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What You Need to Know About Sativa Oil Capsules

what you need to know about sativa oil capsules

Whenever we are ill, we tend to seek for the most effective medicines that can heal what we feel in the shortest period. Our lives grow busier year after year, to the point that we can’t afford to be sick anymore. It seems that our lives should work 24/7 and must not be hindered by any reasons on any occasions. With this, we turn ourselves with the abilities of Cannabis Sativa Plants and how their oil capsules can help us recover from any of our sicknesses.

Have some several moments to learn more about Sativa Oil Capsules.

Knowing Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa is the primary source of the terpene Tetrahydrocannabinol in the world of the Marijuana Industry. THC gives a colorful, active and optimistic effect on its users, inhibiting them to rest and keep on moving all throughout the day.

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the chemical that produces exploding effects which can ignite a person’s mind with happiness, positive thoughts, and encouragement to continue working and living, especially those who experience deep emotional struggles.

The same process of reaction from CBD applies with THC. The only difference here is that CBD encourages the hormones to sleep, while the THC encourages the receptors and hormones to go active and keep on moving.

Due to its high THC Content, Sativa strains can uplift the spirits of its users, making them happy, energetic, relaxed yet euphoric. Remember that THC-rich plants are suitable for people who want to go active and make other people happy. Also, this is suitable for people who work actively at day and required to keep up the user’s general working quality as the sun shines.

Patients with Emotional and Mental Illnesses are the main targeted audience of this train growers, together with the other patients who suffer from different minor and pressing health concerns. Because THC is an active chemical, it is more enjoyed by people who want to have friends yet they struggle with their emotional problems, especially the depressed.

The Medical Field raised their regulations with this chemical as THC can kill a person. Substance abuse may lead to a heart attack and possibly kill the person right after its overdosage. Because of this possible situation to be done with the unregulated and recreational users, many government agencies suppress the public selling of seeds with relatively high THC content.

Properties of Oil Capsules

Our forefathers have devised the art of pilling to make sure that the powerful Sativa’s THC supply will still exist in different regions of the world. However, we have to mature and consider living a legal life, instead of playing hide and seek with different law enforcers that may kill you in the long run.

Most of the time, the formula being encapsulated for faster and more convenient Marijuana consumption is through THC Oil. You might be encountering pills that are powdered and needs you to drink more to dissolve the elements inside the pills and be absorbed by your body. The successful innovation of making compact pills and capsules for THC users have spread like a wildfire during the 60s to 70s, making the drug syndicates, cartels or legitimate government laboratories benefit from these advances happening right before their eyes.

  1. There is no International Standard Medical Dosage for the Capsules

Up to this date, there is still no clear global regulations on how much dosages does a single Medical Marijuana User must use in the entire process of its medications. There are instances that one must use relatively high dosages to suppress its chronic illness such as Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, and other related sicknesses.

However, in Canada, a team of Doctors has constructed a Medical Formula that can aid the other physicians abroad in prescribing these oil capsules.

1g Dried Cannabis = 125mg THC; 1ml oil = 25mg THC

For instance, your doctor has prescribed you to have six grams of dried cannabis for the entire medication, you must buy 30 Oil Capsules

6g Dried Cannabis = 750mg THC

750mg THC = 30 ml oil

Take note that the ratio of THC and CBD is not included in this computation yet as this may differ on a case-to-case basis. It simply deals with the THC and CBD levels in each dosage that you must take for your medication process.

  1. It must be consumed after eating

The adverse effects of Sativa Oil Capsules may differ on the user, and consuming the Oil Capsules with an empty stomach may upset you in the long run. Because of its concentrated and pure composition, most of the Cannabis doctors advise their patients to take a light meal first before taking their capsules or pills.

This also applies to those who are well-experienced in taking Sativa Strains but only through smoking and does not take any capsules at all.

  1. Oil Capsules may have after taste

Due to what it has, Sativa Oil Capsules may have these pleasant after tastes, depending on the strain that they have extracted for the precious oil. Sometimes, the after taste might be flowery, fruity, or woody and earthy in nature.

Even if the other users hate to experience the after tastes, it still not advisable to mix its contents with other delightful foods as our digestive system. There are reports that users mix their Oil Capsules or any other oil extracts with honey, sugar, peanut butter, milk, coffee, or even wine to enhance its taste.

Doing this wrong move will hinder your stomach and intestines in delaying to absorb the oil itself, taking you a long time to experience the treatment, instead of suppressing it in an earlier pace.

  1. Prepare for the effects

Whenever they take the pills or capsules, its users may experience a long delay on the effects of Sativa Oil. This is a good chance for them to get prepared, settle down and relax as they are being treated internally by these capsules.

The side effects of these capsules are quite strong, given the fact that its extracts came from Sativa Strains. Because of this, all users must be prepared to experience dizziness, mood swings, nausea, thirst and sudden drop of blood sugar levels that may weaken the person.

In case of these events, they can simply drink some tea to relax their body and sedate the antagonizing side effects that can affect all of the user’s activity within that day.

Wrapping these up!

We all seek for relaxation, peacefulness, tranquility, and organized lives, and to achieve it, we have to follow the simple rules for us to exist- do what is good, what is right, and what is just. The same applies to your THC pills, the moment you took them from the first day onwards.

There will be some frictional moments in the long run, but as long as you follow the instructions in what THC Pills or Capsules will you use, nothing will be and should be harmed. Avoid deciding on your own, in terms of the dosage and pressure you to experience that glorious ‘high’ that the other users enjoy. Instead, wait for your own pace and patiently wait for the improvements that it may bring.

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