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When to Add Lecithin to Cannaoil

A lot of cannabis edibles maker is often asked what is Lecithin all about and what it does in your cannabis. Most people are under the misconception that lecithin is important for making cannabis oil or any other type of oil that is derived from Cannabis.

To give you a greater understanding of what lecithin is all about, we’ll discuss Lecithin and how does it affect you and when to add lecithin to Cannaoil when you are planning to make one.

Lecithin: What is it?

Lecithin is a phospholipid. Phospholipids are a type of fat that is essential for every person’s body. They are essential in the cells of our body. Lecithin can be found in a lot of food, from soybeans, and egg yolks to name a few. Lecithin can be taken as medicine and also used in the creation of medicines.  

Lecithin is used primarily for treating disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. They can also treat gallbladder and liver diseases, and specific types of depression, anxiety, and a skin disorder called eczema

Some people even apply lecithin to their skin as they can serve as a moisturizer while still treating your skin conditions.

Lecithin is also used as a food additive. They help retain certain ingredients from splitting out. Also, lecithin makes up parts of our cell membranes.

Lecithin: What does it Do?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Lecithin is commonly used as food-additive in Cannabis making edibles. It is because lecithin stabilizes food and even works as an emulsifier that binds ingredients that don’t typically stick with each other. That is why lecithin is used in a lot of ways because it is a versatile compound.

If you don’t know how emulsifier work, for example, if you add a teaspoon of oil into your coffee, the oil stays afloat and rises at the top of the cup because these two don’t mix. However, if you put lecithin onto the cup, both of them mix well with each other creating a more pleasant drink.

Lecithin is used in the food industry to help oil-based ingredients mix well with water-based ingredients.

Lecithin: Do you need it in cooking? Why Should I add it to my Edibles?

Need? No. However, in many cases you may want or want it, it depends on the situation. But there are some applications wherein lecithin is helpful.

There are multiple reasons why lecithin is added when cooking a bunch of cannabis edibles. One of the reasons is it works great to improve the overall structure of your cannabis edibles. Before cooking or baking cannabis edibles, adding lecithin to the mixture will help bind some of the ingredients that aren’t known to bind well with each other.

Let’s take for example we’re making chocolate brownies or cakes. Lecithin helps cocoa and sugar bind well with cannabis oil. In case you don’t know, Cannaoil is made with butter and decarboxylated cannabis. Typically, they are oil. And as we all know, oil doesn’t mix well water. That’s why lecithin is used to remedy this issue when making cannabis edibles.

Additionally, the presence alone of lecithin helps retain the binding of other ingredients in the making of Cannaoil. It also helps increase the shelf life of cannabis edibles as it prevents the separation of water and fats. This may also lessen mold formation.

Perhaps, one of the primary reasons why lecithin is added to your edibles because lecithin acts as an emulsifier, and emulsifiers act to increase the influence of your cannabis edibles. This means that it can strengthen the potency of your cannabis edibles empowering its psychoactive benefits

Lecithin also helps you in numerous ways when digesting cannabis oils. It is because your body may have an easier time digesting every ingredient present in your cannabis oils, by this, THC can be digested effectively in the body. Plus, Lecithin is known as a compound know to be a surfactant, surfactants can lower surface tension. This means that Lecithin helps distribute THC and other cannabinoids all over the body.

Lecithin: When to Add Lecithin to Cannaoil

For people making cannabis oil and having some to set aside. When the cannabis oil hardens, you’d know that the oil is separating from the water. You will know as some of the liquids have lighter color at the top compared to the bottom, or vice-versa. If that moment comes, that’s when to add lecithin to Cannaoil.

Because lecithin acts as an emulsifier, it binds all the ingredients together and helps them not to separate from each other. So, if you have a cannabis oil sitting around your fridge, one good thing you will do is add lecithin, and watch how the magic works. Keeps every ingredient mixed again

Lecithin: How to Incorporate in my Cannabis Edibles?

Now that we have covered everything Lecithin does, and how it interacts with your edibles. It’s time to get onto the exciting part, which is baking! Baking and adding lecithin to your favorite recipe is pretty straightforward and easy to do.

When you are trying to use lecithin as a dough conditioner, 1 teaspoon of lecithin should be added for every cup of flour added onto the mixture. After that, for the lecithin to be dissolved, mix the lecithin in the liquid ingredients.

There is no proper baking experimentation needed, just follow the basic steps on what you are trying to bake. Lecithin will just do its wonders after the baking process is done. When your baked goods are done, it’s about time to give them a taste test.

If the texture isn’t quite as good as you would like, add some lecithin to your next baked products the next time you make it.


Lecithin is a fat that has proven to be of good use to cannabis users. It has a lot of benefits to show for when used. This is particularly true for people storing large batches of Cannaoil, when storing Cannaoil you can’t help but be bothered because they form into solid form, and you can see other ingredients repelling each other as evident by their uneven appearance. When that moment arrives, that’s the time when to add lecithin to Cannaoil!

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