What is Charas and How is it Made?

Cannabis can be enjoyed in different forms but it is only in the past few decades that cannabis concentrates have taken shape. Others enjoy the use of concentrated oils infused with cannabis while others would go for making cannabis butter or other food ingredients. There are still so many ways to enjoy cannabis apart from directly smoking it using the dried plants. 

For several centuries, the only way to enjoy cannabis was through smoking and there are only a few alternative options available. One such option is charas. Some might think what is charas and how does it differ from hashish.

What Is Charas?

Charas is a famous Indian term that is relatively similar to hashish. The only difference is that hashish is derived from dried plants while charas is essentially created through the use of fresh cannabis plants. Since charas is made from fresh ingredients, it still has the sticky frosty layers of trichomes which makes it very flavorful and very potent.

Where Does It Come From?

Charas originated in India in the area of Kashmir and Parvati Valley. These are the usual areas where wild cannabis grows during ancient times. This area has been known to attract countless cannabis growers since then. Outside of India, charas is also popular in countries like Pakistan and Nepal but it is rather more popular within the country.

Charas is commonly used in religious ceremonies especially in Hinduism. One such religious sect uses charas as part of a ritual. The followers smoke charas and begin to chant the name of Shiva in many forms. In the Hindu religion, Shiva is a known lover of cannabis hence the purpose of using charas in their rituals.

Strains To Use For Charas

While charas can be made through the use of any kind of cannabis, it is always best to choose the best and most potent strains to ensure the best quality of the charas. Choosing a good strain will not only elevate the quality but it will also enhance the flavor, potency, and overall experience of its user.

A good suggestion is to use a cannabis strain that is indigenous to the region in India or Pakistan or somewhere in the surrounding areas. The most common strains used for charas are Royal Kush for its powerful effects and is quite easy to cultivate and Northern Light which is a classic and beloved strain known for its high yielding capabilities and overall good potency.

These are highly suggested strains that should result in good quality charas however, it is best to pick strains that are around three weeks away from being harvested. This is the best time for the plant as it produces the highest amount of trichomes making you have more charas as a result.

How To Make Charas

The traditional way of making charas is still the best way of making such a product. First, you will need to wash your hands thoroughly to avoid any microorganisms from contaminating your charas. It can cost you your entire product if they are contaminated.

Gather the buds and rub them between your hands gently. Rubbing the buds will help release all the excess resin. This process will take some time so it is best to keep yourself occupied from being bored. Be careful with the use of force when extracting and rolling the buds. Too much force will likely affect the outcome whereas using gentle rubs will help squeeze out all the oils from the buds.

Soon, your hands will begin to feel sticky and filled with resin. Add more buds until your hand is completely covered. Rub your hands back and forth until the sticky resin forms into a film or sheet and later on into a ball.

While it does take some time to form into such shape, continuously adding buds will help add more shape into your charas. Once you already formed it into a ball, you now have the traditional charas. You can smoke it right away or store it for later use. Wrap the charas in a plastic wrap and store it in a sealed jar. This way, you preserve the potency and the flavor of the charas without any risks involved. Storing it in a sealed container should be enough to lose its quality.

You can enjoy charas in many different ways. Traditionally, charas can be incorporated into your joint by rolling it up together with the usual cannabis that you use. However, you can also roll it up into a stick and then mix it with tobacco and smoke it. Other methods of enjoying charas include incorporating it with other concentrates or simply mix some of them in a bowl and put it through a pipe.

Benefits of Charas

Since charas is a concentrated form of cannabis, it presents a wide variety of health benefits. Smoking charas helps relieve chronic pain and is known to improve your lung capacity. Charas is also believed to help regulate your blood sugar level thus helping you control diabetes and its debilitating effects on the human body.

Charas has a very high concentration of THC and should help with the fight against cancer. This allows cancer treatment to be tolerable since you get relief from pain and nausea. Due to the high amounts of the psychoactive compound in charas, it can also help treat depression and regulate seizures in epileptic patients. The calming nature of cannabis also helps deal with anxiety and the symptoms of PTSD.


Charas is a unique way to enjoy cannabis. Since it has high levels of THC as with any other concentrates, careful consumption of charas is highly appreciated especially if you are still new to smoking weed.

You can enjoy charas in many different ways such as smoking it directly or infuse it with tobacco or use it in vaping. The traditional charas is by far one of the most remarkable ways to produce a different form of cannabis that everyone can enjoy. Many would love to try out charas but the thought of its time-consuming process can be daunting. Some might be curious as to what is charas and the answer is that it is simply a very potent rolled up cannabis residue.

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