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What is Shake Weed?

You may have heard of marijuana consumers talk about shake weed. What is shake weed, and why are users so glad to find it? Let’s find out what shake weed is all about and how to use this to keep high. 

A simple answer

Shake weed can be described as a leftover weed from inside a pack or bag. This is the bits and pieces of dried weed that have fallen off the main bud; hence the name “shake.”

How is shake weed made?

Shake weed is not a frothy cannabis shake, but it’s the small bits of dried weed that’s left inside the marijuana bag. You don’t make a shake, but this happens accidentally as the bits detach from the flower. 

This happens when the pack has been mishandled during transport to dispensaries. Weed is usually placed inside well-sealed packs, but if these packs were crushed, pressed, or shook, these precious bits would fall off the flower.

Sometimes, shake weed happens when the weed inside the pack is too dry, and it’s fairly easy for the dried parts to fall from the main bud, and these settle inside the pack to be discovered later when the bag or pack is opened. 

In some cases, manufacturers may pack buds inside bags or containers but will add shake just to comply with the weight standards of each pack. They may include tight dried buds, but if the weight is a little off, they may add loose bits of weed or shake in the mix.

You can make a shake as well. Here are some ways to do it: 

1. The bud in the bag technique

Let’s remake how most shake weed is made: the bud in the bag technique. Presuming you really need some shake and all you have are whole dried buds, you can make your shake by placing the large bud inside a plastic bag or paper bag.

Seal the bag using some tape or staples and shake the bag with all your might. Open the bag and empty the contents in a small dry container. You now have shake weed!

You may continue shaking the bud inside the bag if you need more shake weed. You may crush the dried buds to loosen some of its parts, so it’s easier to shake. 

2. Grinder leftovers

You may find leftover shake inside grinders in between the blades. It’s easy to overlook the contents of the grinder, especially if you’re the type who doesn’t really clean their grinders right after use! Indeed this is a blessing and a curse. 

It’s a blessing because leftover shake can still be used to make all kinds of cannabis products. It’s also a disadvantage since dirty grinders can become very inefficient. 

3. Cut open some joints or blunts

If you need to shake fast as you need some to make tinctures or you want to cook with weed, you may get some from rolled-up blunts and joints. Simply slice open the rolling paper using a sharp blade or cutter and harvest the shake weed inside. Take note that blunts are not pure weed as these also have tobacco in them.

4. Check your favorite stashing containers

If you keep your weed inside containers, then surely there are some bits and leftovers from these containers. Scrape every bit using a spatula or fine blade. 

What is shake weed? Is shake safe?

Some people are wary about using shake weed and say that this can be dangerous as you don’t know how much your weed you’re taking. Also, many say that it’s dangerous to smoke or consume weed that you don’t know about.

The “shittier weed.”

Some dispensaries sell shake weed inside small plastic containers at very low prices. Ask the budtender why and he’ll tell you that these simply plant trimmings and bits and pieces of loose buds or improperly dried and cured weed. Therefore, shake weed is classified as a low-quality weed.

Consume shake weed if…

However, we recommend consuming shake weed if

  • You know where the shake came from

If you are aware where you got the shake weed like from the buds you have in containers or packages.

  • You make your shake weed

Consume shake if you made your shake using your own dried buds.

  • You know the proper dosing for shake weed  

If you know what kind of weed the shake weed is from then, by all means, use it for cooking, food preparations, and making concentrates.                                                                                                                                                                                   

Are there any benefits of using shake?

Shake weed has a lot of benefits, as well. Here are some of the most important

  • Shake weed saves you when you’re in a pinch.

If you already spent your marijuana budget and you still need more, shake weed is the answer.

  • You don’t need to grind your weed 

With most shake weed particles, these are ready to use and no need to grind these up to prepare them. 

  • You’re getting your money’s worth

If you have shake from popular weed strains, then consider yourself lucky. You can use even the tiny bits of shake to make all kinds of products. 

What can you do with shake?

Shake is versatile and can be used in different ways

Making edibles

You can use shake weed to make all kinds of edibles. You can make cannabutter or canna-oil with a quality shake or use these for different products like candies, cookies, brownies, and other edibles.

Making tinctures

You can also make special tinctures out of shake. But if your homemade tincture needs some potent kick, add some hash or some kief. Make sure to keep everything clean and sterile if you want to make therapeutic tinctures.

Making large blunts or joints

If you have a lot of shakes, then you can wrap these up into joints. You may also make large blunts and serve these at your next event that you will host at home.

Now that you know what is shake weed and how you can use shake weed, we hope you make use of these potent leftovers wisely. We hope you’ll have a good high with shake weed!

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