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What is THC Distillate: A Discussion

The cannabis industry is booming. At present, it is one of the fastest-growing industries globally. The canna-business has attracted small and large investors because of its economical and therapeutical benefits. Cannabis products have also emerged from smoke to vape to edibles, oil, capsules, THC, and CBD strips.

As the market continues to grow, more products are being discovered, one of which is THC distillate. What is THC distillate? In this article, we know more and discuss everything there is to know about this cutting edge technology that is making waves in the cannabis community.

The importance of medical marijuana has now been recognized all over the world thus it has been legalized to more or less 30 states and several countries. It is also gaining popular votes and the stigma associated with the use of cannabis is slowly breaking down. Medical marijuana has proven to be very effective in the treatment of several medical conditions. 

As we rely on medical cannabis, new products and therapies are being discovered and introduced. One of which is THC distillate. So, what is THC distillate, and what makes it different from other forms of medical cannabis? 

What is Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)?

Before digging deeper to the bottom of what is THC distillate, let us discuss fist the nature of THC or what is THC. THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is one of the important components that can be found in cannabis or marijuana. 

In simpler terms, the THC is responsible for the high that you get when you smoke or ingest weed. Its psychoactive properties give the high. It is the chemical property in cannabis or marijuana that is responsible for psychological effects. 

THC is one of the compounds that can be found in the resin of a marijuana plant. These resins are secreted by the marijuana plant. THC is not only the compound found in cannabis. There are more than a hundred compounds and one of them is the Cannabidiol or CBD which no psychoactive. 

What is THC distillate?

A THC distillate goes through the process of distillation. Distillation is a process that separates chemical components from a liquid mixture through condensation or boiling. A THC distillate is the end product of a cannabis distillate that has a very high THC content. 

The distillation process can result in a highly pure and potent THC distillate. It can produce THC crude soil with a THC level that reaches between 60% to 80%. It can also result in THC distillate with a THC level from 90 to 99%.

The number would tell you that these are very potent and strong products. This is the reason why THC distillate has become very popular and in-demand in the cannabis market.

THC distillate products have high THC content but most of them are colorless, odorless, and flavorless. This only shows that THC distillate is pure and very potent. These are very versatile products with recreational and therapeutic benefits. 

Because of the distillation process, THC distillate is considered potent and pure. THC distillate is free of:

  • Plant matter
  • Flavonoids/terpenes
  • Fats/lipids/waxes
  • Residual solvents
  • Chlorophyll

The best quality THC distillates are transparent and clear. Some consumers prefer THC distillate with flavors so some manufacturers add flavor or terpene to their products.

What are the benefits of THC distillate?

  1. THC distillates ate decarboxylated – THC distillates are ready to use. Unlike taking regular marijuana, THC distillates go to the system faster than regular cannabis. The reason us that when taking non-decarboxylated cannabis, the body will process it like raw leafy vegetables so it takes time to get into the system. Unlike THC distillate, they are already decarboxylated so they get faster to the bloodstream and into the system. The chemicals go directly to your brain so you can feel the effects faster.
  2. THC distillates are 100 pure – You can free your mind with any worries about unwanted particles, chemicals, or additives on your cannabis.
  3. THC Distillates have extremely high THC contents – The THC content depends on the product that you used to distillate. Strong weeds have THC content ranging from 25%-30%.
  4. THC distillate produces entourage effect – The entourage effect refers to the interaction between the cannabis compound to be able to produce physical effects. THC and CBD have different effects but putting them together, they created a unique effect that they do not contain separately. The combination may produce synergy or the interaction or cooperation or two or more substances to produces a combined unique effect.
  5. THC Distillates are discreet – it can be taken as a medicine or comes in handy. You can use it discreetly.

Ho to use THC Distillate?

THC Distillate can be used in several ways:

  1. Vape pen – this is a simple and common way to administer THC distillate. You just need to have a reloadable tank where you can place the distillate.
  2. Sublingual – this is perhaps the easiest way to ingest THC distillate. You can place a drop or two under your tongue. Just place it underneath your tank and do not swallow it. Just allow it to dissolve into your system or bloodstream. This way also is the fastest and most effective way of taking your THC distillate.
  3. Pill – Taking THC distillate via a pill is also one of the fastest ways to ingest it and the effects can be felt faster. THC distillates come in pills and they are available in the market.
  4. Edible – like most cannabis, THC distillate can be mixed with drinks and edibles such as:
  • Food
  • Gummies
  • Milk
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Candy
  • Coconut oil and more.

THC distillate is indeed the next phase in the ever-growing evolution of cannabis consumption. The positive feedback to what is THC distillate and its effects is storming that cannabis community. Though THC distillates are relatively new in the cannabis industry, it has already gained popularity and many cannabis connoisseurs have shifted their preferences in using THC distillate from the regular cannabis.

Seeing its effectivity economically and therapeutically, there is no doubt that there will be a shift in how cannabis consumers would want to consume cannabis and THC distillate is a strong and effective option.

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