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Weed and Masturbation: How to Level Up Your Life

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Do you know that weed and masturbation go well together? Marijuana opens up your mind, enhances your thoughts, and lowers your inhibitions. It’s all about loving your body and your mind. If you have never tried to jerk off with weed then take this as a piece of advice: you must try it soon!

What makes self-love better with weed?

Marijuana is made up of amazing compounds called cannabinoids. These cannabinoids have different functions; THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the cannabinoid that makes users high as it stimulates psychedelic responses. Another compound called CBD or cannabidiol is responsible for weed’s therapeutic effects. Terpenes are other cannabinoids in weed and are responsible mainly for the smell and aroma of marijuana but experts say that terpenes can also boost sensuality and help open your mind to different pleasures. 

A combination of the effects of these two primary compounds and other cannabinoids found in weed stimulates the body’s sensitivity to different mental and physical sensations. The amount of these different cannabinoids varies in different strains meaning not all cannabis strains scan arouse sensuality.

Some weed strains can promote sexual sensitivity while some simply enhance your emotions and physical sensations. If you want to enhance your libido try strains with high limonene levels. This is a terpene that’s found in powerful indica strains like Wedding Cake and Do-Si-Dos.

But if you prefer to ride solo, choose strains that contain linalool, another terpene that has a calming effect. Strains that have high amounts of this terpene are Amnesia Haze, a stimulating sativa, and LA Confidential, a very relaxing indica. 

Meanwhile, if the pain is putting a damper on your sex life or solo performance then you should try strains with high analgesic effects. Take Zkittlez strain, an indica-dominant strain that’s loaded with high levels of beta-caryophyllene as well as humulene. Other great strains for pain that can help you out are G13, a very powerful indica, a Cannatonic, a high CBD strain, and Harlequin, a sativa-dominant queen.

Is this true for both men and women?

According to experts, achieving good results with weed is true for both men and women. However, females have a lower tolerance to marijuana and thus, females may need only a small dose of weed to get the best sensual effects. Meanwhile, men may need a higher dose.

And it does not matter whether you’re young, old, single or taken, you can guarantee satisfying masturbation sessions with weed. According to Lioness, creator of the first “smart vibrator” and Eaze, a cannabis delivery service, weed can improve orgasms no matter what. A satisfying sexual experience may be due to several variables but cannabis can enhance the length, frequency, and quality of orgasms.

A lioness may be the first company to openly research regarding the effects of cannabis on sex. Its remarks were based on its recent online survey participated by more than 430 North American newsletter subscribers. Included in the research are 19 users who voluntarily documented their sexual experiences using different cannabis-infused products like lubricants, edibles, and vaping oils.

Ways cannabis can spice up your self-love life

The next part of this article is about how you can use cannabis to level up your self-love sessions. Mind you these tips are not just for solo seekers but also partners and multiple partners if this is your thing. The most important thing to consider, aside from the pleasure you’re getting from cannabis, is to use these products safely and wisely. The rest of our cannabis and masturbation tips will be featured at the end of this post.

Longer masturbation sessions

According to a study of how marijuana affects the length of sex, people who did not take cannabis and had sex with a partner lasted around 34.6 minutes while those who preferred solo lasted around 19 minutes. After consuming weed, 73% of participants revealed that they experienced longer sessions with a partner. Those who consumed weed before masturbating reported 64% longer sessions. 

Also, the study revealed that users preferred to consume cannabis edibles than any other product to boost their libido. The participants exclaimed that THC edibles gave them the best results especially with orgasm length and its frequency.

Multiple orgasms guaranteed

Participants of the same study also mentioned that they experienced more orgasms with cannabis than without cannabis. Around half experienced many orgasms: 43% in masturbation sessions and 48% in partnered sex. And similar to cannabis giving longer sex sessions, users preferred to eat edibles than smoking or vaping weed. Why is this so?

Smoking and vaping weed is the fastest way to get high but unfortunately, the effects don’t last long. And this is not what you want if you wish to engage in masturbation or partner sex. But when you eat edibles at least 45 minutes before your sessions, you’ll feel very high plus you’ll experience this high longer. This is the reason why most people who engage in partner sex and masturbation prefer taking cannabis edibles instead of vaping or smoking weed.

Quick orgasms 

Although not as fun as other users may think, cannabis can give you more orgasms plus, you’ll find it easy to reach one because you’re already very stimulated from the beginning. According to the same study, 63% of the participants said weed has made it easier to reach orgasms when they masturbated while 71% said that they also had the same experience but with their partners. 

The researchers added that the duration of every orgasm also increased from 14 to 46%. This report was linked to higher satisfaction during masturbation. Also, the average orgasm lasted for just 33.6 seconds after taking cannabis. 

Improved satisfaction 

When it comes to sexual satisfaction, 85% of the participants who consumed cannabis reported more pleasurable masturbation sessions. Around 79% of respondents who used cannabis before engaging in mutual sex reported better satisfaction. 

