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Where to Buy Sativa Seeds Near Me?

where to buy sativa seeds near me

Planning your own cannabis garden will always start with knowing where to buy sativa seeds that you can use. Now that cannabis use and cannabis cultivation has been allowed in most states, it has become a lot easier to purchase your own seeds. If you’re looking for a seed strain that you can use for your outside cultivation, you might want to consider buying sativa seeds.

These seeds are known to grow taller than the indica strain. Seasoned cultivators also know that the sativa plant take longer in the vegetative state, yet it gives more yield per plant. Using sativa strain has also been known to give uplifting and cerebral effects which make this cannabis strain the perfect choice for most medical marijuana dependent patients.

Understanding Sativa Strains

Before we go deeper into where to buy sativa seeds, let’s have a brief discussion of what they really are so you know if this is the perfect seeds to use for your cannabis garden.

The cannabis plants that come from the tropical and sub-tropical areas of the world such as Africa, South, and Central America and Asia are normally called Sativa Strains. These are normally found in countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Jamaica, Thailand, and others. As time goes by, the sativa varieties have developed specific traits that differentiate them from others this might because of their environmental conditions or breeding selections.

Cultivating cannabis sativa strains can be difficult for inexperienced growers because it has long flowering periods that can range from 10 to 20 weeks especially in indoor growing spaces. Sativa strains grow in tall sizes, it has large thin leaves and with very narrow leaflets.

The reason why growers have always preferred to use sativa strains is that it has stimulating and uplifting “high”. By far, the sativa strains are the most psychedelic cannabis species. The high that sativa gives is good for any kinds of activities.

The sativa strain is perfect for socialization, artist creation, writing or reading and it usually induces a happy and inspiring effect. But in some cases, some sativa strains may cause anxiety, tachycardia or paranoia in different grades. When used as medical marijuana, sativas can be used to combat depression, eating disorders and many medical conditions and obviously, they are not recommended to treat insomnia or anxiety.

Where to Buy Sativa Seeds

Now that we have given you some of the basic information that you can get from sativa seeds, it’s time to let you know where you can get sativa seeds from.

Local Marijuana  Farmers

If you live in a place where it’s constitutionally acceptable to use marijuana for both medical and recreational use, you will also find local farmers. They may not be as easy to find though, you might want to ask co-marijuana enthusiasts if they know one.

The good thing about buying from local farmers is that they can also show you the actual plant while being in the growing area, so you will know what to expect when you grow them on your own. 

Retail Stores

These ones are easier to find since they have storefronts and normally they would advertise their stores in different media platforms. You can rest assured when you buy sativa seeds from storefronts since they are regulated by the government. 

Retail stores offer different types of cannabis seeds from cheap ones to expensive seeds. But keep in mind that retail stores may not have a large volume of seeds available. They would normally supply individuals who grow cannabis in the comforts of their home which means their cannabis strains are limited.

Medical Dispensary

This is like a specialty store for medical cannabis. You will surely find cannabis sativa seeds in a medical dispensary because these strains are often prescribed to combat certain medical conditions. 

Buying from medical dispensaries are also considered safe because it’s a government’s project to be able to help people suffering from medical conditions to get their marijuana treatments faster. The probable downside of buying here is that they may require to prescription or identification that will prove that you are diagnosed with a medical condition and needs to have access to medical cannabis. 

Cannabis Festivals

Who would have thought that buying cannabis sativa seeds can be fun and exciting? It can be when you buy it from cannabis festivals. This doesn’t happen often and only in states that authorize the use of cannabis.

Nonetheless, it’s fun to go to a cannabis festival and hopefully you will be able to find your cannabis sativa seeds there. A good highlight od buying cannabis seeds in a festival is that you get to meet different growers who will gladly explain their strains for you.

There’s also a big chance that you will find rare crossbreed seeds in a cannabis festival. These seeds are like gems that are very hard to find in the market. Make sure you prepare your body and mind when you go to a cannabis festival. Keep in mind that you’re there to be able to purchase the best cannabis seeds, however, since you are in a festival it’s not impossible that you might take a few hits here and there.


Buying your cannabis seeds online is always a convenient option. It’s just a simple click on the website and you’re ready for checkout. When buying seeds online make sure that you’re transacting with a reliable online store.

It’s best to know about the shipping details and the payment methods, make sure that these two are stealth and secure. Always do your research before hitting checkout so you are guaranteed of the transaction that you’re doing.

Seed Banks

These are large companies that create their own marijuana strains. They also have a strong online presence so you won’t have a problem in finding out if they are legit or not. A good thing about going to seed banks is that you can actually see the seed and possibly the plant itself. 

And since seedbanks are large companies that cater to a larger marijuana audience, they will often have stocks ready for all cannabis strains. Normally, if they have an online store, they will update it for customers to find out if they still have a certain marijuana strain.

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