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What Do Marijuana Seeds Look Like

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There are several ways to grow marijuana plants. The most common ones are cloning and growing from seeds. Although cloning has its own advantages, growing from seeds is more preferable since genetics is very important in growing marijuana. Choosing to grow from marijuana seeds instead of growing with clones produces a great variation of buds from the same genes. And sure growing from female clones guarantees that your new plant will be female too. But if you want to breed marijuana plants, growing from seeds is the best route to take.

Also, when you grow from marijuana seeds, your plants will have a better and stronger rooting system which therefore produces a stronger and more resilient plant. So this now begs the questions: what do marijuana seeds look like? And what should I look for to get the best seeds?

How To Identify Marijuana Seeds Look Like

When asking what the best marijuana seeds look like, you should first ask yourself what kind of marijuana you want to grow. But before that, you need to first determine if you want to grow marijuana for medical purposes, for leisure or for breeding. Also, determine the kind of growing space that you have. Whether you have an outdoor area you can put your plants on, what climate you have in the country you live in or if you’re just going to grow indoors.

In picking the kind or strain of marijuana that you want to grow, make sure that you determine whether that strain could grow well with the kind of climate that you have. Do some research about is growing preferences and characteristics and how much time it takes to grow that strain from seed.

When you’ve picked a kind of marijuana strain you want to grow, you could now look out for which seeds are the good ones. Good marijuana seeds have a hard shell and are dark brown in color. There could be some spots or freckles present on the shell as well. The size of the said varies greatly depending on what strain you have chosen to plant. If you’ve chosen an Indica strain, these seeds tend to be large and have a kind of tiger striper in the outer shell. While Sativa strains are comparably smaller than Indica and have little spots on them.

When you see seeds that look pale or green, you should avoid choosing these because these are the bad ones. Another sign of bad seeds is when they have cracks on the outer shell and are soft. These seeds will most likely produce weak plants so you shouldn’t bother with them in the first place. The only thing you have to remember when choosing which seeds to plant is that seeds that look good will most definitely produce good plants.

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