Also, a part of the study is the use of sex toys while taking cannabis. Respondents reported enhanced pleasure whether they used toys to masturbate or while with their partners. Take note that this report included 87% of married partners. 

Another important thing to consider is whether THC or CBD was better in enhancing sexual satisfaction. The same report said that both THC and CBD were found to be helpful however, CBD-infused edibles and personal products helped users to achieve faster orgasms. Meanwhile, THC products were able to give more intense and more satisfying sexual encounters. 

The importance of discussing marijuana effects on sex

To conclude the famed Lioness study, the researchers recommended openness to discuss marijuana’s impact on sex. CEO and co-founder of Lioness Liz Klinger said that these conversations should be normalized as a part of enhancing an individual’s sexual health. She stressed that it was too long that talking about sexual pleasure and marijuana were overlooked because of fear and taboo. Klinger also mentioned that they will continue to encourage conversation and public education regarding weed effects to masturbation and partner sex. Lioness will also share their findings.

Tips for weed for masturbation users

Now that you know how weed can boost your sessions, it’s time for some tips to make sure your self-love activities can be more engaging, more satisfying, and more anticipating.

1. When taking cannabis edibles, use these around 40 minutes before you start

As we mentioned, cannabis edibles are the product of choice by participants of the Lioness survey and they were smart to use them. Why? Because edibles will take a long time to digest and thus take effect longer. Also, it’s easier to dose up on edibles as most food items are dosed accordingly.

But the biggest worry about using cannabis edibles is taking a lot of the food and overlooking dosage. We recommend taking cannabis edibles at least 40 minutes before your session AND waiting for the results. Never take another dose because you’ll end with a terrible high. 

Also, cannabis edibles come in different varieties; you can indulge in a sensual food journey before you start masturbating. Indulge in chocolates, candies, cookies, brownies, and many other types of edibles! The choice is yours.

2. Eat edibles on an empty stomach for better absorption

There are many ways to boost the effects of cannabis edibles which can benefit your sessions. One of them is taking edibles on an empty stomach. This way, the stomach lining will readily absorb the edible you ate but take note that this can result in faster effects. Instead of waiting 40 minutes, a good 20 to 30 minutes wait would be enough for weed to take effect.

3. Add a fatty drink to further let the weed kick in 

THC is easily absorbed by the body when it binds to fat. Drinking a fatty beverage would help boost your high. You can go for a glass of chocolate drink or milk. 

4. Heighten your anticipation by teasing yourself

Most people who engage in solo sex tend to enhance their satisfaction by anticipating what they’ll be doing. By thinking about your session, you’ll surely feel very excited and overly aroused. The same goes for planning where to do it, when, and how.

Tease yourself by thinking of what you’ll wear or what you won’t wear and finally, watch some porn, or read erotic literature. By doing these, the pleasure you’ll get from weed will be frosting on your cake!

5. Make sure it’s the right time

Now you don’t want to be disturbed while you do it. As you also need time to let weed take effect, you must make sure that this indeed the best time for some alone time. If you live on your own then there’s no problem. But if you live with your family or you share your bedroom with your partner or kids, it would be better if you plan this.

The best time is when you’re all alone so there won’t be anyone to hear your wave upon wave of sexual satisfaction! Also, it must be on a weekend, or when you don’t need to worry about work, school or family. In other words, make this a worthwhile experience as you’ll be enjoying two pleasures in one!

6. Bring out the toys and accessories

Lioness is right. Using sex toys will enhance your pleasure. This is the best time to discover your fetish. Do this while you wait for your edible to kick in. You can dress or undress the part. Use vibrators, plugs, BDSM stuff, or stimulating items like feathers, lacy underwear, or some mechanical toys. There is a huge market for these items online, all you need to do is to check these out. Don’t forget to add cannabis-infused products like lubricants, oils, creams, and salves to boost your session. 

7. Document your activity

Some people find filming their masturbation activities exciting and sexy. We don’t recommend going public and posting these on porn sites; this is entirely up to you. But you can make short clips to send to your partner or would-be partner if you’re looking for one. Therefore, to document this sensational activity, use a webcam or your phone camera would do. Good lighting will also help!

8. Avoid alcohol or other drugs

Mixing alcohol with cannabis, even cannabis edibles can give you an awful high. Also, mixing cannabis with other drugs like meth, shrooms, LSD or cocaine will only make things worse. Avoid these drugs because these won’t benefit your health at all. 

9. Always monitor your dose

Getting high and enjoying yourself is worth it and as with all cannabis activity, always take note of your high. Make sure you don’t go overboard because you’ll likely end up with a terrible high that won’t be easy to get down from.

So as much as edibles are irresistible, dose up. Use only edibles that have clear dosages and are easily dosed like chocolate bars, gummies, and candies.

