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Where to Find the World Class Cannabis Seed Banks

where to find the world class cannabis seed banks

If you are looking for world-class cannabis seeds then you will likely find these at countries where buying and growing cannabis seeds are legal. Let’s face it, it’s more enjoyable to grow cannabis and to harvest seeds and marijuana when you’re free to do it!

Here are the countries where growing weed is allowed and where you can find world class companies that sell cannabis seeds:


Canada has legalized the consumption and growing of recreational cannabis. Before this event, it has already allowed people with medical conditions to use medicinal cannabis and to grow their own supply provided that they get a medical certificate to do so.

Because of this, so many world class cannabis seed banks can be found in the country. Each province seems to have something impressive to offer. These seed banks have so many different products including medicinal seeds, high- THC seeds, high-CBD seeds, landrace seeds, and Cannabis Cup winners as well.

If you live in Canada or visiting Canada,  you are allowed to buy seeds and buy weed but up to some degree. There are special rules regarding cannabis growing and use so make sure to follow these to ensure your safety when you visit.


Smoking and consumption of cannabis are decriminalized in Mexico which means you can’t be sent to jail for doing so. It is illegal to grow cannabis here but over the years, so many seed banks have created high quality, world-class seeds strains that are worth your while.

Recently, there has been a wave of possible legalization of cannabis consumption and growing as a way to reduce drug-related violence. But till then, you must only buy in secret otherwise, you might end up paying tough fines.

United States

There are more and more US states that have legalized the use of cannabis. In Nevada for instance, Las Vegas has a number of world-class seed banks that offer all kinds of seeds. You’ll find indica and sativa seeds, autoflowering seeds, feminized seeds, medicinal seeds, and high THC seeds. There are even special promos for customers like free seeds for every order or the buy one take one offer.

Las Vegas seed banks are unlike others you’ve been to. These are posh, very modern and have unique ways to feature their products. Seeds are presented in a kind of boutique-style shop where buying, growing, and shipment information is available.

Other states are not far behind like Alaska, Colorado, and California. In California, seed banks and marijuana dispensaries are available for residents.  Many popular cannabis strains were created in the West Coast, therefore, it’s not a surprise that a lot of impressive world class seeds and strains may be purchased here.


Just like Mexico, Jamaica residents can smoke cannabis and consume all kinds of cannabis products because this has been decriminalized. In 2015, Jamaicans and visitors can consume unlimited amounts of cannabis without any penalties. There are people who grow their own supply and purchase seeds from top quality local seed banks as well as from online sites.

If you visit Jamaica during a music festival, you’ll get many offers while you check out different offerings.  You can buy seeds as well as growing materials and equipment from local shops as well.


Cannabis use and growing have been decriminalized in Argentina as well. It is known as the First Work Country for Medical Marijuana for Free, therefore, expect high-quality seed banks that sell the best medical seeds here.

And even if you intend to enjoy cannabis as a recreational drug, you won’t be arrested or fined in Argentina. This has been the practice of residents here for more than a decade.


For years now, Columbia has decriminalized cannabis use in amounts of 20 grams. This drug is illegal to sell and grow but compared to other substances that Columbia is famous for, marijuana is the least of their problems.

You can grow up to 20 plants in Columbia and because of the local climate, weed here will grow huge and bountiful.


In Uruguay, you are allowed to consume weed when you reach 18. You can consume, sell and even grow cannabis here as long as you register with the government. You can buy from local dispensaries and if you want seeds, you can buy these from local seed banks which offer top quality, world class seeds.

Residents may also buy from online seed banks as well and enjoy shipping and delivery deals all year round.


Cambodia accepts weed as a part of their culture but still, it is illegal to consume it. But despite this, you’ll find breeders offering fine quality seeds including landrace seeds. You can also visit a restaurant and order a “happy” dish which means that this dish is laced with cannabis.

Tourists will enjoy visiting Cambodia where weed is very cheap and widely accepted almost everywhere.


Like Cambodia, weed is decriminalized in Laos and you will find restaurant meals with happy food. You can smoke cannabis here despite being illegal as long as you do so in your home. You may find breeders and growers selling seeds here but in a discrete manner. You’ll find medical seeds, THC seeds, CBD seeds and so many more.


You won’t be sent in jail when you’re caught smoking cannabis because it is only classified as a misdemeanor. If you are a tourist, you might have your passport suspended but still, you won’t be jailed.

The country is known for producing large amounts of cannabis and many Italians say that legalizing marijuana might happen really soon. And because of this possibility, you may find high quality seeds sold here in a discrete manner.

The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, it is legal to smoke and consume cannabis in places called coffee shops. Cannabis may be legally purchased, smoked and grown up to some degree. In the city, a large number of seed banks that sell locally-grown cannabis seeds and imported seeds may be purchased.

Many tourists visit the Netherlands year after year to join cannabis festivals, to watch Cannabis Cup awards and other events related to marijuana. Students, professionals, and patients come here to check out different products as well.

In the city, you will also find cannabis-friendly hotels and hostels, schools and other recreational facilities. There’s so much to see and to experience when you are a cannabis lover when you visit the Netherlands and it could take you months to experience these all.


Spain is the haven for people looking for organic, natural cannabis as well as seeds. There are small farming operations and humble breeders here which offer fine quality cannabis products and seeds.  The country has smoking clubs where you are free to smoke or enjoy other cannabis products.


You’ll find a wide variety of good quality cannabis seeds in Switzerland because possession and consumption have been decriminalized. There is a plan to legalize cannabis in the country and to start cannabis clubs for public consumption. Expect good quality seeds here because Swiss are very persistent when it comes to quality. Cannabis growing is allowed here as long as you grow up to four hemp plants only.

Estonia has cannabis use deeply rooted in its culture.  There is a small town called Kanepi with the iconic cannabis sativa leaf on its flag. You can’t sell and grow cannabis here but there are some people who claim that it is possible to buy the best quality cannabis seeds here. And when you’re caught consuming cannabis, the most you’ll get is a fine with no imprisonment. 


You can consume cannabis in Russia up to 6 grams only. The government has even allowed World Cup fans to bring their own medical cannabis even when these spectators are from different countries. Russia has decriminalized cannabis use and growing may not be prohibited as well. It’s not surprising that you will find top quality seed banks here with many people wanting to grow their own supply.


In Australia, medical marijuana is legal. Consumption and growing of medical-use cannabis are allowed therefore there is a huge chance that you can find high-quality medical cannabis seeds in local seed banks.  Take note that recreational cannabis is still prohibited but in some regions, this is also decriminalized.

Where to find world class cannabis seeds online

Online seed banks are available for all customers to use. With online seed banks, they can buy high quality cannabis seeds from anywhere around the world. It’s sometimes tough to look for good sites but what you must insist on is buying from reputable seed banks.

You’ll know that you are doing business with a reputable seed bank when the seed bank has high ratings online. The seed bank has a wide variety of products to offer and has payment and delivery options that you prefer and trust. A well recommended site is a good sign especially when it is recommended by people you trust.

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