers, autoflowering seeds don’t need the corresponding level of complexity of attention as the other seed choices to produce a generous yield. This strain is the most accessible to develop merely because it will not depend on the light program you provide to begin generating flowers.

From the root word “auto,” it will naturally commence in providing its bulbs 3 weeks after you created your gardening. They bloom in a more condensed period of the season and need less attention than regular or feminized seeds. 

Both autoflowering and feminized cannabis strains are noted for producing cannabis clones. They usually develop into lively plants if fulfilled accurately.

Cannabis seeds producers have acquired seeds that represent the latent auto-flowering feature, which is an outstanding discovery in the generation of cannabis for therapeutic objectives. They were apt to complete a definite quantity of yield in a shorter term. Most of the auto-flowering cannabis are small in size, and that is why they are absolute for settling outside. They come in convenient, and you can combine them with other delicate plants if you yearn to develop them secretly. And their yield time can operate from seven to thirteen weeks, but this is reliant on what variety of cannabis species you are exactly practicing.


  • You won’t require to modify your timer when you need them to spring flowering.
  • Reduce the risks of many plant diseases as more event works by
  • These little seedlings are very sturdy and will develop under very severe circumstances.
  • Autoflowers usually have a more modest harvest. You can readily produce them in tiny areas and have them enigmatic.
  • They have more powerful CBD and CBN combinations, and that is excellent for medicinal cases.


As they are more petite in stature, autoflowering cannabis seeds have the trouble of smaller crops per plant.

Both autoflowering feminized seeds and regular strains have their spot in the producers’ area, and apparently, photoperiod plants remain the business model, but autoflowers are excellent plants for novices, and they have their distinct benefits that regular strains just can’t balance!

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