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Where is it Safe to Buy Marijuana Seeds: Online vs Local Dispensaries

where is it safe to buy marijuan

People across the globe are buying weeds from different sources, either Local Shops or Online Groups where some are from different celebrities just like Willie Nelson, a renowned American Country Singer, and famous Marijuana user. As Willie said before, “The biggest killer on the planet is stress and I still think the best medicine is and always has been Cannabis”. With these words, he crafted his first Marijuana Store, imitating those Local Dispensaries scattered across the United States.

Year after year, manufacturers produce new strains, variations and methods of Cannabis products to the global market and these steps up the game for both producers and consumers. Cannabis indeed is more tempting to buy today more than ever.

Buying Cannabis is now accessible due to legalization and public support. With its accessible status, many are craving to buy Marijuana despite the expensive price, either with Local or Online Dispensaries. You may wonder, how can people save money on buying expensive cannabis and which is more efficient – to buy online or buy in local dispensaries?

Knowing Dispensaries

Before anything else, let’s make an established and clear image of a dispensary- what is it all about, how does it move and how does it differ with the other shops?

Dispensaries are offices within a school, industrial complex, hospitals or other groups intended for dispensing medicines, medical supplies and in some cases, performing minor treatments. It is a place designated for medical purposes and needs, as well as other important safety measures that must be applied quickly, such as fire protection and other possible disaster factors.

Often confused with clinics and pharmacies, dispensaries have a unique capacity in accommodating patients than the 2 other medical facilities. A clinic is where patients undergo medical examinations and considered as a medical facility. A pharmacy is where patients can buy prescribed drugs even without a regulatory card, unlike with dispensary that works exclusively to a certain group of people, especially in the Cannabis Industry.

Marijuana Dispensaries often give limited strains, and this varies from one place to another, to give priority to the strains that popularly grow in that area. Some may have exported strains within their establishments but freshness-wise, some prefer not to do so.

The Trend of Buying Online

People are innovative and used different websites to sell marijuana goods – from local to overseas, making the sales increase dramatically over the years. With just a click away, you can immediately receive your desired cannabis without the hassle of going out from your home.

With Online Shops, your transaction in buying Marijuana is fast and easy.

Convenience is the most promising feature of all Online Sellers

Customers of different needs are not required to go away and look for Local Shops located elsewhere. Not only that, persons with special needs or disabilities can have easier transactions, not minding their physical appearances judged by people from time to time.

Your privacy is at its best when buying online

Some people experienced anxious feelings when buying Cannabis because of judgmental minds out in their communities then and now. Discreet users can practice consuming because they are not required to go out and buy from nearby local dispensaries.

Online Dispensaries have wider varieties of Cannabis commercially offered compared to Local Ones

These dispensaries have their own storage facilities or warehouses that can keep more volume of marijuana plants. On the contrary, Local stores keep only limited strains of the plants and avoid keeping their stocks for a prolonged time.

Online Dispensaries price lower than those of the Local Counterparts

With the demands increasing, these shops raise their stocks and sell them with reasonable prices (most of them do sale and package deals). Their prospects are wider and logistical cost; lower than those of Local Dispensaries. Their access is wider and deeper too, compared with the limited targets locally grown stores.

However, their prices are offered for a more affordable one because they are not taxed with the government nor accredited by its agencies to assure the public of their safety in buying their products in different times and regions.

They deliver faster than the Local Dispensaries

Lastly, delivery of Cannabis plants moves faster and better because of their newly built warehouses that most Local Stores lack until now. Their offices are within the warehouse but some shops separate their ‘receiving area’ from the real storage rooms of Cannabis plants.

Consider Buying with your Local Shops

For the longest time, Local Shops have been havens to all Marijuana users and patients seeking for relief and cure. Unlike Online shops where their credibility is at stake, local owners proved their shops’ worth to their communities.

These Local Shops have personal touches with their customers, which all Online Dispensaries lack. Owners of the Local Stores are known by Community-respected, known and befriended. They are not hiding behind online transactions nor emails and can confidently face law enforcers when the time for it arises.

In these times where everything is being tried to digitalize, the personal presence of a person is worth way more than the product he or she sells publicly. It will always be an effective way of selling because of the assurance it can give with the other people.

They are legitimately recognized, accredited, and monitored by your government

The government does not recognize all Online Shops as legal and regulated. Some are operating without any permits which can put you to danger. Local Shops are legitimate, permanent establishments and accessible during their off-hours if emergency cases or disasters happen.

Online Dispensaries, as well as their partner shops, have no regular business hours and may not accommodate you quickly, even though they promised convenience and ease of transactions. Worse if you do not know to whom you are talking, as you cannot see them face-to-face, compared with locally grown ones where you can approach staffs easily.

The taxes they pay help in building communities!

With their prices, people who buy Marijuana from Local Shops help economically by their taxed goods. Taxes give the customers assurance of legitimate goods compared to sneaky and fly-by-night shops. People who buy Marijuana with local shops are sure that their taxes go to different agencies as the state protects them even though others may judge them right away.

Apart from this thing, Local Dispensaries may inspire people to use Marijuana responsibly because the dispensaries actively join in shaping a big home for the future generations which will continue the industry with integrity, respect, and excellence.

The Final Verdict

True enough that selling of Cannabis is better online compared to Local Shops. With more strains, more choices and modes of payment – online shops easily attract the consumers’ minds. The promising fast, convenient, private and hassle-free transactions are most of the time fulfilled, if not always guaranteed.

However, the danger in buying from Online Dispensaries is more imminent compared to Local counterparts. The government recognized all Local Cannabis Shops, considered as legal and are tax mapped. Despite higher prices, Local Shops help more efficiently in their states or countries, compared with the Online ones. It is an open secret to us that there are online groups who continue working with the big syndicates.

Cannabis Shops can offer their products at reasonable prices. They both offer promos and give doses in customized volumes. 

With Online Shops, promo season means higher net traffic, making their website collapse, inaccessible and even shut down due to the volume of requests they are receiving. If this happens, they already fail in earning with their targeted sales. We have to remember that customers who experience inconvenience in buying easily transfer to another shop with the same promo being introduced to the netizens.

Local shops, however, experience build-up of customers inside their stores during promo seasons. As customers increase, the demand for strains spikes up as well and their limited supplies may run dry quickly, leaving other customers unattended and disappointed.

With Online Shops, you have to store enough data for web access. Data access means internet connection charges. If bad weather coincides with the promo season or with the time you want to buy Cannabis, chances are you will fail to access their sites while paying for the data applied with your gadget.

Meanwhile, Local Shops need you to travel from your home to their shop. The inconvenient part here is when you pay for your transportation because of the shop’s distance from your place. Include there your effort in going out despite having poor weather.

These are the factors that can make you reconsider buying on either Online or Local Shops available in your state. It all boils down to your ability to buy, the amount of energy needed to move and when will you use the buds. After all, your budget is your last concern – will you buy online at cheaper prices or with locals of more expensive yet reasonable charges?

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