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Weed and Music: Why Do They Go So Well Together

Smoking weeds while listening to Music is pure heaven, as tested by not just professional and experienced smokers but also beginners. There’s no doubt that weeds can alter perceptions and provide extreme relaxation, considering that there are also factors that could increase the overall sensations even more. So it’s making people wonder how weed and Music achieve compatibility altogether when Music intensifies the effects of marijuana.

Assertively speaking, Music does help us cope up with our problems. Research distinguished the exceptional abilities of melodies that give us a lighter and better mood. With that being said, we are confident that bringing it during weed sessions can explain-ably improve the impacts users are already experiencing upon cannabis consumption. For further explanation, here are the what’s and why’s on why weed and Music go so well together.

What are the effects of Weeds on your body?

Whether we use marijuana for recreational or medical use, we cannot evade its positive impacts that temporarily alter our self. Some of those effects are long-term and short-term, depending on our usage period. Undoubtedly, users already know the pros of using Cannabis. But to those who have no particular idea, here are the practical effects of recreational marijuana on your body:

Road to being a Social monkey

One of the stimulations of the fascinating mind from consuming Cannabis is its ability to expose your inner socialite. Meaning, it helps you create simultaneous conversations while you’re in the middle of mingling. It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or not because weeds disregard that personality anyway.

Craving for foods

Among its medically-helpful ways is its ability to make you crave for foods and get hungrier every day. This effect is particularly useful to individuals who have appetite problems and are struggling to become healthy once again.

Channeling your inner Picasso

This effect goes out to people who have been creative since day one and those who wish to have a background experience in art. With the help of Cannabis, you’ll be able to achieve that. Aside from that, it will also allow your thoughts to run continuously, making you extra-creative, productive, and artistic.

Stress-free for the day

Wishing to escape a stressful day can become too much. At times, you cannot find the solution to eliminate your nerve-wracking feeling without spending lots of dimes. But with weeds, you will feel lighthearted and clearheaded, which gives you the definition of rest, for now, worry tomorrow.

Those are only the most highlighted impacts of smoking cannabis. There might be other sensations that could occur that won’t need you to worry at all, especially if you’re following the norms by not consuming it exceedingly. Still, the positive and adverse outcomes are at half, so it doesn’t mean you will only experience the good ones.

What are the effects of Music on your body?

Ignoring the assistance that you could obtain from listening to Music can take your chance away at being satisfyingly happy in life. The music genres will not matter as long as you find it relatable and catchy. To give you brief ideas, here lie the sensations we feel when listening to songs we like.

Brighter Mood is on the way.

Multiple studies already proved and verified that music help regulate Mood and emotions. You will feel beyond elevated that brings you to higher heights of euphoria and all kinds of pleasant emotions. Furthermore, it reduces the stress you’re going through together with anxiousness that prevents you from communicating with other beings. Thanks to Music, stress, and anxiety won’t be a bother anymore.

Relatable and Comfortable

Several songwriters are making it a duty and responsibility to compose feelings-hitting Music that could discuss love, happiness, heartbreak, family, etc. Somehow, some listeners felt connected to the song because of the message it brings. Due to that, it makes them relieved that someone or something is accompanying them in their darkest and saddest times.

Meanwhile, as we listen to songs that are relatable and relaxing, we are also experiencing music therapy that enhances our expressions towards circumstances and specific individuals. With that, Music became a profoundly powerful weapon for patients because it lightens their spirits and attitude in life.

Enhanced Memory Capacity

For a song to be catchy, it has to consist elements of rhythm that has patterns and arrangement. Studies show that those critical elements in making a piece of beguiling Music enhance memories and can even aid people who are out of focus and are struggling in remembering.

Why do Weed and Music go so well together?

Since we are already aware of the powers both weed and Music can give, let’s now proceed to what they have in stock to make the impact durable and potent, and what key factors affect them to go beyond their supposed effects.

The similarities between weed and Music is that they both alleviate stress and provide comfortability to achieve relief and peacefulness. But yes, weed is much more potent and influential because it directly binds with our receptors. The work of Music is to balance the potency. For instance, not all cannabis strains can lift your anxiousness, so when the said strain increases your anxiety, the Music counteracts the effect to make it equally even.

On the other hand, Music secretes dopamine, the one responsible for all our pleasures. Dopamine is present when we react to addictive substances such as food, Cannabis, and being romantically involved. What weed does is that it affects the dopamine-discharging property of Music by sparking it up to a supreme level of euphoria and other emotions, which is why it doubles the effect of Cannabis.

For further verification, a study about Cannabis and Music’s combined outcomes to our hippocampus, which is responsible for emotional and memory regulations, proved that the two factors appear to have a more potent effect. In conclusion, undergoing Cannabis plus Music’s influence will bring your emotions and memory into an excellent intensity that moderation is a must. You will need to carefully select a cannabis strain that will go well with how you want your emotion to be upon usage. Likewise, it applies to your taste in music as well.

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