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What to Do With Male Weed Plant: Cultivation Basics

What to Do With a Male Weed Plant 1

Growers today will always look forward to developing female cannabis plants more than anything else. This is because, it is what people will use for smoking and consumption. Female cannabis plants take up the bulk of demand in the markets today. In fact, technology have paved the way for feminized and autoflowering seeds.  It is to guarantee the development of female plants only! While females continue to be used extensively throughout the cannabis scenes, where does this leave the male weed plant? What is it be use for?

Everyone knows that a male weed plant is mainly for breeding and developing new seeds. But aside from that, males can actually prove to be quite useful in a number of different ways! Let’s take a look at the other purposes that a male weed plant has. In addition, what are the different things that it has to offer for cannabis growers around the world.

What is the Difference Between a Female and Male Weed Plant?

Most flowering plants in the study of agriculture are characterize as being monoecious plants in nature. This means that they contain both a male and female’s reproductive organs in one single entity. However, cannabis plants differ in the sense that they are dioecious in nature. Like us human beings, there is a separate male weed plant just as there is a separate female weed plant.

While it is hard to differentiate male from female plants during their early stages of development, growers will usually do so by observing the growing reproductive organs in the node during the pre-flowering stage. Males will usually grow round pollen sacs that will look like tiny bulbs. Females, on the other hand, tend to grow some hair-like structures known as pistils, which are the reproductive organs of these plants.

What is a female weed plant mainly used for?

For those of you who don’t know, the female cannabis plants are the ones that contain high levels of THC. This means that for the most part, they are the “consumable” type of cannabis. Female cannabis plants are also the ones that will generally produce trichome-filled marijuana buds with no seeds called sinsemilla.

This is why it is so important for growers to make sure that they are getting mostly females in their garden. The presence of feminize and autoflowering marijuana seeds ensures that a grower’s garden will be full of only female plants that are great for smoking. However, while it is possible for cloning, female plants cannot really be for breeding to produce new seeds alone.

What is a male weed plant mainly used for?

Male plants, on the other hand, do not produce any THC-yielding buds. While they do flower and have all the other parts of cannabis, there is a very low THC content in them. As such, male plants do not generally lean towards the smoking part of weed. 

Instead, they will eventually start pollinating and releasing the contents of their pollen sacs onto your marijuana gardens. Like other dioecious plants, this is the natural way for cannabis plants to reproduce and breed with one another. This leads to a male weed plant being used primarily for breeding and propagation.

Why You Should Separate Males from Females:

Now that we know how the different genders and sexes of cannabis plants behave, it is time to answer one extremely important question: why should we keep a male weed plant away from a garden full of females? For growers who use regular marijuana seeds, it is a very common (almost essential, even) process for growers. You see, male plants will always start pollinating during a particular stage in their lives. However, not everyone likes this!

Once these pollen grains come into contact with a female plant’s pistils, they will start the process of pollination. As natural as it sounds, things start to get really annoying when female plants start producing seeds instead of buds! As such, the female plants will lose their ability to develop smokable weed buds and flowers while growers are ultimately left with just seed-producing plants.

Cannabis is famous particularly for being smoked and consumed. If even just one male weed plant releases its pollen content onto a garden full of females, then it is likely that the whole garden becomes contaminated. As such, many people much prefer the use of feminized and autoflowering seeds to avoid any hassle of separating males from females.

Can You Smoke a Male Weed Plant?

One question that is always asked is: can you smoke a male weed plant? The short and simple answer is, yes. As we have said above, a male weed plant will also be able to sprout cannabis buds and flowers. Additionally, they will contain some very minimal doses of THC, which means that they can possibly prove to be psychoactive. 

However, it will take a lot more of a male weed plant’s buds to give you your desired high. And don’t even think about trying to smoke the pollen sacs and grains of the male weed plant! While studies show that the pollen of a male weed plant actually contains very small doses of THC, it would be unwise to try and smoke them! Leave the smoking to the buds, alright? 

So if you wish to use cannabis mainly for consumption, then your best bet would be to grow and care for female plants instead.    

The Different Uses of Male Cannabis

After everything that we have talked about, it is hard to see what purposes the male weed plant actually gives! If you are not a breeder, then what is the use of males in your garden? Well, it shouldn’t be surprising to know that the majority of growers actually discard and throw away their male plants. However, they aren’t exactly as useless as one might think! 

