What Are Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds?

Autoflowering seeds are cannabis grown plants, which start to bloom within their own 2 to 4 weeks after proper incubation. These types of plants only need to hit a certain phase development to reach the flowering stage. Given by standard varieties, both Sativa and Indica dominant are associated as photoperiod flowering plants. The desired time for them to flower would be at least a couple of weeks with long period of nights. These types of photoperiod flowering plants blooms after summer solstice, there’s no doubt.

Both Indica and Sativa cannabis plants are habitually transmitted to12 hours of sunrays for them to produce a friendly and invigorating indoor flowers. Based on studies, the light rays or the red wavelengths of the sun lavishes over late summer to early autumn. Vital information this plant requires as for the red light to nourish the cannabis seedling in developing complex beautiful flowers.

Depending on the plantations location, blue rays wavelengths are abundant during springtime. The blue light is the ultimate source of light for them to grow steadily during the vegetation progression.

With different variation available in the market, comparing with standard seeds, the autoflowering seeds usually are much smaller in size. This results to lesser yielding process. Looking on the brighter side, most autoflowering plants can grow up to 150 grams; even the normal ranging weight is only in double digits.

There’s an advantage for growing autoflowering cannabis seeds, you can have Indica indoors, in particular who are fond of them. These plants are usually tiny, solid, firm and easy to adapt in different environments.

On the other hand, sativa’s are usually tall plants with a much longer flowering time phase. If you are fond of having wily plants over your house, this one will suit you better.

There are other benefits of autoflowering seeds:

  • Resistant to any sudden change in temperature
  • Have a longer lifespan outdoors as long as it’s controllable coldness
  • Very timely crop and super reliable
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