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What Does Banana Kush Feminized Strains Do?

Anyone who is looking for an incredible marijuana strain that offers an unforgettable sense of euphoria and effective healing effects will definitely love growing Banana Kush feminized seeds. This popular strain came is the product of crossing Skunk Haze and Ghost OG. It’s a very delectable indica-dominant hybrid which offers special fresh banana aromas.

The Banana Kush is also known to give users a mellow buzz. Aside from experiencing a relaxed sense of calm and euphoria, it also offers many medicinal effects to the users. For this reason, it has been used by numbers of people who are combating stress, depression, and those who are suffering from anxiety and PTSD.

In addition, Banana Kush is also known to stimulate your creative mind. This is why many artists all over the world love this strain. It makes them think about unique and special concepts in order to produce remarkable art creations. Users also become more talkative after taking this strain.

The Banana Kush Experience

There are indeed vast numbers of cannabis strains that you can find in the market today. And due to these numbers, finding the best strain for you can be a little tricky. Bear in mind that not all marijuana strains are created equal. There are strains that are best for recreational purposes and those that are used for treating certain medical conditions.

You also need to know that not all marijuana contains the same levels of properties such as THC and CBD. Not all strains also smell and taste the same. This is why it’s crucial that you do your research first and gather as much information as you can before you start growing any feminized marijuana seeds.

If you want a strain that offers highly-desirable flavor and aroma, then we suggest that you try out Banana Kush. It offers an exotic flavor that you won’t find in any other strains. Also, if you like the bananas, then this strain is perfect for you. For many cannabis growers, cultivating Banana Kush is like cultivating bananas.

When it comes to the aroma, Banana Kush smells like freshly grown bananas. It’s indeed an unbelievable strain – this is why it’s one of the most sought-after cannabis strains in the market today. This is for people who love tropical fruits and refreshing flavors- just like Aaron Justis.

As mentioned earlier, these feminized seeds produce crops that provide mellow buzz and can boost your creativity. Aside from that, it’s also known for enhancing your energy and enthusiasm in whatever you’re doing. Thanks to its special indica to sativa ration. Banana Kush is created to have around 60% of indica and 40% of sativa. As a result, this strain gives you a soothing peace and tranquil feeling. Many consumers think that this strain gives them a great calming lullaby. And what a lullaby it is since it easily lulls you off to sleep.

This is not the right strain for people who have a lot of things to do during the day time. Just 2 to 4 hits of this special strain, then you will find yourself hard to stay awake. Yes, it’s also known to give users strong drowsy effects. For this reason, it’s advisable that you take Banana Kush during the night time or right before bedtime.

Banana Kush Properties and Effects

The strain has 18 to 20% levels of THC. It’s perfect for people who wanted to grow strong, resilient, and potent feminized cannabis seeds. Every user will get to experience relaxed, euphoric, happy, uplifted, and talkative effects.

When it comes to medical effects, Banana Kush is great for people who are facing stress, depression, anxiety, and even PTSD. It’s also advisable for those individuals who have headaches or insomnias. And of course, this strain is also excellent for relieving pain – which is why it’s used by many cancer patients.

And just like any other strain, Banana Kush may also give you some negative effects. Common negative effects brought about by smoking this strain are dizziness, headache, paranoia, dryness of eyes and mouth.

Genetic Info

This strain is great for beginners since it has ‘moderate’ level of difficulty. It’s also one of the most resilient cannabis strains that you can grow today. It can grow up to 30 inches to 78 inches. It yields 3 to 6 oz. per feet squared. The flowering period is about 7 to 9 weeks and this plant stretches from 100 to 200%.


For those who wanted to try special and unique strain, growing and consuming Banana Kush is definitely recommended. Created by reputable and reliable developers, this strain can give you the effects and benefits that you won’t experience from any other strain. What’s more, is that this strain can be easily grown. And if you’re planning to cultivate this strain by yourself, then it’s recommended that you seek for tips and advice from the experts. Don’t forget to purchase Banana Kush feminized seeds only from reliable and reputable seed banks.


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