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What You Need to Know About Feminized Hemp Pollen and Seeds 

You must have heard about hemp and its many uses. Industrial hemp is a plant grown in the Northern Hemisphere and is one of the strains of cannabis. Hemp is grown specifically for its industrial uses, most especially its use in making textiles and other usable fibers. At present, the many benefits of hemp are being studied therefore, aside from deciding to buy feminized seeds the UK, people are also thinking of purchasing hemp, specifically feminized hemp pollen and seeds.

What is hemp?

There are two kinds of cannabis plants; one is marijuana and the other is hemp. Marijuana is a type of cannabis plant used for its recreational effects and also for its therapeutic effects. The most prominent part of a marijuana plant is its blossoms/flower because this is where the cannabinoid compounds concentrate.

Hemp, on the other hand, is more of an industrial product. It is said that hemp may have been the oldest usable and cultivated plant in the world used for textile and building material. The most usable part of hemp plants is its seeds and stems and leaves.

The seeds may be used to grow more hemp plants or may also be used to make oil and other by-products.

What is feminized hemp?

Feminized hemp is a plant from feminized hemp seed. These seeds will grow all-female hemp plants. You don’t need to grow seeds anymore because you can plant these to grow female hemp plants any time of the year.

Feminized hemp seeds are now used by farmers to grow hemp plants which will grow flowers. Farmers are now looking into the possibility of growing hemp for its CBD, the therapeutic compound of cannabis.

Why people are buying feminized hemp pollen and seeds

Feminized pollen is now more popular than ever with marijuana growers who want to cultivate hemp from feminized seeds.  Farmers who would like to grow CBD-rich buds now have a better option to enhance their productivity: growing feminized pollen and supplying these to farmers growing hemp plants.

The feminized pollen is used to grow hemp from seed that will grow all female plants around 98 percent. The main reason why farmers prefer feminized seeds is that they want every inch of their growing area to grow female plants. They want to use the flower instead of just using seeds, stalks, and leaves.

Feminized seeds more popular than regular hemp seeds

Feminized hemp seeds are now more popular than photoperiod seeds. A large number of growers and breeders are now supplying feminized seeds of different popular cannabis strains. To make feminized seeds, farmers use a special solution applied to known female parts.

The most common chemical solutions used to stimulate female hormones in plants are colloidal silver and gibberellic acid with the first one being the most popular.  Chemicals are sprayed to the plant causing a hormonal response to the plant to develop male plant parts.

The plant does not have any male chromosome or have male pollen. It will simply have male parts with female pollen. When this pollen is used to make seeds, all the seeds that will be produced by plants will be female seeds.

Hemp vs marijuana

According to experts, there is very little difference between hemp and marijuana. The only remarkable thing is that the strains of hemp are used for their CBD while marijuana plants are prized for their THC. And because of these properties, the techniques for growing marijuana may also be applied to growing hemp plants.

Marijuana and hemp may be grown indoors or outdoors. These may have the same soil, nutritional, water, light and supplement requirements. Both hemp and marijuana have growing and flowering stages as well and this time, hemp is also used for its blossoms and not just for its seeds and plant parts.

Feminized pollen is now being produced in a controlled environment which is similar to a greenhouse. The female plants are then sprayed with the feminizing compound every few days after the flowering cycle has started. Right after the males appear and start to release pollen, these plants are then processed and dried. The pollen is collected using a  tool that has a filtering process.

Using pollen to make feminized seeds is a brand new and efficient way to grow hemp plants. Although growing hemp plants from seeds have been used by hemp farmers since time immemorial, it’s now time to enhance their growing practices.

By giving farmers feminized pollen, they may use this to fertilize plants of another hemp strain chosen because of climate and region compatibility. The result, new and better hemp strains which may produce better or more substantial yields.

Experts say that at the moment, people are paying for feminized seeds for a dollar a seed. If hemp farmers concentrate on growing feminized seeds and pollen, they may find this as a lucrative market. Aside from growing hemp products, they may grow seeds as well.

Buy feminized seeds UK

So where can you find feminized hemp pollen and seeds? Can you purchase these online or will these be available from local seed banks? Good news to cannabis cultivators because hemp seeds and pollen are now available from online shops and also from local dispensaries and seed banks.

In the UK, you can buy feminized seeds from UK shops however these are used purely as souvenirs. You are not allowed to buy cannabis seeds as well as cannabis products and grow cannabis in the UK. Compared to other countries like Canada and other states in the US, these seeds may be purchased and grown.

This is also true for countries that prohibit the growing and consumption of cannabis. They may allow selling and buying hemp seeds but not for growing. Some countries may allow growing of hemp plants because of their low or absent THC levels and may ban the cultivation of marijuana.

If you plan to grow hemp using pollen and seeds, take time to get to know the growing rules in your area. It’s better to understand these rules beforehand.

Growing hemp from seeds information

Growing hemp and marijuana is basically the same. As there is a large number of marijuana strains you can choose from, there are also many hemp strains you can select from as well. You must select the type of strain that will grow well according to your kind of climate and growing environment.

Choose whether you want to grow indoors or outdoors. As you are growing from seeds, you need to germinate your seeds first. Afterward, you must grow your seedlings to a young plant until finally,  you are ready to flower.

Depending on the hemp strain you are growing, you can cultivate your plants indoors or outdoors. Outdoors, your plants will have a large area to branch out and grow taller and wider. However, there are many disadvantages to growing outdoors. The weather can instantly change when you are outdoors and too much rain or too much sun can instantly kill your plants. Outdoor growing makes your plants more susceptible to mold, insects and other pests but on the other hand, you’ll get free lighting, water from rain and nutrients from the soil. Outdoor growing is the most natural way to cultivate hemp.

When you choose indoor growing, you may grow using a hydroponic setting or grow your plants in soil.  The most common is growing in soil, in pots with soil appropriate for cultivating cannabis. The best soil has to be a sandy-clayey soil which has a better water and nutrients absorption capabilities and at the same time drainage capabilities.

This type of soil also has better aeration properties considering that plant roots also need oxygen to grow as well.

Consider the size of your growing space indoors. It should be appropriate for the number of plants that you want to cultivate.  Consider the mature height of the plant that you also wish to grow. Ideally, you need a growing area that is taller and wider so you can grow more plants indoors. Use the ideal lighting system and for this, we recommend using LED lamps because these are the most efficient, will last for a long time and will burn brighter without increasing the temperature inside your growing area.

When it comes to nutrition, this is regardless of where you want to grow your hemp plants. During the growing or vegetative stage, hemp and marijuana plants require nitrogen to grow healthy leaves, stems, and roots. Nitrogen prepares your plants for a bountiful yield ahead.

And by the time your plants are in the flowering stage, the nutritional needs of your plants dramatically change. These don’t need nitrogen anymore and in fact, will now need phosphorous and potassium. Because your plants are not growing anymore, these won’t need nitrogen. Phosphorous and potassium are needed for larger and denser buds and for a better yield.

Have you ever tried growing hemp or marijuana before? With these important facts about feminized hemp pollen and seeds, you’ll surely find growing hemp easier and more productive.  </span

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