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What is Crumble Weed and How to Use It?

Cannabis aficionados who wish to indulge in a more compelling weed strain may find the pleasure of using cannabis concentrates. These are forms of cannabis that contain a very high level of THC that provide a very powerful and long-lasting high. They were made through a cannabis plant that went through certain processing to acquire only the needed plant compounds while taking out the extra plant materials as well as other impurities. 

Nowadays, you can find cannabis concentrates presented in numerous products. They are displayed in various textures and users are given numerous methods on how to use them. The appearance and sensation of concentrate do not distinguish the level of its quality about its effects, flavor, and potency. They help you trail your preferences.

Concentrates let users experience the best of cannabis in large ways. They are demonstrated in various forms – from hash to shatter. However, one of the best forms of concentrates is Crumble weed. What is crumble weed?

Crumble is a cannabis concentrate that can be used in various approaches, whether you opt to dab or just smoke. It is recognized for its high potency and distinct composition. It is the fragile rendition of worse. You may crumble marijuana through BHO or a butane hash oil.

What is a Crumble Weed?

As mentioned, crumble weed exhibits a very high THC level and it displays a distinct composition. It normally appears with a yellow shade with a brittle structure. Some users also call crumble weed as honeycomb wax or crumble wax since its texture and look have a lot of similarity to the said names.

Similar to other kinds of concentrates, crumble weed condenses marijuana to develop a more potent kind for more powerful effects. Although your typical strain of bud has an overall level of THC that ranges from 15 to 25 percent, excellent-quality crumble can obtain a very remarkable THC level of 90 percent. Hence, users can look forward to experiencing some profound effects once they use it.

You can find pleasure in using crumble weed in various ways. Its structure that is similar to honeycomb makes it more doable to break apart through the hands, and you only require a little piece to obtain the solicited effects. A lot of people are using it to obtain a profound competitive high which provides you blissful psychedelic effects for quite a long time. Nonetheless, medical users may also find the advantage of using these crumble weeds as they can give them alleviation for pain, depression, stress, and some other symptoms.

How to Create Crumble Weed?

Crumble weed is an extracted weed made in the same procedure as shatter. To make the product, processors derive cannabis resin from the plant containing a solvent like butane. While executing the steps in purging, manufacturers administer heat as well as vacuum filtration to eliminate the solvents.

To make crumble weed, processors only utilize lower heats and a longer period for the vacuum that they normally would when creating shatter. The output is a drier, more subtle concentrate that is alike to a honeycomb. The moment the delicate honeycomb break off, it turns a crumble weed.

Heat may trigger a deprivation of terpene, a kind of aromatic compound that is present in cannabis resin which gives weed its beloved flavors and scents. Too much heat will burn or evaporate these tasty components from the wax. Hence, creating crumble should keep its content of terpene.

Also, higher heat may perish the different chemical compounds of the plant into carcinogens. Although some research has found the carcinogens in concentrates, in theory, lower heats must lower the probability that Crumbles weed for having agents that may cause cancer.

How to Use Crumble Weed?

One of the most prominent benefits of cannabis concentrates is the rapid onset time and the capacity to produce a high that is more compelling and long-lasting as compared to the consumption of flowers. Concentrates have high bioavailability. It implies that the effects that you feel as well as the rate of absorption into the body almost happen immediately.

Crumble weed may create a unique experience. Using crumble weed for the first time can be a little baffling. There are several methods of how to use it. So, what is the most ideal way of using it? One of the benefits of crumble weed is that it is a very adaptable cannabis product that you can use in multiple ways. All these methods can grant you very amusing effects, although some ways can trigger a stronger production of THC high.


Conceivably the best method to use a crumble weed is through a dab pen or dab rig. A dab rig is an apparatus that is somehow the same with a bong devised for use with superior-potency concentrates. You only put a minimal quantity of crumble into the metal nail. You then heat it with a blowtorch before breathing it in through a mouthpiece. This will give you an intense hit and the high it gives can be very overwhelming for the first-timers. Nevertheless, it lets you experience the effects of THC being in their most powerful condition.

Since crumble can be very challenging to work with, the most suitable method to enjoy the best experience is to get a dabber with a spoon-shaped tip. This will let you scoop up the fragile crumble weed more smoothly so you can get a fat dab without shedding crumble on your carpet.

As an alternative to the gas-powered torch, an “e-nail” can be used together with a dab rig. An “e-nail” connects to a dab rig similar to a common nail but is warmed through electricity instead of a torch. Once the e-nail reaches the best temperature, bring down the crumble into it through the spoon-shaped dapper and puff the vapor from the mouthpiece of the rig.