Listed below are some of the most common and resourceful ways of putting your male plants to good use! Check them out:

Good Genetics

Yes, many of you might not be seed breeders anyway. But in the chances that you are, you might want to hold off throwing away your male plants first! Male cannabis plants are, bar none, holders of the strongest and most solid DNA structures in a cannabis plant. You will undoubtedly need good genetics if you wish to try your hand on breeding new and different hybrids from time to time.

You also won’t have to worry about them contaminating your whole gardens! Plucking them out during their pre-flowering stages and simply transferring them to another area is something that most seed breeders do. 

From there, you can place a female plant right next to it in order to start the pollination and breeding process. Try experimenting on different strains as much as you like but make sure that you have a good father for them to do so!

Preserving a strain:

Have you ever fallen in love with a strain so much that you would regularly keep some batches of it in your gardens? Instead of having to purchase weed seeds every now and then from local shops and online marijuana seed banks, you can simply keep a male plant of that variety!

Again, the same concept applies in the sense that it must be kept away from most of your gardens. This is a great way to ensure that you preserve and keep one type of strain for whenever you wish to plant more of its seeds. Talk about saving up a few bucks, huh? 

Strong and Abundant Hemp Fibres

For thousands of years, the fibres and tendrils in cannabis (most especially hemp) is use for a number of industrial purposes. Because of its strong foundation, these fibres are often use for weaving ropes, bags, clothes, carpets, and other types of things. Additionally, cannabis fibres and tendrils are also strong enough to be mix in cement mixture for building blocks

Aside from hemp, these fibres can easily be harvested from other cannabis plants including males. As such, people who are into the hemp industry can also make use of a male weed plant’s structure for additional materials such as this. 

Male Plants Also Have Different Plant Parts!

There is actually more to cannabis than just their buds and flowers. Many other parts of the cannabis plant can be utilize for a number of reasons! Much like the stems that give its fibres and tendrils, the leaves of the male cannabis plant can also be used for different reasons. 

Its fan leaves are great for making teas and other beverages by breaking them up and grinding them. You can even make a nice juice out of them which will contain loads of nutrients and other lifestyle-improving benefits. Boiling them in water can also release some great flavors that can improve the functions of your different body systems!

The same goes for a male plant’s roots. Without being anywhere near as mind-altering as female buds, you can still get a lot of a cannabis plant’s advantages from these plant parts!

Medicine Concentrates and Extracts

As we have said before, a male weed plant won’t contain nearly as much THC as female plants. While they do have THC levels, it will surely come in very small amounts and doses. But aside from THC, male cannabis plants will still have high amounts of CBD, CBN, and other cannabinoids. Male plants, as a result, will still have a lot of medical benefits to offer growers and users.

Extracting these cannabinoids and inputting them into various forms like pills, topicals, tinctures, lotions, and even edibles works just the same for a male weed plant as it does with a female. One common way of using a male plant’s medical properties is through the use of cannabis extracts and concentrates. By applying them onto your skin, orally ingesting them, or even smoking these through dab rigs is still possible for males.

But wait, what about terpenes? Yes, male plants do in fact contain different terpene profiles that also gives them unique smells and properties. Extracting and converting terpenes into oils for leisure purposes is acceptable. Terpene products are also great for repelling pests and insects from your gardens. As such, the presence of male plants in your garden offers some protective features as well. 

Seeds, Fertilizers, and Amendments

The seeds of cannabis, which you can only get from male plants, has somewhat become a trend for health experts and lifestyle enthusiasts. It is quite common for people today to actually eat marijuana seeds. They are very abundant in amino acids and fatty proteins/vitamins that can help you function better in your daily activities. Like chia seeds, they make for a great snack!

Cannabis seeds do not contain any psychotropic properties which means that you won’t get high from eating them. Instead, they will actually have a very earthy and nutty taste similar to sunflower seeds! 

Male plants also make for great amendments and fertilizers. The high concentrations of nitrogen and carbon are very useful additions to introduce to your potting mix. Male cannabis plants can be converted into mulch and added to any soil solutions that you plan on using for any future cultivations. 


Male cannabis plants aren’t as useless as many, many people make them out to be. In fact, with the right knowledge and expertise on cannabis, they can prove to be just as useful to your weed crops as female plants! Of course, this will depend largely on what your purpose is and how to operate your respective weed gardens.

After reading through this, we hope that you now have a different outlook on how to use your male weed plants. With a wide array of uses and purposes that you can get from them, it is time to start paying more respect to these father figures of the cannabis world!

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