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What is Autoflowering Marijuana?

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Autoflowering marijuana has originated from a strange cannabis plant. These odd marijuana plants have always been distinguished as “auto flowers” because of automatic flowering attributes, no doubt they are self-promising kind of plants.

What is AutoFlowering?

Autoflowering simply means the plants transform themselves in just a short period of time. In this case, the autoflowering marijuana blooms in a 3-week blooming phase, what’s cool about them, that is, regardless of the number of hours they are receiving lights.

However, there are some exception, ideally Indica and Sativa plants need 18 light hours / 6 hours in dark nights for the growth process to take place well. In normal conditions, Indica and Sativa plants must have a minimum of 12 light hours and 12 dark hours for them to bloom and stay put on their respective place.

There are countless strains of cannabis and different backgrounds as well for the autoflowerers.

If you’ll look at it, cannabis sativa is originally a collective name for most popular weed plants. There are three sub divided groups for this kind of plant:


  • Cannabis sativa, which are usually located from the place around the Equator, the blooming phase will take place regardless of the season for it has the common 12 light hours and 12 hours per day.
  • Cannabis Indica, which are usually from the place above and below the Equator, wherein the place and season varies especially during the spring and summer. Usually, it takes 18 hours daylight and 6 hours nightlight for it to bloom. During autumn and winter, such the days are shorter than 12 hours, blooming of plants is adjusted. Most popular place for Indica would be on India and Afghanistan.
  • Cannabis ruderalis is a takes form in places where summer has comparatively long hours of sunlight was displayed, in most cases it can go up to 22 to 24 hours light days. Even with light constraints, Ruderalis always deals with this type of circumstances by autoflowering automatically in a very short span of time (mostly 3 weeks).

As of today’s science and research conducted by different scientist, there’s always been a debate among them regarding the number of species of cannabis, studies show that there are two basic classification of Marijuana to pick from: Cannabis sativa and Cannabis Indica. Most of them agree that this was originally from the central Asia when the there’s not much difference in the variety of effects and manifestation produced between the two.

Regardless of all other connotations with Cannabis sativa, this plant has always been cultivated throughout the ancient history as a superfluous source of fiber, food and medicinal components, this has been considered as a ‘Wonder Plant’ by means of getting to harvest the plant depending on the type of use. Sativa varieties, typically creates high levels of Cannabidiol (CBD) which are good for the body rather than the psychoactive and invigorating Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

The effects of CBD have been found during the preliminary research to be wide in range, including anti-anxiety, anti-convulsive properties, sedatives, anti-psychotic, anti-arthritic and anti-nausea. More stimulating, clear and energetic body movements were the by-product of using CBD for they are rich in sativa strains which are originally non-psychoactive, very helpful indeed during daytime hours. You might want to pick the sativa strain if you are experiencing anxiety or to avoid it over the THC-dominant Indica strain, which creates more psychoactive effects.

If you wish to grow any Marijuana plant, you will be doing it best outside so to reach heights of 20 feet. They prefer humid atmosphere, typically tropical climates or even warmer. They have taller; thinner body-built which take twice the maturity of a normal Indica variety. Comparing with leaves and flowers, sativa has a different look featuring extended, slim, greener and long, cylindrical buds in contrast with thick and solid Indica variety.

Cannabis sativa commonly referred as marijuana, might be the most famous plant species on earth. Cannabis has become a good interest from all people, though some people have ignored this secretive yet helpful and gorgeous plant. Richard E. Schultes, the founding dad of ethnobotany, thinks that cannabis has inevitably deserved a lot more recognition than it receives ever since folks have utilized the location for 10, zero years and even more. Obviously, its worth and popularity differ across the different regions and countries of the world. Author Barney Warf specifics in a report just how the cannabis originated by using Asia as well as later on spread on the United States as well as America. Ever since it’d been found, this intoxicating resin is prone to uncertain opinions. While it is against the law in a few locations, still in various other locations, the use of cannabis is certainly approved.

A given fact, marijuana is subject to lots of misunderstandings and misconceptions. There is always been a disagreement on several regular problems, like the manner by which the cannabis grow expands, how it interacts with the whole body, where it proceeds from and also the period of time it has been in use. Definitely, regardless of these delusions, the basic truth remains that cannabis has several health benefits plus could be used to remedy a range of illnesses and symptoms. Rich within THC, cannabis sativa is really used for every medicinal and recreational usage. Smoked, vaped, breathed within or maybe perhaps consumed in foods or teas, several long-term benefits, which are in fact beyond the assortment of any study, are engendered by marijuana.

Cannabis Sativa Will Stay

Cannabis plant life could be discovered almost everywhere within the planet, creating around the world amounts of cannabis developing and growth hard to calculate. It is undoubtedly among the hottest medicines. Despite the bans and negative opinions towards the plant, it is to remain, whether it is legal or illegal.

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