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What is the Definition of Hybrid in Genetics?

what is the definition of hybrid

An experienced cannabis cultivator knows that one of the secrets to having a successful cannabis garden is making sure to use good quality strains. You can either use pure breed or hybrid strains, you just need to research and check which ones will work best for your garden.

For the benefit of this article, we will focus more on the hybrid strain definition, its effects and how to grow them. So, if you’re looking for more information about hybrids before you purchase them, read on as we will give you loaded information.

Hybrid Strain Definition

Together with indica and sativa strains, the hybrids also play a huge part in the diversity of cannabis plants. The hybrid strain definition is that it’s a combination of both indica and sativa strains. Although these times we have a more focused discussion on indica or sativa, these only look at one part of the picture.

Most marijuana strains that we have today are no longer pure sativa or pure indica. They are often described as indica or sativa dominant hybrids or maybe an equal mix of both kinds of cannabis.

Indica Versus Sativa

To better understand the effect a particular hybrid strain is likely to have, it can be helpful to know the differences between indica and sativa. The characteristics of both are actually weighed in by those who are looking into the recreational or medical use of marijuana.

Indica cannabis is largely known for giving a sedating and relaxing effect. Some of the strongest indica strains are known to give off a couch-lock effect wherein the body feels heavy and the consumer just wants to sit or lie down until the high wears off.

This strain is often recommended for people suffering from anxiety and muscle pain or spasms. Indicas also have the tendency to grow shorter than the sativa. They are also bushy with leaves tend to grow close together.

Sativa cannabis strain has stimulating and uplifting effects. It is used to boost focus and productivity. They’re ideal for use for people who have ADHD or depression. Both indica and sativa strains give ooff pain-relieving qualities.

Sativa cannabis plants grow taller than indicas and are recommended for outdoor growing. They are also thinner and more sparse than the leaves grow further apart.

What are the Effects of Hybrid Marijuana Strains?

The plant’s genetics plays a large role in the effects it gives to people when it has been consumed. For sativa-dominant hybrids, they give a more uplifting feeling while those indica-dominant strains incorporate more relaxing effects.

Hybrid marijuana strains also give off different levels of THC and CBD which is like the high feeling you experience when you smoke weed. By knowing what effects a marijuana strain gives off, helps consumers in choosing what strains will work for them

However, it can be difficult to actually know the effect a certain strain gives without trying it, that is why it’s highly suggested to start with a small amount first for growing and consume the weed slowly.

Growing Hybrid Cannabis

Hybris marijuana strains have always been attractive to cultivators. The indica cannabis strains tend to have a shorter flowering time but higher yields. While the sativas have longer flowering times but lower yields. The sativas are also mold and heat-resistant that makes them a more viable crop.

If you want to create a new hybrid strain, you will need to invest a lot of time and effort. It’s not as simple as breeding a new strain, the results will also vary until you have stabilized the strain.

The process of growing hybrid strain involves back-crossing or inbreeding hybrid strains for generations until the characteristics become consistent.

Breeding New Cannabis Strains

Breeding cannabis plants will also involve the same process it takes for a normal plant. A female plant must be pollinated by male pollen, this occurs in a natural process. However, the process can be different in hybrid creation as the breeder will have to practice selective breeding in a controlled environment.

Selective breeding entails that the breeder selects a female plant and male pollen that will produce a specific trait or set of them. The seeds that have been germinated with this process will be considered as the first generation hybrids of the male and female parents.

The plants with the desired traits will be bred again. Once the traits have been stabilized the breeder will “cube” the strain. This is the process wherein, a child hybrid will breed with a parent strain to reinforce the characteristics. This is usually done across three or more generations to have stabilized characteristics.

The sexual and asexual process can be done with cannabis propagation. The sexual reproductive process will involve combining different parents. But the vegetative methods also include cloning, cottage, and division of roots. The asexual reproduction allows the exact same plant to be produced over again.

Not All Hybrids are Created Equal

Developing a successful hybrids takes time and a lot of work and keep in mind that not all hybrids are really the same.

Clone only strain

This is a cannabis strain that has been grown into a plant with certain characteristics. The cannabis grower has the option to make genetically identical clones of the plant and distribute them.

Making a clone is the only way to ensure that the exact genetic makeup of the parent plant is conserved. But you need to be informed that growing conditions will also affect the final product.

Stable Seed Strain

This happens when a cannabis breeder uses both female and male plants and breed them over and over again. By breeding them countless of times, it allows having a stabilized set of specific attributes.

The final stable seed will show a set of traits every time the seeds are grown. With this process, genetic variation will always manifest.

Unstable Seed Strain

This is the same process with stable seed strain but you can produce this more quickly than the stable ones. You should know that reputable seed shops will never sell unstable strains.

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