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What Strain Makes You The Most Paranoid?

what strain makes you paranoid

Different types of marijuana have different effects. Some can make you feel relaxed that you want to doze off and sleep while some strains can energize you and make you want to work on different projects. 

But what cannabis strain can make you feel paranoid?

It could be difficult to pinpoint which strain actually makes people paranoid. It is not about the type of strain you take which can stimulate an anxious effect but experts say that it’s about several factors. Basically, the effects of cannabis are different for every user. Some may feel paranoid while some don’t feel the slightest.

You may also have different experiences as well. You may have once got too high and have experienced paranoia. It may manifest as a mild high, like a small worry crossing your mind. But some strains can make you want to crawl under the rock and hide. You’re too afraid because you think someone’s out to get you, someone’s trying to kill you or someone is stalking you.

However, marijuana is used by PTSD patients to help them feel calmer and to get rid of panic attacks. There are other patients using cannabis to deal with stress and anxiety with impressive success. These polarizing effects on anxiety and fear are very hard to comprehend but experts say that it’s all in the brain.

Cannabis effects on brain chemistry

Experts on cannabis effects agree that when it comes to paranoia due to cannabis use, everything’s all in your head. Cannabinoid compounds like THC will bind to the corresponding receptors in the brain. These receptors are often found in the structure of the brain called the amygdala.

This part of the brain is needed in the processing of emotions, responses concerning, stress, fear, and paranoia. When  THC reaches the amygdala, it settles in the amygdala and changes the neural responses. It either suppresses it or heightens it.

THC can cause overexcitement in the neural pathways which can lead to anxiety and paranoia as well. This is true for people who are new to taking cannabis and those new to a particular kind of strain. It is still unknown as to how these events happen.  But the endocannabinoid system seems to be telling us clues if we just listen.

The body has receptor sites for cannabinoids found in cannabis as well as for other naturally-occurring compounds called endocannabinoids.  These natural compounds are quite similar to the compounds found in cannabis.

Reduction in the levels of endocannabinoids was seen in the brains of people who were exposed to too much stress. This may explain why THC has relaxing and anti-anxiety effects in some consumers. 

The cannabinoids in cannabis replenish these compounds leading to a therapeutic effect. This is seen in patients with PTSD treated with medical marijuana and experts believe that it may also work with other mood disorders.

Any pre-existing conditions can affect paranoia

Another factor to consider is the presence of pre-existing conditions which may lead to anxiety and paranoia when using cannabis. Take note that there are users who consume medical cannabis to self-medicate for their anxiety or stress.

Some of the factors seen as possible risks for paranoia include genetic vulnerability, personality, gender, any history of paranoia, presence of anxiety disorder, your state when you don’t take cannabis and basal anxiety levels.

Also included are factors related to cannabis use including the frequency of use, the cannabinoid content of the strain, dose, and setting.

Anxiety is different in every user however regular cannabis users experience a decrease in anxiety according to the latest trend. Occasional as well as novice users were more likely to suffer from paranoia. Also noted was high anxiety with high THC doses.

It’s difficult to assess how marijuana can cause anxiety and paranoia unless you have personally tried the drug. However, a better and deeper understanding of the different biological factors and environmental considerations may help you have a better and more positive experience.

Avoiding cannabis-induced paranoia

If you are worried that you are having panic and anxiety attacks more often when taking cannabis, you can avoid this with the following tips:

Using a low THC or high CBD strain

THC causes psychoactive effects while CBD is the opposite. CBD can stop anxiety and counter the psychoactive effects of THC. You will feel calmer, clear-headed and more relaxed when you use strains with high CBD. Other uses of CBD include pain relief, treatment of inflammation and relief for anxiety and epilepsy.

Just some examples of high CBD strains that can help you deal with anxiety are CBD Mango Haze, Hawaiian Dream, Harlequin, MediHaze, Sour Tsunami, Sweet and Sour Widow and Pennywise.

Moderate doses only

Take only a moderate dose. If you consumed a strain and you feel paranoid and anxious afterward, try to reduce your dose by half. If you still feel paranoid after lowering your dose, reduce it some more.

If paranoia persists and you still feel uneasy, look for another strain. There are hundreds of cannabis strains waiting for you to try.

But if you are taking the strain as a medication, consult your doctor before you lower your dose. Ask your doctor regarding switching your strain and talk about your reaction to the strain.

Consume cannabis in a comfortable area

As much as possible, create a positive and enlightening experience when you consume cannabis. Your environment counts. Choose an area where you’re comfortable like your room, a meditation area in your garden or a relaxing outdoor area. It must be a place that you are familiar with so you won’t feel anxious and paranoid. Don’t rush especially when you are taking the strain for the first time.

Consume marijuana with a friend

Choose someone that you trust, someone who won’t let you down when the negative effects sets in. Your companion must also know you well to tell that you need help or you’re just tripping. Don’t consume cannabis that you are unfamiliar within another person’s home or in a party even when you’re ‘with a trusted friend.

Choose the right strain

There’s the right strain for you. Ask your doctor about the right strain or ask a budtender for a better strain for your anxiety.

Paranoid-causing strains

Cinderella 99

Cindy99 is Amsterdam’s finest strain. It is known to have very potent properties, a strain capable of knocking a large man out. Users also say that it brings absolute terror especially to anyone new to its strong effects. Even the creator of this strain says that it will only take two hits of Cindy99 to make you tremble continuously. Your mind will race with pure paranoia.


Dalat was named after a province in Vietnam and is called an heirloom sativa strain. Experts say that Dalat is very hard to find because it has been refused by users due to its overwhelming paranoia effects.

An expert breeder wrote about Dalat in his site and described that this strain will stop you from breathing until terrible paranoia begins to set in. You won’t be able to move, drive or do anything at all.

Jack the Ripper

This is the flagship hybrid strain and for those who have used this strain say that it’s a killer strain with intense and stimulating effects. Jack the Ripper will leave users disoriented and paranoid.

If you are new to using cannabis, stay away from the Ripper. You can only enjoy this potent strain this if you have had experience with strong sativas before.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a fantastic daytime strain and is also known for its burning fuel smell and taste. Its THC is measured anywhere from 19% to 25% taking users to the farthest lengths of the galaxy. It will cloud your thoughts with anxiety and will make you feel paranoid inside out.

As with other strains in this list, you must beware of Sour Diesel. This is not for first-time users and for inexperienced users.


This is a hybrid strain that will hit you like a Trainwreck. It will elevate your mind to a blissful level which is why it’s perfect for PTSD and anxious patients. But this potent effect can come with an opposite effect.

A user said that this weed comes from weed heaven and also from hell. It can feel heavenly but sometimes nightmarish with a terrible couch-locked effect. It can intensify your paranoia up to 20 times more.

Vietnamese Black

This is similar to its cousin Dalat which can cause phobia attacks. An online user narrated that he went to Vietnam to look for Vietnamese Black seeds as well as other landrace strains. He said that it only took him 4 tokes to see shadows and scary hallucinations. But this strain becomes more enjoyable once you are used to its effects.

Paranoia is just one side effect of taking cannabis. Other negative effects include restlessness, headaches, dry eyes and mouth and dizziness. Learn to manage cannabis effects to be able to enjoy marijuana fully.

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