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Weed and Mushrooms: A Perfect Combo?

The creativity of cannabis users elevated as more combinations emerge. Multiple combos that are suitable while consuming cannabis are making noise in the community. Besides, what is there to not love experimenting with blended substances? Of course, being extra careful is a plus since those are different from each other, and we aren’t confident if it’s going to double the effects, minimize it, balance it or make it intolerably worse.

Some say weed and mushrooms go well hand in hand. Because of that, consumers and users are using the technique to achieve potency and other effects. To make sure that it’s a great mixture, let’s dive into what both substances conceive first.

What are the effects of Weeds?

The effects of weeds come in two parts; the adverse and the beneficial ones. Let’s start with the practical medical benefits you can obtain. Marijuana has two types, which are the Indica and Sativa. Indica portrays the body impact you’ll get. In an Indica-dominant strain, you will achieve extreme relaxation that could help you get the relief you wish to have to eliminate your aches and pains away. It could also serve as a weapon to combat insomnia because Indica will naturally bring your body to a good night’s sleep. Then there’s Sativa that gives extensive advantages. Unlike Indica, Sativa affects the brain. Therefore, it targets mental, emotional disorders, and even cancers. Furthermore, it stimulates the mind to be more productive, and it increases appetite as well.

However, we are not confident that there aren’t side effects that could counteract the high feeling cannabis gives. While feeling relaxed, there are also chances that you won’t be able to feel fully aware of your surroundings. It prevents you from doing activates. Hence, it is what the word ‘couch-lock’ pertains. Sleep is also not obtainable at all times because there are circumstances that, instead of getting rest, you will feel restlessness. The cerebral impacts have several downsides, too, because it can alter your perceptions and make you hallucinate. Various cases show how these side effects turned out to become a long-term illness, where users succumbed to disorders related to being delusional.

In conclusion, weeds give off fifty-fifty chances if you could either experience the goods or suffer from the adversities. Nonetheless, we can guarantee that such sensations can provide relief and turn our stressful day to a peaceful one.

What are the effects of Mushrooms?

Mushrooms or Magic Mushrooms contain Psilocybin as a chemical compound. Psilocybin is a natural psychoactive and hallucinogenic compound that affects mushroom consumers. According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administrations, the chemical compound is a famous psychedelic. By definition, a psychedelic person experiences mind expansion where they see or hear things that may be existing or not but are not present at the same time.

Officials classified Psilocybin as a part of Schedule I drug. Substances that belong to the said group do not have an accredited medical contribution, and on top of that, they are the most misused. From the user’s perception, consuming a magic mushroom made them temporarily escape the depressingly devastating reality of life. For a short term experience, every user’s experience can be a valid explanation. But in terms of the long-term, consuming a psilocybin-infused substance is going to be hell due to the progression of hallucinations and delusions that will end them up experiencing the worst disorder.

Like Cannabis, there are also different methods to consume a magic mushroom. The most usual is to dry it and eat it by mixing it with foods and drinks. But, other people prefer to eat magic mushrooms upon picking.

Weed and Mushrooms: Are they the perfect combo?

Combining weed and mushroom altogether will make you experience synergy, whereas the synergistic effect can double the impacts and make it potent than separate consumption. According to users, the inclusion of cannabis in mushroom intensified their feelings, but it surprisingly made them at ease throughout the on-going impact.

The reported outcomes are only claims and assertions that soon became a verified truth created by a certified analysis. It tells us that consuming weed and mushrooms at the same time will deliver immense psychedelic high that could provoke your thoughts and contribute delusions to your visual and auditory capacities as well as sensations. Since marijuana is known to give its users a stress-free and relieving feeling, it neutralized the mushroom trip by providing relaxation. But the said results are only applicable when you smoke weeds. Other consumption methods may or may not lead the impact to its full intensity yet can still keep you even more relaxed. Either way, the latter use is again not tested.

Furthermore, both substances stimulate the “feel-good” neurotransmitter we call as dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical compound responsible for our feelings and ambitions, while the impact of weed and mushroom is in the process. Cannabis and mushroom affecting our dopamine could lead the brain to indecisive paths and increase the intensity even more. Meaning, there will be lapses between our emotions and how we feel it. At first, the euphoric sensation will kick in, but then confusion and dazzling wires will come through that you will suddenly feel taken aback. It may sound harmless at first, but this could inevitably result in a delusional state.

From the sound of it, combining the two is viciously potent and influential. Newbies who wish to do it have to consider the mind-boggling effects because there are almost non-beneficial bearings in using the two at the same time. Experienced cannabis users, on the other hand, will enjoy every bit of using weed and mushroom. Still, moderate use is a necessity to avoid the possibility of long-term illnesses. 

Weed and Mushrooms: Which is the most responsible for the doubled effect?

It is agreeable that both weeds and mushrooms boost each other to widen their capacity and maximize the intensity. The only difference is that weed stabilizes it all by its high power in delivering profound relief and calmness. There are factors that could double the effect, though. Those are the dosage and methods used. As mentioned above, ingesting the two altogether will give a possibly quadruple sensation, and so does the dosage. If you find yourself unable to tolerate such potency, you can always use either of the two but refrain from mixing it because highly experienced users told you so. 

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