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What To Do With Pollinated Female Autoflowering Cannabis Plants

Redemption of Female Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Several circumstances can affect the growth of the cannabis plant. Pollination of your female cannabis plants will shape them produce seeds and consume less strength on providing quality flowers. But when you realize the symptoms of pollination ahead, you can refrain inserting time and supplies into a lower yield. This is sometimes the reason why some growers prefer to buy female autoflowering cannabis seeds.

Having male and female cannabis plants collectively in one developing place, possibilities are pollination will clearly happen. Male marijuana plants transfer pollen. And when these pollens are transported over to the female plants, it will lock on to the stigma and pollination then follows. When this occurs, seeds are generated which can be established for the succeeding producing period.

Pollination is when pollen grains from the male plants are transported to a female part in the flower, based on For pollination to be prosperous, the pollen grains carried need to be from a flower of the related classes.

There is a valid deduction why most producers put male plants distant from their females: Pollination induces the females to produce seeds. As a consequence, females direct their potential on seed generation, rather than on developing you some choice class flower.

How to tell if Female is Pollinated?

One of the earliest signs you’ll see is the bracts become larger. Some people mistakenly attribute to bracts as calyxes. Bracts, as defined by, are usually tiny, leaf-like formation frequently located underneath the flower. These are the sections from which the flowering shoots develop.

To identify if the bracts have swollen, take a pair of tweezers. Grab one bract, and split it up, and notice if there is a young seed cultivating inside. When no seed grows, and the calyx size remains equal, it’s innocent to believe that no pollination happened. But if so, you’ve got a pollinated plant.

Another implication of pollination can be the shade of the pistil. The white hair-like stigmas will soon shrink and turn darker quickly after the female plant has been pollinated.

What to Do?

Pollination of the female cannabis plant is for the bodies who desire to develop marijuana plants for breeding objectives. This implies that if you need to merely stock for the next developing period or to provide seeds to trade, you should choose to pollinate the female plants.

If the goal of your developing efforts is to provide excellent variety and the smokable plant, you should prevent pollination at every expense.

Eliminate any pollinated or male plants from the plant lot earlier than next.

Some male plants are destroyed off upon detection to block a seed-filled yield

Spring a new plant

How to Avoid Pollination

As a producer, it’s essential to observe for symptoms of male plants ahead on.

Male plants will produce tiny pouches of pollen as it won’t show fibers at these joints. These pollen pouches will resemble like small knots. Depending on how distant into the pre-flowering phase the plant is, these knots can develop on their own or in clumps. At some succeeding cycle of maturity, the pollen pouches will break apart, scattering the pollen and inevitably breeding the female plants.

The primary thing you require to take to prevent the chance of pollination to exclude as many males or intersex as possible. To discover the genitals of the cannabis plants, you will need to expect until the pre-flowering phase, particularly throughout the first three weeks, when sprouts start to place their force into breeding. It’s essential to monitor for potential male species in the garden regularly.

You could take relieved of most of the males and transport some of them collectively with several other female cannabis plants in a separate place, once you’ve distinguished the males from the females. You will suddenly have an accumulation of merely female plants to store weed from and added a group that would provide a robust variety of seeds for the following growing period.

Female autoflowering cannabis seeds are now accessible in a wide variety of strains, as a consequence of variation in the current cannabis business. Unlike with standard seeds, you won’t require to even bother about recognizing or classifying males during the growth.  All seeds will develop into plants with smokable flower, As long as the feminized seeds are produced from a reliable retailer. With this information, it is up to you to choose what variety of seeds will satisfy your organic parameters and individual intentions as a grower.


Certainly, no one fancies vaporizing seedy weed. When you produce cannabis and study how to distinguish male plants and symptoms of pollination, you can separate these plants to protect your surviving females. Furthermore, identifying a pollinated female ahead enables you to rise again before it’s too late, rather than completing a plant that will merely succeed in a poor-quality outcome.

But with experience, you’ll be competent to address these ideas with conviction and correctness!

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