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What is Ruderalis Cannabis?

1Cannabis ruderalis is a newcomer in the weed scene and is known for its low CBD and THC levels. It may not be praised for its psychoactive effects and even for therapeutic effects but it is now gaining respect for its autoflowering genes.

Sativa and indica strains

Cannabis sativa and cannabis indica are the two predominant strains of cannabis and are usually the most popular among breeders and growers. Indica and sativa have specific characteristics, appearance and growth information which means you know what you are getting and you know what to expect when you use this kind of cannabis. But with cannabis ruderalis, it’s different. This strain has very little CBD and THC content and is deemed useless by breeders in creating a stronger and more aromatic strain. Ruderalis is usually combined with sativa and indica strains to produce a more potent offspring.

The “rugged weed”

Cannabis ruderalis is the third genetic type of cannabis. This strain does not possess the stately height of the sativa or the fan leaves of the indica; instead it is a small plant with a thin fibrous stem. It rarely grows taller than two feet in height and has very thin branches growing from its main trunk. It has very low THC but its resin contains high CBD. Here are some amazing facts about this rugged weed

  • Ruderalis is one of the hardiest strains because it can live in cold climates. This plant is found growing in cold barren areas in Russia and also in China.
  • Experts describe cannabis ruderalis as an “ecological recovery squad” since it is the first plant that grows after natural disturbances occur. These disturbances can be natural such as avalanches and wildfires or manmade like mining operations and construction.
  • The ruderalis cannabis hails from Russia where it’s almost freezing all year long. The plant is also found thriving in the frozen climate of the Himalayas.
  • Ruderalis is a promising medical marijuana variety because of its high CBD contents when manufactured correctly. There are studies that also show that ruderalis strains are somewhere between a sativa and indica strains.
  • Ruderalis is used for its unique autoflowering characteristics. It is useful in breeding strains with either indica or sativa characteristics plus autoflowering genes as well. It is a good variety to choose if you want to breed cannabis despite a limited space because this plant stays small but will yield big provided all its growth requirements are met.
  • Ruderalis is responsible for making a variety of cannabis autoflowering strains. Autos will grow in just three weeks and will mature and flower in just 8 weeks. Growers can expect two or more grows in a year compared to regular cannabis that will need up to 6 or more months to grow and yield buds.

Some of the most popular strains we know today were made with the use of sativa or indica plus ruderalis strains. The Northern Light Automatic is one of the most popular cannabis strains which have a sweet taste and a relaxing effect. Because of its ruderalis gene, growers can expect gigantic yields at the least amount of time. Royal Bluematic also has a ruderalis gene. It has a sweet smell and a distinct blueberry taste and can be ready for harvest in just 8 to 9 weeks compared to other popular varieties. Amnesia Haze Automatic is another strain with a ruderalis gene and a dominant sativa gene. This autoflowering version of the Amnesia Haze is small in size and can grow fast in just 10 weeks. And finally, the Royal Haze Automatic is small in its mature stages and grows fast. It is a good choice for beginners because it has inherited from its ruderalis parent its ability to thrive even in harsh environments and size.


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