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Weed Hangover: Is it Real?

Marijuana legalized in about 30 states and some countries allowed cannabis consumers and enthusiasts the capacity to use it for recreational and medical purposes. The cannabis industry is booming and there are no stopping cannabis connoisseurs from exploring the potential of this plant.

As many are given access to use cannabis, several important questions arise which concerns cannabis users. Questions like, is weed hangover real? Responsible cannabis consumers would like to know the advantages and disadvantages of using marijuana. It is very important to know the limitations of taking cannabis. If you know your limits, then you won’t have to worry about your cannabis intake or and just enjoy the trip.

What is a hangover?

Before we proceed on discussing if weed hangover is real, let’s get to know first what is a hangover? A hangover refers to unpleasant signs and symptoms that are a result of drinking alcohol. A hangover can result in massive headaches, dehydration, poor sleep, inflammation, and electrolyte imbalance.

Its severity depends on how much of the substance have you taken. It also depends on the individual’s tolerance for chemical intake, situational factors, and hydration.

Is weed hangover real? Can weed cause hangover?

Through ongoing studies are being conducted to see if weed intake can cause hangovers. As per the results of initial studies, weed or marijuana can most likely cause hangovers. 

It is essential to know that a marijuana hangover is entirely similar to an alcoholic hangover. Marijuana hangovers are more tolerable than alcohol. The symptoms of weed hangovers are: 

  • Foggy mind.
  • Dry eyes and mouth.
  • Headache.
  • Mild Nausea.
  • Fatigue and 
  • Lethargy.

Weed hangover occurs when you feel a little off or not feeling well after using weed. It may happen because of several factors:

  1. Weed hangover can occur if you have been drinking alcohol and smoking cannabis at the same time. Consuming other substances like alcohol while smoking weed may not have a good effect on your body thus you may suffer weed hangover in the morning.
  2. Marijuana Withdrawal. This happens if you are a smoker of marijuana regularly and suddenly stops thus your body will experience the withdrawal syndrome. It may result in headaches or difficulty in sleeping or changes in mood and difficulty focusing.
  3. The lingering effects of weed. This is depending on the potency of the weed. The effect of marijuana in the body depends on how strong it is and your body’s tolerance. 

Weed hangovers are most likely caused by overconsumption. Cannabis is a diverse plant with many varieties thus it differs from its THC content and effects depending on the strain. The effects also differ on each person because of the body’s chemistry. Some people have a high tolerance for cannabis while some have a low tolerance. 

Who is most like prone to weed hangover?

As mentioned earlier, weed hangover is usually caused by overconsumption of cannabis or taking cannabis together with other substances like alcohol. 

Each person reacts differently to the effects of cannabis. Weed hangover is a result of taking too much weed that the body can handle thus leading to the unfortunate symptoms of weed hangovers.

How to treat weed hangover?

If you are waking up to a bizarre and unpleasant feeling of grogginess, dazed, and unfocus after a fun session of weed-smoking the night before, then you may be suffering from weed hangover. This is symptoms are not very good especially in starting your day. Here’s what to manage these symptoms: 

  • Get up and get moving. It may be difficult especially because your head seems to be in a daze but slacking or lying in bed all day will not help ease your feeling. Move. Freshen up and do some short walking if you can.
  • Take a cold shower. Yes, the water can make you feel better and will wake up the sleeping cells. This would wake your senses.
  • Eat well. Recharge. Bring back the lost energy by eating healthy. Fill your stomach with the right food that will nourish your body. 
  • Coffee. Yes, hot coffee can wake up the sleeping cells in the body. It can bring about energy and clear the hazy mind. 

If you are having a terrible headache because of weed hangover, treat it by:

  • Applying cold compress. This will provide relief and reduce pain.
  • Massage your temple. By massaging your temple, you are allowing the muscles to relax thus can ease the pain.
  • Over the counter prescription. Medicine such as ibuprofen, Advil, or acetaminophen can aid in treating headaches caused by weed hangover. Just make sure to follow dosing instructions.

If you are suffering from nausea because of weed hangover, it is best to take it easy especially if you have woken up feeling nauseous. Do not do any drastic movements. Calm yourself and then keep yourself hydrated. Feed yourself with healthy food and if symptoms persist you can check with your doctor and take anti-nausea medication.

Weed hangover may also result to dry eyes. If this happens, make sure that you keep yourself hydrated. The dry eyes can lead to red eyes which are common effects of cannabis on the body. If you still wake up with dry red eyes the next day, see a doctor so that they can help you and prescribe some eye drops to treat your eyes.

Though there are few studies related to hangover caused by the weed, medical doctors and researchers suggest that weed hangover is caused by the consumption of marijuana. To avoid experiencing a hangover, make sure that your body can handle the type of weed that you are about to consume or ingest.

How we respond to the effects of marijuana in our body depends on its composition and our body’s chemistry. As responsible marijuana or weed smokers, take only what your body can handle. Too much of something is not good. Weed hangovers are not good. It can bring about a lethargic experience that can affect yourself. So be responsible enough and know your limits. Be intelligent enough to know what you are taking and how you can take it.

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