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Where to Find the Best Feminized Seeds – the UK vs Canada

where to find the best feminized seeds the uk vs canada

The robust economies of Canada and the United Kingdom has been felt and observed by the international communities since the 90s. Though the British economy has suffered much before they elected their first female British Prime Minister in the 70s, it gained its resounding victory as the country entered the new millennia, making it to the top 20 economies of the world. Meanwhile, Canada has seen its steady growth since the 80s, despite what they have witnessed with the UK’s economy.

These events have affected the Marijuana economies of the two countries which created an impact on their Weed Industry, especially to all of their Cannabis Feminized seeds during those times. What happened before has established a concrete connection on what happens today. Now that their industries are growing, where can we find the Best Feminized Seeds today?

Checking their Governments

In the year 2018, Canada has legalized all of its Cannabis communities to give them safe access to all of the Marijuana Strains that they can encounter during their stay in Canada. Apart from it, they have pursued a more liberal government that tolerates diversity and equality among its citizens of different roots and races. With this, the world has seen a big first world country to openly accept medical and recreational Cannabis usage as a practice of their people.

As they legalized Marijuana, the government has earned billions of dollars from its industry alone, which made their community an essential tool for the national economy of their country. More improvements are yet to apply, but in general, Canadians are living in better conditions because of their government’s tolerance and respect to all, yet with effective and implementing regulations.

On the other hand, the United Kingdom has observed a conservative environment for recreational and medical Cannabis, in fear that these herbs will be abused and rampantly used in negative means. Since 1928, they have placed Marijuana items as illegal substances with a stiff fine for its citizens if they are proven guilty in the illegal use of those. 

This British country acted like the other countries of the world which simply disallows its people to their freedom of usage. As they suppress the Marijuana plants, it has been observed that more and more of its citizens went hiding from the law enforcers, forcing them to turn with the Black Market in Europe or with illegal stores discreetly operating in the entire British nation.

However, the UK is considered as the world’s largest producer of Medical Cannabis up to this time. It is also the home of one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical company that uses Cannabis in their medicines and sold it publicly.

Their Marijuana Economies

Upon making the Marijuana legal in Canada, earlier estimations say that their Cannabis Industry will create $6.8 Billion by the year 2020. This is possible due to the increasing trend that their Industry is witnessing now.

Canada has been tough in making the Marijuana items legal, making their government possible to regulate, intervene and check the transactions that their citizens engage with. This bold move by their government earned appreciation by the rest of the world in their efforts to suppress the Black Market’s presence and activity in their country.

Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, there are reports that legalizing their Cannabis could generate them up to £1 billion and £3.5 billion every year. Though the British Government keeps its ground in making Medical Cannabis the only legal Marijuana that they will recognize, they have failed in suppressing the controversial Recreational Drugs which deeply affects their communities up to this time.

Advocates are pushing for legalization to protect the users from any harassments that they could face once charged by the British government for illegal usage. Apart from it, they are pushing for reforms in the treatment of Marijuana addiction in the UK so as to help those drug-dependents to make themselves engaging, healthy and productive in their everyday lives.

To sum these up, Canada enjoys its wealth being generated by their Marijuana Industry and use it for different Government Services, contrary to what the United Kingdom is suffering right now, especially with their National Health Services, which lacks a huge amount in the budget because of their ever-changing politics.

How do these affect their Feminized Seeds?

Obviously, once you allowed the commercial distribution of Marijuana Seeds, more people will benefit from what they are doing. Everybody enjoys the blessings of this enormous industry, making the prices of their items competitive yet consumer-friendly.

We all know that the Feminized Seeds are the most expensive Marijuana Seeds as of the moment, but the government can step in to make its prices lower than what the manufacturers and distributors have pricing on them.

  1. The Price

In Canada, the price of their Feminized Seeds ranges from $50 to $300, depending on the brand, strain, and number of seeds per pack. In the United Kingdom, the price may range from $30 to $100. It depends on the brand, strain, and number of seeds per pack. As you can see, the seeds in Canada are more expensive than the United Kingdom, but the best thing in Canada’s policies is that you will not be imprisoned by simply buying the seeds.

Canada has established its legal and accessible market for all of its citizens, while the United Kingdom restricts these seeds despite the absence of the chemicals that they suppress since then, pushing their people to be involved in what they believe are illegal activities and may destroy the welfare of their communities. However, their government fails to eradicate the recreational items because of the extensive use that they may not see nor detected immediately.

  1. Accessibility

It is obviously stated that Canadians enjoy the freedom to use any Marijuana items or seeds that they want to use and plant at any time of the year. The British people have no opportunity to expedite their Marijuana products at all because of the existing policy that their country has right now.

With this concern, the citizens of Ottawa and Toronto are luckier than those who live in London and Glasgow. Not unless you have that Medical Marijuana Card, you can have important access to these seeds, but you are still not allowed to plant and use regularly, not unless you have been diagnosed with specific illnesses that are allowed by their government to undergo Cannabis treatment.

  1. The Production

The United Kingdom’s farms of hemp plants are the largest in the world, as well as the facilities being used for Medical Marijuana production. They have vast lands to a lot for Marijuana Plants which in turn are used for Medical Cannabis treatments. On the other hand, Canada has the same lands, but because of the weather that they experience, their lands are more limited than what is being used in the UK.

The problem with UK’s Accredited Farms is that they should only be used for Medicinal Purposes, making their profit grow lesser than what is being enjoyed by Canadian farms, despite the seasons that they experience annually.

Meanwhile in Canada, the seeds- be it feminized or not- are all allowed to be cultivated for whatever purposes they may serve for. The Feminized Seeds that they have are more developed, more studied and has better facilities to be kept for a long time.

  1. The Quality

It has been proven and tested that the British Cannabis Medicines are one of the leading brands in the field of Global Pharmacies and most of the experts in these fields can attest the glory that these brands have. As Canada has just started producing more Cannabis, they are directly competing with what the UK has imposed globally in terms of having high standards for Medical Cannabis.

Candian Cannabis Industry is still considered as a young one, despite it existed in their country since the 60s. To date, they have just legalized everything last year, and the developments that the manufacturers and farmers are doing for the betterment of every seed variants are at par and can be matched with the British industries.

  1. The Competition

In terms of competing, Canadian Feminized Seeds are more active than those regulated British Seeds. They enjoy a wider space of competition which excites the people who use this type of seeds for a certain time.

The manufacturers, when expected to create quality products, are forced to keep their products better than the other competitors. With this, Canadian companies produce better results and greater profits than those operating their businesses in the United Kingdom.


Undeniably, Canada has the Best Feminized Seeds compared to the UK and this is primarily because of their political framework for the Cannabis Industry of their country. Their government is more productive, efficient and effective than the UK, in terms of building a sustainable Marijuana Economy.

Backed by their citizens, empowered by efficient facilities and pressured with their competitive markets, Canadians produce the Best Feminized Seeds in modern times.

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