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What do Feminized Seeds Look Like after Flowering 

what do feminized seeds look like after flowering

The flowering phase is one of the most important phases in the life cycle of cannabis because it is where most maturation process takes place, not in terms of height but with its buds formation, potency, and overall characteristics. This is the phase where your most attention should be because every aspect that happens during this phase would reflect on the final product. After the flowering phase, you’ll see differences about how it looks, these differences will be your guide to know if your feminized cannabis plant has reached maturation and is ready for harvest.

What to Expect Towards the End of Flowering

Buds Formation

During the flowering phase, the upward growth of the buds will continue. The color of the pistils will be white and sticking straight out from the buds. This is the phase where the cannabis plant is responsive to different changes in the environment.

Buds will fatten up

In this phase, the buds will grow bigger every day while the white pistil is still sticking out. Your buds and colas should be standing straight to get more light exposure. You may need to support it using nets or ties.

Leaves formation

This is the phase where there will be a lot of new leaves. You need to know which leaves are beneficial. You need to trim away dead leaves to maximize its energy towards maturation. Make sure that there are no leaves that cover up the bud area.

Pistils darken and buds ripen

Within 6-8 weeks, expect that your cannabis plant has reached its maturity. For the feminized cannabis plant, usually at week 8, it is already the end of the flowering phase that is why you need to prepare the cannabis plant for flushing and harvesting.

Marijuana Flowering Stage Timeline

Week 1-3

For you to be able to transition into the flowering phase, you need to change the light schedule into 12-12. If you are handling an autoflowering strain, no need to change the light cycle because they are photoperiod where they automatically shift from one phase to another. In this stage, there will still be the growth of new leaves used for growth, it is advisable to make sure that your buds are fully exposed to sunlight.

Week 3-4 

The growth of the cannabis plant will slow during this phase, you will see buds and pistils that are still sticking out. This is the phase where your cannabis plant gets a little bit sensitive to its environment that is why you have to pay full attention in observing your plant for possible disease or pest infestations.

Week 4-6

This is the phase where your buds will continue to grow. No need to conduct training or trimming but your focus would be on the buds. You have to ensure that it is still in the upward position if it gets too heavy for your plant.

Week 6-8

In this phase, there will be no more growth. Your cannabis plant will be focused on growing the buds until the harvest. Make sure that your plant is not overly exposed to heat because it may cause some discolorations to the leaves and buds.

Week 8

This is the phase where the flowering phase ends. Some growers would still do final flush where they only give their cannabis plant water for a couple of days to remove excess nutrients so that as you harvest, the final product is free from impurities.

Tips during The Flowering Stage

During the flowering stage, the cannabis plant needs all the power and health it can get from its body so doing some trimming techniques is not advisable. You can remove dead leaves and branches so that its energy will not be put to waste and so that its energy is directed on its growth.

Within and after the flowering stage, you need to ensure that the humidity level is at 45% to ensure that powdery mildew on the buds will be avoided.

During the flowering period, it is where your cannabis will develop its smell. If you’re growing indoors, it is important to use a carbon-filtered airflow system to regulate the air.

If your buds are too heavy for your plant, you may need to have a support system so that the buds still receive enough sunlight.

During the flowering phase, it is not advisable to feed your cannabis plant with too many nutrients to avoid nutrient burn in this place, the plant will use the nutrients that it gets from the vegetative phase to prosper.

Final Thoughts

The way how feminized cannabis looks matter. If you are a grower, it is important to know what happens to the cannabis plant in every aspect of its growth stages. A perfect way to know how much is its progress is through how it looks. After the flowering phase, you would be able to see an aesthetically appealing masterpiece that will surely pay all your efforts and determination in growing feminized cannabis seed.

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