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What Weeds Means to the World?

what weeds means to the world

Now that cannabis consumption has been growing by the day, people all around the world want to know the different weed strains available.  With the help of some states that have allowed the medical and recreational use of cannabis, cannabis consumption has grabbed the attention of the whole world with people waiting for the same law to take effect in their regions.

Although cannabis consumption is largely known for the medical and recreational benefits it has, there’s also an underlying impact that it gives to the world’s economy. The cannabis industry is a billion-dollar industry that supports different types of job positions and various types of businessmen.

What are the Impacts of Weed Strains on the World?

The different weed strains available comprises the whole cannabis industry that is available in the entire world. Although cannabis consumption has long held a stigma, it’s no secret that it’s also helping the world in a way or two. Here are the different impacts cannabis has on the world.

Medical Cannabis

We could probably write hundreds of book chapters that contain the amount of information we have about cannabis being used as a medication.

Several types of research have mentioned that cannabis use has implications in the treatment of cancer and chemotherapy, chronic pain, epilepsy, Parkinson’s and other illnesses that people use medication for.

It can be noted that cannabis has never caused death from use, not like using opioid-based medicines that can cause thousands of deaths each year. The good news id that more medical personnel have been continuously doing their research to make sure cannabis still has a great impact in the field of medicine.

Some studies have also shown that cannabinoids actively kills cancer cells. THC which is the primary compound in cannabis interacts with the cancer cell at the CB1 cannabinoid receptor. Once the interaction happens, the cell will release a compound called Ceramide which will break down the mitochondria of the cell that will cause it to shut down.

Resurgence of Hemp = Renewable Resources

Along with the cannabis legislation, marijuana enthusiasts also see the resurgence of hemp. This is a strain of the cannabis sativa that is grown specifically for the industrial uses.

The hemp is mostly cultivated for strong fiber and is one of the first crops grown during the agricultural revolution. Hemp production mostly disappeared after marijuana prohibition but since some states have legalized marijuana cultivation, hemp production is also resurging.

The good thing about hemp production is that hemp is a renewable resource that costs less to grow than trees that can be replaced in a few months. It doesn’t destroy the ecosystem in the process.

We are also on the age wherein we’re looking for greener solutions to our industrial needs and cannabis hemp production has proven that its one of the top solutions to the environmental issues we face.

Gets Rid of The Cannabis Black Market

The legalization of cannabis consumption has made the prices go down because of the supply and demand principles. Cannabis companies are hiring master growers with advanced degrees in horticulture to run their facilities. The legalization and regulation, the black market will no longer be able to thrive.

Good Effects in the Economy

Since Cannabis has the highest value as a cash crop in the entire world it has attracted the attention of investors eager to cash in. Along with the growing investments comes the different jobs. The large consumer base it has on the world makes an investment in the cannabis industry a sure guarantee.

Within the cities and states that have permitted cannabis use have seen a significant drop in unemployment. The cannabis industry has also created many new other industries that cater to the main industry.

The new and lawful cannabis industry is also making sure that the money is going to entrepreneurs and business owners who in turn spend that money to their employees, technology, and expansion. A huge chunk of them would-be illegal money is now being turned as a legitimate taxable earning that helps grow the economy.

Another benefit that the cannabis legalization has made is the reduction of the prices of prescription drugs. More people are turning to cannabis that’s why the pill industry is dropping their prices.

Increased Tax Revenue

Now that the economy is booming the natural partner of this is the increased tax revenue. There are places that tax cannabis sales as high as 40%. Now that the legal cannabis has driven the prices down, it went so low that even with a 40% tax, the legal cannabis is still way cheaper than the black market.

A huge percentage of the new money coming in is spent on education, drug awareness, and prevention programs and some medical benefits for the children.

Reduction of Violent Crimes

In the areas where cannabis is considered lawful, a dramatic decrease in the crime rate has been seen. They have also seen a decrease in the reported cases of theft, DUI and violent crime by as much as 15%

There are indications that areas, where cannabis use is allowed, enjoy a higher quality of life with lower violence and crime rates. 

New Genetics with Endless Possibilities

 People from the medical fields and those growing cannabis in their spaces have been drawn to research on the medical potentials of breeding new strains with specific properties. The research is mainly done to see if the cannabis strain can treat a specific ailment.

The properties that cannabis give off have always been self-evident however with the new strains coming in, new discoveries also come in. Scientists and cannabis breeders have been constantly crossing different varieties of cannabis to find the next big thing in weed that can be used for recreational and medical use.

The strain Charlotte’s Web is a product of an effective crossbreeding and the medical field benefits more from this since it has the highest CBD concentration known to be the most effective in fighting seizures. Medical breakthroughs are growing every day and breeding has pushed the boundaries of medicine.

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