If you prefer to maintain things simple and easy, then you may choose to simply smoke the crumble weed. Although it does not burn well through its own, you may combine it with some dry cannabis in a spliff or joint to relish more powerful effects. You can also put small bits of concentrates on tobacco leaf or rolling paper. This ensures that everything stays in the middle portion. Once it is rolled up, it’s now ready for you to light it from one part and drag from the other end. Expect the crumble and flower mixture develops essentially improved effects once you smoke it. 

As a recourse, you may combine it in with your bud in a pipe or bong, light up, and breathe in. This will provide an added powerful hit to your cannabis.


Granting that you have the appropriate equipment, you may also vape crumble weed. A lot of vape pens and vaporizers are now available with chambers particularly for cannabis concentrates. You may crumble up a little of crumble weed, put it to the chamber, and heat it to breathe in the vapor that is abundant in THC. This will provide you some added flavor along with more powerful effects compared to smoking.

Use with Edibles

Are you about to create your easy THC-infused coconut oil or cannabutter? Simply put the oil or butter in a pan, heat it gently, and put the Crumble wax. It easily melts and will entirely soften in the oil or butter in just a few minutes.

If you buy your crumble wax from a particular dispensary store, check that the package has a label that indicates the exact content of THC. This will make it easier to accurately measure homemade cookies, brownies, and other baked edibles. Just do not consider using infused oil to sizzle anything. The higher heat shall lessen the THC content before you reach the point of tasting the recipe.

What are the Characteristics of Crumble Weed?

After learning what is a crumble weed, it’s time for us to know its characteristics. Crumble is regarded to possess a very high level of terpene – making it of the best flavored and scented kinds of concentrate. Keeping terpenes during the entire process of purging is achieved by executing an extensive vacuum purge for some days with very minimal or no heat employed.

The drawback to these kinds of extracts is that the similar method that keeps the terpenes in the oil also keeps particular hydrocarbons originating from the solvents that are used in the process of extraction. Since a lot of hydrocarbons and terpenes have the same boiling points, it will be complicated to eliminate one from the extract while still keeping the other.

Of all the existing concentrates, crumble is known to be the driest. An excellent batch can be easily disintegrated into individual dabs. Through a vaporizer pen, crumble can be best ingested, which then can be sculpted to the heat coils letting the direct heat to get into the wax.

It is suggested that you avoid keeping the crumble in parchment paper.

Storing the Crumble Weed

To widen your weed budget, you should make sure that the crumble weed is properly stored. This will help retain the unrefined flavor, scent, and potency. Being open to light, oxygen, moisture, and high temperature can advance the process of degradation. You want to ensure this to keep good quality weed and effects. 

Crumble weed is commonly dry and soft with a bit of a yellow hue. One sign of not storing it properly is the weed may look darker in color and may turn hard, translating it less powerful. If you want to make your crumble weed fresh for quite a long time, then you should think about buying a lightproof and airtight container. If possible, choose the one that is built from silicone or glass rather than parchment paper. You should store it in a dry, cool environment. 

Is it Possible to Create Your Crumble Wax?

Making crumble wax through your own may not be ideal. It can be dangerous for you since it needs unique tools and safety measures. The hazardous part may not be sufficiently highlighted. The process of extraction includes flammable gases. Thus, formulating crumble should only be performed with the supervision of an expert. 

If you want to carry out the procedures, here are the steps that you should follow:

  1. Always start with the best material. Ensure that the column is bound and secured. 
  2. Have the solvent chilled and let it pass to form the solution.
  3. Add heat to stimulate the solvent’s vaporization.
  4. Then chilled the tank to re-curtail the vapors.
  5. Pour the extract into the pan. To remove the residual solvents, you have to place it in an oven. And this is how “shatter” is created.
  6. Adjusting it to high temperatures while vacuum purging or bashing the slap on a heated plate or before putting it in the vacuum turns it into a crumble.
  7. The precise temperatures of the vacuum and distress vary from every strain. However, many crumble is adjusted at a temperature that ranges from 112F to 135F. Adjust the pressure to -29” of mercury within a day or three. 


So, what is crumble weed? Certainly, it’s one of the best cannabis concentrates available in the market nowadays. It is more powerful compared to flowers and easier to crumble up and consume in multiple ways. As long as you can tolerate the potent effects, you will relish Crumble weed very much whether you are using it for medicinal or recreational use. 

If you are searching for high-THC content with an enormous blow of terpenes to expel, crumble will make an ideal concentrate for you. Certainly, it takes a while to formulate it, however, its final output is something to inhale nicely with a full taste.

Crumble weed is not only a concentrate. It makes a remarkable moment – a moment to completely grasp what cannabis can give in a crumbly and tasty form.

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