Best strains to choose for sexual satisfaction 

And finally, the fop five best strains for sexual satisfaction that you don’t want to miss out on: 

1. Ultimate Trainwreck

Ultimate Trainwreck is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain and is related to the very potent yet highly medicinal Trainwreck. Ultimate Trainwreck is far more potent with quick effects leaving you energetic, very focused, and very eager to work on any project. Because of its stimulating effects, you will also feel very aroused and ready for some action. You’ll feel all your inhibitions are out the door and thus, you will be very happy and light-headed. 

Because of increased mental and physical sensations, you will feel more courageous to talk to people, to give speeches to a large crowd and be more talkative in any conversation. When it comes to taste and flavor, Ultimate Trainwreck leaves a sweet taste that lasts longer. 

And we warn you, as much as this is a sensually-stimulating strain, taking too much can lead to couch-lock. You won’t be able to enjoy your solo escapades as you will simply lie down and do nothing. Plus, a couch lock effect may be too frightening for some users. So be sure to take a moderate dose so you won’t have to suffer from its negative effects.  

2. Afghani Yumbolt

Afghani Yumbolt is a very rare indica-dominant strain. This is capable of giving you a very intense body high which can last a long time. It was created out of the union of two potent strains: an Afghani and an Afghan Yumbolt or Yumbolt Kush.

But the thing with taking Afghan Kush is that it is a slow-acting strain. When it finally kicks in, you will feel very lazy or lethargic and you simply want to remain in bed all day. It will give you a warm, smooth feeling with a very mellow high. 

Another great thing about Afghan Yumbolt is that it is a wonderful natural analgesic. It can help with pain, even chronic pain as well as headaches, migraines, muscle pain, joint pain and so many more. And when it comes to taste, Afghan Yumbolt has a dry and spicy taste that will tickle your taste buds. 

3. Green Crack

So everyone’s gone and you’re left alone for the night. What better way to spend it than to do some solo lovemaking using Green Crack. The best thing about this strain is that it can give you that heady high for many hours. With this strain, you’ll feel happy, in the mood, and very eager to get it on overnight.

Green Crack is one of the most popular sativa strains and is a wonderful option if you want a creative strain. It will remove all the worries out of your mind and let you focus on creative tasks. You’ll feel very energetic all night long. And just like any stimulant, the most common side effect of Green Crack is you won’t be able to sleep for hours. 

4. Atomic Northern Lights

Atomic Northern Lights has been compared to Viagra as it can turn your usual floppy and short to muscular and powerful. If you want to perform better, you need a better functioning piece of equipment. Atomic Northern Lights has high THC and this boosts blood flow to all the areas of the body.

This strain was made by crossing a Thai Haze, Afghani, and Northern Lights, three very popular and very potent strains. You will feel very stimulated, happy, and will find relief from conditions like depression, stress, and anxiety.

You will feel talkative, energetic, and confident with his strain. Take this before a meeting or a social engagement and you’ll be eager to talk to people or even give a speech in front of a large audience! And when it comes to smell and aroma, Atomic Northern Lights champions every strain as it has a very potent taste and smell that will remain in your senses for many hours to come. 

5. Hindu Skunk

Combine the Hindu Kush and a Skunk #1 and you’ll get the very powerful Hindu Skunk. This strain has a high THC level at 23% and this will make you very relaxed and euphoric, sometimes to the point of a couchlock if you’re not careful.

You’ll feel very energetic and invigorated with this indica-dominant strain but at the end of the day, you’ll feel more relaxed. You’ll also find this strain perfect for socializing as it comes with an uplifting feeling.

And when it comes to taste and smell, Hindu Kush has a fruity and tropical taste and smell. Using this strain depends on your preference. You can take the Hindu Kush in the morning when you are getting ready for school or the office. This may be the weed for masturbation you’ve been looking for. 

Side effects of sexually stimulating strains

We can’t learn about the great effects of these cannabis strains without discussing possible side effects. Here are a few of them:

  • Expect minimal side effects when you take this strain moderately. Some minimal side effects include headaches, increased heart or pulse rate, and slight anxiety.
  • Paranoia and restlessness especially for those new to consuming cannabis. These side effects usually resolve without any worries but if your side effects can’t, stop consuming weed, ride the high, or sleep.  
  • Some side effects are nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pains. To relieve these, stop taking cannabis and take some food or beverage. These will be over soon, even without medical intervention.
  • There is no such thing as overly stimulated. Know your limits and stop taking these strains if you don’t like the high.

You must exercise caution and moderation when taking weed. Marijuana indeed has a lot of benefits and many encourage its use (including us!) but it’s best to learn about the strain you’re using and the different effects and side effects firs before using these strains. Also, consider orally ingesting cannabis instead of smoking or vaping to fully enhance your high and your experience.

There’s no doubt that weed and masturbation go hand in hand but if you need help or you want to use cannabis for its medicinal effects, consult your doctor at once.  

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