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What to do With Weed Stems

When you smoke cannabis, you often pay more attention to the buds and leaves. After each session, you end up collecting those leftover weed stems and simply dispose of them without ever wondering if they can still be usable. 

Well, you’re paying hundreds of dollars not just for the buds but for the whole thing. Meaning, you bought even the stems. So, it’s worth checking out what to do with weed stems. The rubbish bin is not always the best place for them. 

Know what to do with Weed Stems

Start collecting the leftover stems the next time you smoke and save them. You might not be aware of this, but you can do so many things with the weed stems. You won’t get the best value for your money if you just disregard the stems. Here are some ideas that will make you realize that even the stems matter:

Making Hemp Wicks

Do you have the butane fumes created when smoking cannabis through a pipe or bong? Get rid of it with hemp wicks. In making hemp wicks, you have to strip those long stems with a sharp, pointed blade. Strip them until you get more lengthy and stringy fibers. Grab some fibers and twist them tightly, forming a rope. Fold the twine and twist it once again. After twisting, dip the rope in beeswax, wipe off the excess, and let it dry. You can use it now. 

Make Stem Pens

This one is a good idea for those who grow cannabis plants. If you harvested the crops and got leftover stems, why not use them in making stem pens? In making a stem pen, you need some fatty stems, drill press, a pen kit, and sandpaper. You can buy a regular pen kit on the web or in a local craft shop in your area. For sure, your buddies who also smoke cannabis will be inspired to make their stem pens once you try to make one for yourself. 

Hot Cocoa or Brew Tea

Tea is a famous option if you’re running out of time in using those leftover stems of your favorite strain. You can make a cup with water for taste or high-fat liquid, such as coconut oil or a combination of those two liquids to absorb all the available cannabinoids. This way, you can still get high even if with the weed stems.

If you choose to make a stem tea, you may decarboxylate the stalks, grind, and wrap them in either a DIY tea bag or coffee filter. Simmer them in a low heat mode for at least 7 minutes. Blend the simmered liquid with hot cocoa or tea.

Make Topicals

You can also use the stems in making a topical solution. Cannabis topicals have become more common and popular mainly due to their extraordinary healing potential. You’ll need just a few stalks and other basic supplies. Hence, you can make some in the comfort of your home. Use the basic cannabis topical recipe and add your preferred skin-friendly essential oils and vitamins. Eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint are great in relieving all types of pains, too. 

Weave Baskets

You can also use the stems of cannabis in making a basket. To prevent the fibers from breaking while weaving, soak long stalks in water and leave them there throughout the night. The next day, tie some stalks together in the middle with a hemp rope. Use the other stalks in weaving between the base stalks. 

Keep going until you reached your desired diameter. Add more stalks for “staking up” the basket or from the sides. You may search for tutorials on the web that can help you understand the entire process. 

Bubble Hash

The bubble hash is the solvent-less hash crafted by collecting the resin from the cannabis plants. You can do it by rinsing them with cold water. It should have some cubes of ice. In rinsing the plant material, you have to filter out the resin through those special bags. With this, you end up with a pure and pungent hash that you can consume as edibles. You can also smoke or vaporize it. 

You can also make a bubble hash with the buds. If you often smoke marijuana for medicinal purposes, collecting the leftover stems to make bubble hash is a good idea. Instead of just throwing them in the compost pit, why not consider making something like a bubble hash?

Make Hemp Paper

You can also use the leftover stalks of cannabis in making paper. This is called hemp paper that you can use in making DIY gift tags or holiday cards. In making hemp paper, you need to soak the ground marijuana stems and scrapped paper in water, leaving them on it overnight. Put them together in the blender to mix them completely. Feel free to add water when necessary. 

Then, you should pour the paste evenly on a “deckle” or screen. You can make a deckle by stretching two nylon stockings on the wooden frame. Let it dry for some time. Leave it on for a maximum of 24 hours, although the time frame will always depend on how thick the paper is and the humidity inside the room. For better results, take the DIY hemp paper from your deckle before it dries completely. 

Make Kabobs Skewers

Cannabis stems can also be turned into delicious kabobs. In using them, you have to sharpen the tips of some long stalks and keep them soaked in the water through the night. When ready, use the marijuana skewers in making kabobs with your favorite vegetables and meats. Grill them properly for the best results. 


As you can see, cannabis stems can still be of great value even after you consumed all the leaves and buds of your favorite strain. With creativity as you try any of those ideas provided above on what to do with weed stems, you’re sure to realize that you should not discard the stems the next time you smoke or harvest. Cannabis is quite expensive, and using the entirety of it will be the best way to get the best value for your money.

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