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What to Expect From Buying Cheap Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

what to expect from buying cheap autoflowering cannabis seeds

We all want a good deal in buying anything. We all want the best bang for our buck by looking for the best thing that we could buy for the least amount of money. This is the same with how we buy cheap autoflowering cannabis seeds and any other marijuana seeds or products for that matter.

But this matter is never easy, often, the saying, ‘You get what you pay for’ is true. So, to protect us from fraud or getting ripped, here are the things you should expect when buying cheap autoflowering cannabis seeds online or offline and how you could protect yourself from these.


There are thousands of ways that cheap seeds sold online, black market or even some physical stores are ripping you off. If you find yourself being offered seed prices that are too good to be true, the seller may be wanting something back from you in return and you’d probably find yourself at the end of a bad deal.

Buying cheap seeds online is perhaps the riskiest. Shopping for marijuana seeds in the deep web or black market social media pages are going to rip you off almost for sure. You may pay for seeds that will not be sent to you or they will be sending you bad or wrong seeds or something that resembles a seed in a package.

But buying from non-licensed sellers who are also known as pushers who lurk the backstreets could even end you in getting ripped off if not into total trouble by being criminally liable if you are in an area where marijuana is illegal. 


Phishing is having your personal details stolen as you try to log in to that website that will give you big discounts in exchange for signing up. They may even get your personal details by having sign forms for membership or discount purposes. Personal details such as bank accounts, credit card numbers and others are being used by cybercriminals for identity theft now and then.  They may unwittingly make you give up your email password and other important details.


We have talked about getting ripped off and this is one of those ways that you are surely going to be ripped off with. You may be sent the exact same seed of the same strain but you will be sent bad ones such as old ones that do not easily germinate or seeds that are so bad that they will not germinate at all.


Seeds are biological matters and are highly probable to have infectious matters attach to them or even bugs and pests. Opening a package or a box containing these will be like opening a box of disease if not foul odor or nasty pests. For the most part, this may constitute mere disturbance but it could be worse.


Some countries and states consider marijuana cultivation, use, possession, selling, buying, and shipping as criminal offenses. And all these include seeds. Some countries have very strict laws about drugs that some even have death penalties for it. Do not be fooled by dubious sellers who promise to ship you drugs even if they are illegal in your area – usually for dirt-cheap prices.

Shipping marijuana plants, seeds or any by-product are all illegal in most countries and states so do not be fooled by a cheap marijuana seed seller who may not even know local laws concerning marijuana.  Reputable marijuana seed sellers know the industry of marijuana seeds so they know whether marijuana is legal in their shipping destinations or not. Some people are trying to find a way of receiving marijuana via discrete shipping but the law is always ahead of these. They know what is being shipped to you by different means especially when drugs and terrorism in the form of biological weapons are also being couriered by mail too.


Well, you may not end up well each time you try to buy cheap seeds from other than reputable sellers. Reputable sellers may still sell you cheap seeds despite having to pay all those legal fees such as rent and taxes by having a bigger supply that they could hardly keep in a warehouse properly for example. All these surplus seeds are being sold by reputable sellers as a matter of goodwill and keeping quality standards high all across their products.

Some reputable sellers may even give you seeds for free, just pay for shipping. Usually, these free seeds are trial seeds for you to try and grow whether you would like it or not. These goodwill seeds also benefit the sellers by receiving feedbacks from different growers about different types and varieties of marijuana on how they grow or how their buds taste like when smoked or consumed.

So what to expect from buying cheap autoflowering cannabis seeds? Trouble usually. But if you but from a reputable seller, you may find yourself at the end of the deal that is more than what you’ve wished for. Buy cheap autoflowering cannabis seeds only from reputable sources.

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